What screams "I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU"? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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our slash asked reddit what screams I

have a crush on you if they laugh at

everything you say there's a good chance

they are crushing on you me my mom died

yesterday I don't want to live anymore

ha dies of laughter Tim my mom died two

days ago and of the girl who crushed on

me died of laughter yesterday I don't

want to live anymore

me dies of laughter they're happier to

see you specifically even though they

can barely hold a conversation with you

yet long pauses in between conversations

while someone looks at the ground that's

key that would mean that I have a crush

on almost everyone I can't look at

people for very long when talking I

think I actually read this on reddit

ages ago but after hearing a funny joke

and laughing people tend to look toward

the ones they admire / feel close to to

gauge their reaction it's not exclusive

to crushes but it's very telling

I read that here a while back - and

while has it come in super handy when

I'm sat next to someone and our legs

touch and they don't move their leg away

I start thinking about the rest of my

life with that person I'm so lonely

going on the bus must be fun I fall in

love every morning on my way to work

there was a girl who worked at a cafe

who had a crush on me sometimes when I

would start heading out she would say no

Mon stay a while longer I'll buy you

some nachas that's pretty damn hard to

turn down so she'd buy some nachas on

employee discounts and make a badass

plate of nachas and then we'd sit and

share it leave ads crush territory edit

I explained how things panned out

underneath here it's not a fairy tale

ending but it is a happy one we weren't

meant for each other that way I was

meant to give her the help she so

desperately needed and she was meant to

teach me a lesson in the power of

listening and giving a duck about

someone beyond sex we both changed each

other's lives for the better over the

course of a few months

being in college and getting up at 7

a.m. to have breakfast with her when you

have no classes at all that day

edit I despise mornings with a passion I

had a girl do this in college

wake me up same time every day with ash

I knock on my door to see if I wanted to

get breakfast obviously I never turned

her down she would also make an excuse

to come around to everyone's room and

say goodnight just so she could make my

room the last room and staying there

longer and have no one notice except my

roommate we were like the unofficial

parents of the floor we dated for two


accidentally tweeting your crush's name

at 2:00 a.m. I mean you meant to search

it but it's late at night damn it and

you want to make sure they don't have a

boyfriend even though you're too chicken

to do to ask them out oddly specific

this one is I read that in Yoda's voice

apparently if they yell I love you and

hug you after you help them fix a rather

pesky bug in their code they are not

just really grateful for you debugging

help I can see that happening without

any ulterior motives

I've confessed love to someone for

fixing a damn spreadsheet after all one

time on a first date I told her I loved

her instantly after she declared she

knew all the words to all-star this was

before all-star went through a massive

mean phase literally everyone as soon as

I get a girlfriend

because now you've got confidence on you

actually there are a couple of

scientific studies which all seem to

confirm the fact that women desire men

who are either taken or desired by other

women in the study women were shown

pictures of a guy in the company of a

woman and then later on of the same guy

but by himself women consistently gave

higher attractiveness ratings to the

picture of the guy with a woman and

lower attractiveness ratings to pictures

of the same guy by himself also the more

attractive his female companion in the

picture the higher women rated him on


it's probably just me but being stand a

fish I totally adore this girl right now

and since I'm socially [ __ ] I did my

best to remove her from my life it

wasn't until last night that it was

brought up and I apologized to her for

being and to do brain like that not just

you my guy and I were the same way we

avoided each other completely and seemed

very standoffish

in facts I was Putin BC he treated me so

differently he was nice to everyone and

would small talk girls in the office but

totally avoided me and we are in our 30s

humans are weird law I feel like a

pretty good tell that I've mainly

noticed in myself is when someone acts

the opposite social style they usually

are around a specific individual for me

I'm very shy slash introverted and have

social anxiety however if I have a crush

on someone I all of a sudden been able

to start and carry on conversations not

always gracefully though and try to talk

a little louder / confidently I laugh /

smile more whereas with other people I

usually come off a little monotone and

emotionless I get more playful with the

crash and so on and so forth I have had

very loud extroverted boisterous friends

who upon getting a crush on someone

become the total opposite around the

crush they get me contempt and shy and

overly conscious of what they are saying

and how they are saying it it's really

interesting this is me I didn't even

know I did the monotone thing until I

made a joke about having big plans to go

to Taco Bell and nobody got it I waited

for this girl's train who was my crush

for an entire university year to try and

get her interested in me even watched as

multiple trains that I can take home

left just so I could be on her platform

it took three months to get to talking

six months to getting each other socials

ten months to be friends who sat at

university then twelve months to talk

till midnight and later each night

nothing so I stopped seeing and talking

to her one week later she's calls me up

and wants to hang out I said I had a

party and she begged me to let her be my

plus one

we went hooked up after a few and she

stayed over she's been my girlfriend for

two years now and we are about to move

in together idk what the moral of the

story is but I guess trying hard gets

you nowhere or you don't know what you

got til it's gone

when girls play with their hair or groom

themselves physical touch like if they

make a joke and laughing while grabbing

their arm this is the classic one that I

just don't buy it

I have friends who are notorious for

always playing with their hair a godless

of who is in the room Duquette I'm a

dude with long hair and I occasionally

play with it when I'm distracted

I think someone commented earlier that

anxiety is a result from crushing on

someone and I know from exp that I play

with my hair ESP when anxious I have a

crush on a girl at my school and I often

just find myself staring at her she's so

pretty I hope I don't come off as super

creepy it's not something I'm

purposefully doing but I just find

myself drawn to her I also try to talk

to her any chance I get she's so funny

and intelligent and I just love talking

to her

I also purposely bought a ton of things

from a franchise that she loves in the

hope that she will notice young love

accidentally liking a fatter book status

update from 2007 I just found out from

my female roommate who I've known since

we were freshmen in college I'm a guy

that she and seven or eight other

friends of her that are all girls share

one fake Instagram account of a fake

name that they post stock pictures of

every few months and use it to follow

boys so they can use that account to

stalk boys they like or boys that are

dating their close friends and have

private accounts every once in a while

and apparently they have multiple groups

of girlfriends that do this this seems

highly crazy to me and my guy friends

underscored that I play video games with

and I'm not saying that old girls do

this I was thrown a curve ball a girl I

know out of the blue started talking to

me more sending me funny things etc when

we hung out she would put pics of me on

her snapchat she started to take an

interest in motorcycles my passion even

though she had never been interested

before she also began to do this trust

ful type of thing where she'd routinely

fall all over me

she would wrestle me and constantly poke

me too I though okay this girl totally

has a crush on me when I broached the

subject she acted slightly offended and

denied of liking me I felt like a

massive idiot see why guys suck at

making moves sometimes because a girl

like that will just leave us forever

questioning our judgment

looking at your mouth while you're

talking whenever I look at a person's

mouth it's usually because I'm

fantasizing about kissing them

I don't usually stare at their mouths

but when I do that's the reason I get so

scared to look at someone's mouth

because they can tell that you glanced

at their mouth and they know you want to

kiss them watching you through your

window yeah you don't have curtains

tracking your activity with an old phone

of yours they stole abducting your

ex-boyfriend you know stuff like that

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