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hey guys oh my guys oh hi there didn't

see you hello it's Shauna and no I'm

supposed to say it's Shauna and Marisa

thank you as I love it when we do that

we're on Phillipe so today's video is

going to be how to get any guy's phone

number and me got even a hot one

no one even like Justin Bieber

okay maybe not I bet it would work on

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not okay so on to the tips the best part

about all of these tips is that you have

such a slim chance of being rejected

like you you're not putting yourself out

there to the point where you're gonna be

rejected you're not saying like you're

cute I like you I want you to be my

boyfriend like can I have your number I

want to date you that's a really scary

thing to do because you're completely

putting yourself out there to be

rejected all out there the purpose of

all of these is to make it as casual as

possible so that there's no way he can

really say no and if he does say no it's

just going to make him look stupid cause

it's like why are you like acting like I

like you bro like I just said like I

know like he won't say no but if he does

then just like just sort of turn it back

on him and kind of like make fun of him

like who do you think you are Justin

Bieber can't give out your phone number

what what is this what is this oh sorry

do I have to text your manager first

Jonathan Bieber got to area one


this is probably the easiest way to get

a guy's number and it is to take a

picture with them and have them send it

to you from their phone it obviously has

to be on his phone so you can always

have like a little excuse like oh but

the Lighting's so much better on your

phone or like oh my battery just died or

oh my memory is full I used up all my

memory so I can't take pictures so like

let's do it on your phone and then you

just send it to me easy way to get his

number and if you guys take the selfie

on your phone then you can always just

be like oh hey like I'll send it to you

like let me text it to you they don't

really cool it's super casual

Jinxy oh is that if you're super nervous

and you're like who like he can smell

that from a mile away so if you make it

super obvious that you're like oh my god

I like you so much like please don't

reject me you're gonna it's just gonna

make you more nervous and there's going

to be a higher possibility for rejection

the way I always say it is don't pose it

as a question don't pose it as can I get

your number because that's really

intimidating to say you've got to be

like oh yeah like let's exchange numbers

or no or like oh my god like send it to

me like you have to pose as like a

statement rather than a question okay so

the next really easy way to get a guy's

phone number is to just hide your phone

somewhere and pretend you lost it and

just ask him to call it for you and you

don't even need to hide it anywhere it's

happened so many times where your phone

is in your purse or in your pocket and

you just you just can't find it right

the reason why I was holding my phone in

my hand and I was like oh my god where's

my phone oh right here so just ask him

to call it for you

you could also borrow his phone and say

like oh I need to call my mom I need to

call whomever and then just call

yourself and then you have his number so

the next one is to have a conversation

with like a girlfriend or another friend

of yours and kind of bring him into the

conversation you have to be like oh my

god like hey like I was supposed to get

your number oh my god like I lost all my

contacts like I need your number again

it's the girl saying it to each other

I'm not the girl saying it to each other

I pick your friend and like make sure

she's in on it and if it's a girl friend

who you're already really good for

with and you would obviously already

have her number just be like oh I lost

all my contacts like my memory got

erased and then turned to him and be

like wait a minute I don't think I have

your number either

or like oh my god like did your number

get deleted here what's your nut so the

next way to get his number is to either

lend him something or borrow something

from him it could be a book or a sweater

or even a hat I don't know some random

thing that's a really easy excuse to

take his number just be like oh you know

let me get your number so I can let you

know I would always borrow guys as

sweaters though that was like bang I

literally have like a closet full of

sweaters I gotta get out a possible of

sweaters yeah I never gave him back some

of them are really nice to like Calvin

Klein I should sell them Oh guys while

watching this you're gonna be like hey

hey Leonard hold me that sweater

you're never getting it back so this one

is obviously if you're in the same class

as him and if you're in a group project

with him obviously if you can choose

your group project members this is much

better but sometimes are assigned and

just be like oh hey like we should all

like text each other so we can reach

each other and like get our parts done

you guys might think that you might

never randomly get put in a group

assignment with guys but I have been I

have been like put in like every single

group with a Hawkeye that I like so much

I've just been very fortunate like the

education God's a smiling down on me so

this last one is really good if you're a

little bit younger maybe middle school

it's basically to go up to him show him

your phone show him the contacts on your

phone and say I have this contest with

my friend to see who can get the most

numbers by the end of the day make it

sound like urgent be like oh my god I

need your number like I have this I have

this contest going with Cathy or whoever

your friend's name is and be like oh and

I have to win we bet five dollars like I

need your number and like Jake it sound

really urgent only a jerk would say no

to that exactly no one's gonna say no it

sound like overly like hyper or excited

or like too pushy or anything like that

casual and just be like ya need to get

your number can you do win this bet I

think it's a little bit juvenile but I

think it could work if you do it the

right way in the right Kanye if you just

make it seem like kind of a fun game all

of these tips

really are like how you do them it's not

like what you say how you say if you

don't do them correctly they're not

gonna work but if you just take our

advice and you're really calm and you're

chill on your casual then they will work

once you have his number

use that precious baby sparingly and

then why isn't Lee you don't just be

like texting him oh yeah you you just

want to use it you want to text him all

the time and you can't okay yeah I'll

link all my um like dating flirting

advice videos down below flirting at

class it was a good one a lot of people

like that one so when you are ready to

text him you'll know what to do and he

won't just kind of make yourself look

stupid and ruin all the hard work you

did getting his number thank you guys so

much for watching that was our video on

how to get a guy's phone number I feel

like this video has been so requested

like I've done a lot of tips on like

what to do if you have his number but a

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