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You must be in the wrong place the Miss

Universe contest is over there

you know, by my door

What's up travelers Kayse here and a few

years ago I made a pick-up lines video

it was really fun I had a blast making

it and that brings us to today's video

so I got a request to make another

pick up lines video so I'm really excited

about making this video I love making

these videos and I hope you guys enjoy

it as much as I enjoyed making it

so without further ado let's begin the

pickup lines I'm going to have to ask

you to leave you're making the other

girls look bad if you were a flower

you'd be a damndelion that's right

i said it.

on a scale from one to ten you're a nine

I'm the one you need kissing is a

language of love so how about a

conversation how much does a polar bear

weigh how much enough to break the ice

hi, I'm Kayse

so for this next one you hold out your

hand and you say would you hold this

while I go for a walk and then you get to hold their hand.

are you a bank loan

because you've got my interest

does this mean we're married now

are you a good cuddler? I might let you join my

gang... favorite pickup line go

hi I'm doing a survey what's your name

what's your phone number are you free

next Saturday if you were a basketball

I'd never shoot because I'd always miss


Here I am now what are your other two


you must be in the wrong place the Miss

Universe contest is over there you know

by my door do you have a name or can I

call you mine you're pretty and I'm cute

we'd be pretty cute together

I think you've got something in your eye

oh never mind it's just a sparkle come

on you know you like that one your hand

looks heavy do you want me to hold it

for you I know someone who likes you

if I wasn't so shy I'd tell you who

this morning I saw a flower I thought it

was the most beautiful thing in the

whole world that is until I saw you what

time do you have to be back in heaven I

think there's something wrong with my

phone could you try calling it for me to

see if it rings sorry but you owe me a

drink why because when I looked at you I

dropped mine so for this one you got to

step on some ice and then you say now

that the ice is broken what's your name

God gave us two ears two eyes two legs

and two hands but he only gave us one

heart he wanted me to find you and tell

you you're the second one so there you

have it there are 25 cute and funny pickup

lines that you could start using today

these are pick up lines for boys and

these are pick up lines for girls if you

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until next time I'm officially Kayse and

I'm officially signing off peace out