How To Get The Guy To Ask You Out

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so it's that time again whether its

formal prom a day or just trying to get

a boyfriend I know that you probably

don't want to be single if you do it's

all good

the couple life isn't meant for everyone

anyways so you see a guy he has

potential but he's being a little cat

about it because he might be a little

bit too shy undecisive not interested or

just trying to keep it cool so his

friend doesn't judge him but what gives

sometimes you just need to give him a

little push and take matter to your own

hand if you just sit around and don't

interact with people at all nothing is

going to happen but anyways here's seven

ways on how to get the guy to ask you

out number one get notice and start a

conversation with him

first things first before doing anything

you need to get him to notice you if you

need help doing that I have a video on

it link is in the description once you

get his attention start a conversation

with him start out with a simple hey I'm

sure you do that then follow up with

what are your plans for this weekend I

can almost guarantee you that majority

of the time you say that they'll have

something to tell you and the reason why

I say that is because I might have asked

about 15 random students at the most

randomest places as a challenge on the

campus and surprisingly they all gave me

an answer granted a little over fifty

percent said that they were studying but

that doesn't mean the conversation just

ends there you build off from each piece

of the information they provide like

asking about what they are studying how

long they usually study for do they find

the class interesting or you can ask

them to enlighten you about a subject

yeah I know I could be a little annoying

at times and I could talk and talk but

this just proves my point that if a

random stranger can't share that with me

I'm pretty sure that the guy you're

about to talk to you will do the same as

well number two flirt to get his


flirting is a great way to hit on him to

ask you out you want to be playful tease

him and also you need to avoid the

friendzone find a way to get closer to

him sometimes you just need to be bold

and compliment him like you're flirting

here's a basic example oh my god why do

you look so amazing every day throw in a

smile and wink while you're at it damn

if a girl did that to me I'll just melt

it like an ice cube on a hot summer


number three use common interest to hint

at him for a date if both of you share

the same interest for something it'll

definitely make it easier for him to ask

you out for example if you both like

going to school events you could be like

last year L&T homecoming it was great

this year I want to go again are you

going wink-wink okay if he didn't get

that hint let's kick it up a notch let's

say you both like the same type of music

and likely you both like ariana grande

and you could be like hey so I just

randomly got these two Ariana Grande

tickets I don't know if you're

interested in going but like if you're

down I'm down to go okay maybe that's a

little bit too extreme because we all

know you're going to use your parents

credit cards buy those tickets something

more realistic would be like talking

about food and hiking places you both

like and willing to try number four give

him hints that you're ready for a

relationship or a date I said hint and

not desperate if you are able to get him

to have a conversation with you and he

seems somewhat interested then you

probably have the green lights to tell

him what you want I'm not saying that

every guy is ready for your commitment

I'm just saying that it doesn't hurt to

tell him beforehand of what you want

communication is key communicate that

beforehand so things don't get awkward

and you guys don't waste each other's

time I mean sometimes I don't think my

video ideas are that great anyways and I

feel like I'm wasting your time but like

you guys are still clicking and watching

them wait I'm just looking at my stats

right now I don't get a lot of views

anyways but I really want to thank the

1% of my subscribers that actually watch

my videos to the end it means a lot and

for the rest I think they're still BOTS

number 5 use your friends to be your

wingman sometimes you can use a little

help if things aren't going your way get

a friend to tease them about when he's

going to ask you out or stage a scene

where one of your friends come up to you

both and be like oh look at those two

lovebirds your friends would need to

start dropping hints here and there from

time to time to let him know that you're

still interested in him next thing you

know it she could be your maid of honor

in your wedding number 6 talk about your

plans if you want a date with a guy you

need to let him know about your plans

you're scheduled because most guys don't

like rejections let him know when you're

taking your classes when you're working

what you usually do for the evenings or

if you have any big plans next week most

importantly let him know when you're

free or if you don't have a date for the

dance yet just low-key tell him oh by

the way I don't have a date to the onion

ball this year but I'm really looking

forward to it so I just want to let you

know number seven work out to look more

attractive now I normally don't my

people to physically change their

appearance like getting plastic surgery

or getting those kylie jenner lips but

that's all preferences I'm not hating

I'm just more towards the natural stuff

but it doesn't hurt you enhance your

image to make you mentally and

physically feel good about yourself now

I can go on and on talk about the

benefits of working out but this is not

the video for it today you want to look

good on a date and rock that amazing

dress that's sitting in your closet or

in that boutique shop if you're looking

good it's like a cherry on top but

really it's time to show him how exactly

stunning and beautiful you are don't

doubt yourself like Nike just do it

overall if you've done all of this and

gave it plenty of time for him and just

been waiting on him and he still hasn't

asked you out it's okay just do

everything together and you don't even

need to get him to ask you out

you're basically together without the

title like friends with benefits but

without the benefits because you realize

that he likes rainbows it was fun making

this if you like this video please like

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it goes and as always thanks for