5 Tinder Tips To Get Him To Ask You Out (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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oh hey I was just swiping I get it

people are loving tinder these days they

get to go about their everyday

activities at the same time as swiping

til their heart's content but the

problem is not enough of these swipes

are actually turning into real date's so

here are five tips for turning tinder

messages into actual meetups number one

this one is a profile hack so this is

something you could do in your actual

profile to make it more likely that he

asks you on a date you say always on

search for the best gelato in town men

are looking for a conversation starter

besides just the way you look in a

profile so when you give them something

to latch on to you also give them a

concrete idea for what to do with you

number two act like a human being on

tinder people play it like it's a video

game and they have no human emotions and

when we don't feel like we're dealing

with human beings we lose our empathy

and we stop treating them like human

beings if you want to be treated like an

individual like a person like a person

that's worth taking out and spending

time with we have to start acting human

how you do that in your messages you say

things like I'm spending time with my

niece today it's so amazing or me and my

sister are going out tonight she just

got to town and I missed her so much or

you could say I went and saw a scary

movie last night I'm still frightened of

it little wig scared face emoji of some

kind essentially anything that shows you

to have a little more depth friends

family human emotions vulnerability

these are the things that actually

reveal more about us tip number three

show him that he stood out to you what

that means is actually pay him a bit of

a compliment say to him you seem like

one of the few people on here that

actually sounds like a human being lol

we should exchange numbers and see if we

get on over the phone by the way when

you say we should see if we get on over

the phone you're giving him a neck

a challenge to deal with you have to

impress me on the phone before we go out

on the date you can also be a bit more

direct and say here's my number we

should grab a coffee sometime you seem

like an interesting guy you seem like an

interesting guy is a nice embedded

compliment but at the same time it's not

like you're saying I know enough to know

you are an interesting guy you just seem

that way but I'm now giving you a reason

to want to meet up with me I've given

you a positive identity for you to

fulfill number four give tinder addicts

a bad name that means when you've been

messaging back and forth with a guy for

a while

send him a message and say okay gotta go

headed out with friends you should text

me sometime so we don't become those

weird tinder people who never actually

talk link his likely response is to say

I don't have your number then you can

fire it back to him and he now gets to

follow up by not being one of those

tinder people and number five remember

call people don't make a big deal out of

meeting up so if you find yourself

messaging back and forth incessantly on

tinder all you need to say is this well

feel free to say hi in person sometime

I'm around before meeting friends later

tonight if you want to grab a drink

otherwise catch you soon see the thing

about that is it shows that he's not

even a blip on the radar of your week

you have so many things going on that

he's not that important for you to make

a big deal out of how to meet up you

just throw it out there casually look

tinder is something that most people

play like it's a video game

wasting hours and hours on something

that's utterly fruitless it's not a

video game it's something that's there

to create opportunities for your actual

real life just like any dating website

or app it is just a tool so instead of

using it to waste hours of your precious

life use it to build your life and have

real experiences and see what might come

of it

be bold be authentic don't be afraid to

ask what you want and certainly do not

suffer time wasters I'll see you next