How to Ask Your Crush Out Without Being Awkward

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hello YouTube Kaitlyn here and do you

know how to ask your crush out without

being awkward but impossible for someone

like me hey guys it's another subscriber

question this week and it's something

that I found very intriguing

Matthew Byrne asks could you do a video

on how to tell a girl you like her

without being awkward Matthew you're

from Ireland right I remember you from

Instagram Ireland represent okay so

first let's talk about this awkward

thing what is being awkward anyway how

do you know that you're being awkward in

front of your crush what if you're

stumbling over your words or you're so

nervous that you can't speak or you just

keep saying nonsensical things I guess

that could make for an awkward situation

or if they catch you staring at them

when you've been fantasizing about

running off into an exotic honeymoon

with them after having a beautiful

wedding on a cruise ship with ponies and

dragons ah yeah that is a little over

the top so how do you not be awkward and

you're trying to ask out your crush or

tell her that you like her step 1

redefine what awkwardness is creepily

staring at someone is one thing don't do

that it's weird

then hey ha ha but stumbling over your

words or saying weird things or not

being able to speak at all that's

nervousness and not awkwardness it can

translate into being an awkward

situation fit Hey

set it step

it's a bad kitty sabot hey it can

translate into an awkward situation if

you let it go too far

but overall you're not being awkward if

you're just nervous everyone's nervous

especially what it has to do with

crushes so instead of letting your

nervousness get the best of you and

letting it turn into an awkward

situation you do step two which is to

pause take a deep breath and reevaluate

maybe you rushed right up to your crush

and start babbling about star-crossed

lovers or you can't stop talking about

the weather when you really want to be

talking about how you like her rather

than if it's gonna rain tomorrow in

Ireland I imagine it rains a lot

actually either way take a breath to

refocus the conversation is what you're

talking about going to get you to the

point where you can ask them on a date

or tell them that you like them if not

then move the conversation to something

that will but obviously this doesn't

mean that every time you talk to your

crush you should try to move the

conversation to the will you go out with

me because that's going to annoy your

crush to no end instead pick a time

where you're feeling a little bit more

confident and try to be straightforward

with them about how you like them and

step 3 say the right thing every

situation is different but I'll give you

some examples complimenting them is

always great tell them something that

you like about them whether it's

something physical like their eye color

or their shiny brown hair or if it's

maybe something more personal like how

they're really nice to the lunch lady or

that they're really good in math you can

even be blunt and upfront with them and

just say hey I'd really like to go on a

date with you because I think you're

cool there's no harm and telling the

truth you can suggest things that you'd

like to do together and if the reaction

is positive then directly ask them if

they'd like to do that with you that's

what my boyfriend did to me and it

worked out quite well for him the

biggest mistake that you can make though

is beating around the bush

the awkwardness that you're talking

about comes from being too afraid just

go ahead and ask them to get on to the

topic that you really want to talk about

with them aka asking them out you're

grasping at straws and everyone can tell

and then you feel awkward and no one

wants that so just try not to be too shy

and get to your point quickly and try

not to stare at them too creepily

because they may be gorgeous and you

could just look at them all day long but

maybe just don't just don't do it

so what do you think what kind of

awkwardness have you experienced when

talking to your crush tell me in the

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