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what's up y'all I start and I am back

for another video and as you can see

back title today I'm teaching y'all how

to flirt after my shoot your shot video

all you guys were like okay yeah I got

him but now I don't know how to keep him

what do I say how do I play with my man

yeah I gotcha I didn't realize that like

flirting without being OD or like being

awkward was actually difficult because I

haven't done it in a minute like no like

for real the last time I had to like

flirt was with Kyrie and I was yeah that

was like three years ago

really it was before that because me and

Henry were like best friends here we go

here I go talk about Korea again anyway

I have to do that for a long time so I

was thinking about this every time you

asked me nice and I'm like done so easy

but then I'm like it's easy because I'm

comfortable if I wasn't comfortable

somebody I could totally understand why

is like girl what the hell do I say so I

had to really think get on my creative

juices flowing think about what I was

doing for years ago and give it to y'all

also yet again before somebody get in my

comments and it's like okay but you're

not being okay but you're not being

inclusive you're just talking about guys

all of my titles always say like how to

shoot your shot that's it not to how to

get him not that that's that that this

is for every it's for everybody okay but

just the easiest to like I thought if I

say him then under that it's just

because I'm like trying to give you all

stories and like I can't keep switching

from him/her okay okay

so let's just jump into this but first

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what are you doing we're gonna give you

a couple seconds to do that look ya'll I

got my nails back yes okay anyway back

to the pun

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stuff so why are you not come on let's

