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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about a couple

really good ways that I think you can

walk up to somebody and talk to somebody

who's more introverted or somebody

that's more quiet that you've never

talked to before cuz I used to be

somebody who's really shy and when

people would walk up to me and talk to

me I would like close up and not know

what to say and then everything would

just be really awkward and I'd be super

nervous so for today's video I just

thought I would help you guys out with

this maybe you can relate to some of

these and you can just leave your

feedback down below and just let me know

that like these things are actually

right or these are wrong or whatever

your opinion is so I hope you guys enjoy

today's video and here are five

different ways to talk to somebody who's

really shy one thing that I think really

like catches somebody off-guard

especially if they're shy and just makes

them really nervous is when you run up

to them and you just start talking about

a bunch of things they're not able to

think about how they're feeling and

listen to you at the same time you are

going to talk to somebody who's really

shy try to do it in a way where they're

not going to feel like really threatened

or pressured or just super up against

the wall because they don't know how to


take it slow first and let the

conversations start rolling and I think

that's the first thing that you need to

do when you actually start talking to

them so when you do start having a

conversation with them one of the things

that you want to kind of stay away from

is asking a bunch of questions now the

reason that you do this is because shy

people don't necessarily like talking or

when they do like talking they don't

like talking about things that are

personal to them ask them questions

about like what's happening in front of

them so that they can actually see it

and they don't have to think really deep

about what their answer is going to be

because if they're seeing it happen in

front of them and think that as soon as

you start hitting those personal

questions that's when people start to

really get nervous and starts to wonder

like why you're asking they don't want

to tell you until they make something up

and then it might make it kind of

awkward so be cautious about the things

that you're actually saying to them when

you do get into a conversation with them

now the next one is kind of like after

you said what you wanted to say you're

in a conversation with them now like you

have to be really patient with a person

who's more introverted because they're

obviously not going to be the talkative

type or the person that's just going to

be telling you all the answers that you

want to hear if you ask them a question

it might actually take them like a

couple tries in order to actually give

you a full answers like what you're

wanting to hear just make sure that like

you're patient

willing to wait for that person to give

you their answer

but eventually after you have longer

conversations with them you'll realize

that like that's how you start to get

answers from them when that's going on

come on the other end I think it's

really important for you to actually be

listening to what that person is saying

because you start to like fade off or

you're not listening to them anymore

that kind of give them a sign that like

they're talking to something and what

they're saying isn't really meaning that

much and I think that when it comes from

somebody who isn't a person to talk very

much and they're most likely never going

to open up or talk to you about

important things ever again because I

know that when I was shy like if I was

talking to somebody and I knew they

weren't listening I would just stop

talking and then eventually like you

just don't have conversations anymore

because you realize that the things that

actually mean a lot to you that you're

telling that person if they're not

listening what's the point of actually

talking about them so just make sure

that when they're talking back to you

but you're just listening a lot and it's

pretty straightforward that's another

thing that I think you should really do

if you are starting a conversation with

someone really good thing to talk to

anybody about I feel like especially

somebody who's more quiet is anything

that has to do with things that they

like everybody has different hobbies and

different things that they go out and

enjoy doing I think it's really

important to like ask them questions

about that that's not something that's

really personal just something that they

enjoy doing and if they really enjoy

doing it they're most likely going to

want to open up and tell you more about

it and just be proud of the things that

they actually like you might have some

questions that like go on top of what

they're talking about and then that'll

just carry on the conversation more so

definitely just try to figure out what

that person enjoys doing and then talk

to them about that alright last thing

that I think is really important is

making sure that that person knows that

you appreciate talking to them if they

feel at the end of the conversation that

like you got really bored or you really

didn't care about the conversation that

you guys had make sure that they don't

go away and think that like that whole

conversation that you just had was like

somewhat pointless make sure that they

know that you appreciated talking to

them and just like smile or give them a

hug or something I think those are some

really good things to do after you

finish having the conversation so those

are a couple things that I think will

really be able to help you I know that

for me when I was like going through

being really shy and trying to talk to

people there were certain things that

just freaked me out and so I can kind of

relate to this so if you are a shy

person or if you have a crush that's

really shy and you just don't know how

to talk to them and this video helped

you out give this a thumbs up and we may

comment asking any questions that you

want to know and I'll try to answer them


best as I can I totally feel you if

you're going through that nervous

awkward shy stage of your life because I

went through that and it was like I

don't know I'm just glad that I got

through it so I hope that you guys enjoy

today's video I will see you guys on

Saturday for another video and if you

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and do that really quick but I love you

guys and I'll see you on time