go come here ok ok let me teach y'all

how to flirt this is gonna be for when

you're like already talking to this

person not like talking you know I'm

saying but like you have already

established some sort of hi I kind of

like you less you two know each other

you feel me like this is kind of shoot

your shot part to like the next step so

if you have not if you're here trying to

figure out how to flirt to get the guy

girl you want whatever go watch how to

shoot your shoppers if you want to

figure that out now I'm talking about

the conversations okay it steps to this

so let's say like y'all are in person

first we'll talk about Texan later let's

just say you're in person right and like

how to be flirty so one big thing I feel

like is flirty not even just flirty but

just lets them know like wow like this

girl or guy likes me i contact

don't be talking to him like no looking

and be like yeah I really like garlic I

like that book to I feel like because

then like you look nervous you're gonna

let him or her know that they got the

upper hand no no no no no you run the

show you need to let them know that

you're confident and you're ready for

the conversation you want to hear what

they have to say you want to connect

that connection now don't be like yes I

also like that this empathetic don't be

staring but like you can look off

eventually like yeah you know to do that

like also you know there's this places

for you to look but don't be around the

room look at him for a majority of the

time that lets him know like wow this

girl's confident she knows what she's

talking about

also if you're in person or over text

being witty I feel like is not for

everybody but it's a good way to flirt a

little bit of sarcasm here in there

that's it now some people don't

understand sarcasm so your first time

using sarcasm be gentle

y'all say some off-the-wall stuff you

kind of gotta ease into that because

some people really can't process sarcasm

or some people are sensitive

and it'll affect them in a negative way

like you're not gonna understand what

you're doing to them so try and start

lightly with the sarcasm and the weight

like just hearing their little

teeny-weeny joke and if they respond

well then we can go into the other stuff

like don't jump full force because that

might sabotage you

but B what do you make jokes when jokes

are due like if somebody's being deep

with you and you guys are in a deep

conversation like oh this is why I'm the

way I am this happened to be my

childhood this is most important to me

it's not a time for joke that's the time

for active listening that's another

thing be an active listener you need to

when he's talking or she's talking

listen nod and even if you're not really

like listening and you're really

thinking about like the things that just

not you know you could play it off with

just right ask questions be involved the

little head nod and the squint get them

every time okay try to actively listen

oh but if you're getting distracted I'm

just showing you how to play at all so

also a good thing with active listening

is like when you have another

conversation or something and something

may relate to something that he already

told you about himself you can bring

that back up and hope you like damn like

she really listened small things gonna

do matter even if he just mentioned one

time like oh I like that restaurant and

like maybe you guys are planning a date

down the line you can be like oh didn't

you say you like blah blah let's go

there don't be crazy though don't be

like you told me on March 4th in 2019 at

4 p.m. no no no no just trying to

remember little things about him trying

to remember the things that he likes to

do the things that he doesn't like

that'll help you in the long run too

because you can know what to avoid so

now let me just start talking about

texting because I know everybody is not

at the stage of like going out on dates

seeing each other in person all the time

so let me just talk about texting and I

know that's why y'all here okay so

texting you need to decide what level of

flirty Savage you're ready to be are you

trying to be like straightforward like

you let him know what your intentions


you so fine but pop back or are you

trying to be like just just a little a

little jump here and there like

I like you hi you need to decide that's

the spectrum decide from I like you a

little bit I'm trying to show you I kind

of like you or oh this is what I'm

trying to do so if you're down here and

I like you a little bit okay let me just

give you our symbols cuz I already know

you're gonna be confused okay so on the

light and the things let's say you ask

him like so what do you love to what are

you doing and here's that oh I'm about

to watch us right I don't even like oh

my gosh you want to see that too we

should go together

that's like the light end of flirting

like I like you I kind of wanna do some

yeah and then in the middle is like

let's say he asks you what you're doing

and you're like I'm watching us right

instead of just being like oh I'm

watching us how about you you could be

like I'm watching us by myself but like

I'd rather you be here with me ah hello

wink emoji or something or like a low

like emoji that's like mid spectrum

you're being kind of straightforward but

you're not just being out there okay hi

spectrum is like instead of asking to be

like come over and watch us with me

straight forward letting you know I want

you here come here let's go that's that

you see the spectrum of things I feel

like I laid that out pretty decently see

you guys can understand where you want

to be so pick a spot on the spectrum and

follow my little template okay but

regardless of where you're at on the

spectrum I feel like you should be

progressing towards the farther end of

the spectrum eventually everything can't

be like little shy baby girl things like

forever like that's corny like step it

up sis make your way towards this end of

the spectrum and especially make your

way past the texting stage y'all should

be physically seeing each other if

possible unless y'all are like super

long distance in like Texas and Maine or

something like that's a different but if

y'all are in like decent range you also

be working towards seeing each other the

text should end up talking about seeing

each other and like you baby if you're a

girl trying to get this guy you better

not be the one that's always bringing up

hanging out he better be the one that's

like so what am I gonna see you like

please he should be on your behind you

better not be chasing that boyfriend

nothing or we're fighting that's it you

should not be like so what am I gonna

see you like

come see me come see me help please I

would see you so bad let him do that and

this is what I was trying to tell y'all

in the shooter shot video like don't be

the chaser need the chasey you should be

doing a cute little I like just like

cute cute little - a cute little skip

you know let him put the energy in I'm

telling you boys they like it they like

put an energy and then a 100 girls like

up they ass like that's gonna be so easy

to obtain now don't do too much every

text and every conversation does not

have to be flirty like no use it when

necessary use it like not frequent and

not often but like intermittent when you

see an opportunity present itself sure

take it but don't be flirting 24/7

singing bleep damn like what's she want

from you

also y'all if y'all are just talking

don't try and get his attention by

sending no nudes just don't do that

don't because next thing you know you

gonna be the talk of the school next

thing you know he'll be like oh look I

already got on the string I don't need

to do no more work cuz she gonna do this

for free you know I'm saying like get

him with your mind get him with your

personality get him with everything else

whatever else you want to do after that

it's all useless but before that no you

want him to want you finishing how many

girls have a cube body it's not just

useless I'm very started form you of

this tragedy but it's a lot of people

okay but you are the only you you're the

only one that has this mind that

personality that spirit that aura you

can also use body language when flirting

don't be invasive like don't be in his

personal bubble too much gamma body

language like show that you're

interested you know I'm not talking

about being like I want you be with yes

show that you're interested in him you

know like don't be standoffish like this

be like you know be like hey like yeah

this is how I feel that I like be with

it okay be engaged

y'all know that look if I could find

that little video I'm gonna put it here

from girls trip y'all know I'm talking


it's the look like I want you okay show

that you want them in day mate I always

tell y'all like to not be the one that's

chasing and like stuff like that but

there's a limit to that I don't mean you

don't show that you're interested at all

make him think that you kind of like him

damn flirting is all based on the type

of person that you want to be the type

of learner that you want to be

flirter is that a thing it is now it is

how have you want to do it bad end of

the day like I told y'all before either

way you should be progressing like you

should pressing towards that spectrum

and after that spectrum y'all should be

together so if you guys have other

questions you need more responses

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