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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about some

different ways to snapchat the guy that

you like but to do it the right way and

this doesn't just only apply for

snapchat it does work for Instagram

stories as well so you can use them

whatever way you want but I think that

there are certain things that you can do

in order to make a guy actually see the

things that you're sending him and

actually make an impact on how he's

thinking and how he thinks about you in

general whether you're sending him

something that he's gonna remember or

he's gonna forget or he doesn't really

care about those are all things that I

think play a big part in this and

something that I kind of like I really

thought hard about when I was making

this video so I hope you guys use some

of these maybe you're already using them

I don't know I know for a fact that all

these things that I'm gonna tell you

guys are definitely ones that's gonna

get a guy's attention over snapchat and

it's gonna be really good for you if

you're new to my channel go over there

and hit the subscribe button really

quick and then come back and watch the

video that being said here is the first

thing that I came up with so the first

one that I came up with I don't know how

much explanation this one actually needs

because I think you girls also enjoy

getting these same snaps the first one

that I came up with is showing off your

pets I think that anytime anybody sends

you a snapchat of their dog or their cat

or a cute animal that they see on the

side of the road for some reason seeing

a cute animal is one of those things

that I don't think you get tired of and

anytime you open somebody's snap and

it's like this cute kitten like rolling

around playing something it kind of just

puts you in a really good mood so coming

from me who constantly is opening your

guys's snapchats that you send me one

thing I always love getting is snapchats

of like animals or funny things that

animals are doing I just love it and I

don't get tired of it so that's the

first thing that I came up with give

this video a thumbs up if you agree with

that one second thing that I came up

with that I think you should snapchat a

guy if you like him or you want them to

notice you or you're trying to get his

attention is anything to do with

anything you're talented at so if you're

good at singing or you're good at

playing guitar or you're really good at

art I think that if he does like you

he's gonna be really into like whatever

you're doing and if it is singing he

might even start requesting songs for

you to sing or telling you how good your

voices are just giving you compliments

out of nowhere and that's one thing that

I think guys love getting is anytime

you're good at something

send them a snapchat of it and like show

that you're obsessed with it a show that

you're proud that you can do something

think that is just really cool to see

you doing something that you enjoy doing

and so yeah that's the second thing the

next one that I came up with is also

something that I think everybody loves

getting on snapchat

everybody loves seeing somebody that's

funny or somebody that's trying to like

make a funny joke or somebody that sees

something and makes a funny comment

about it I think showing your sense of

humor on snapchat is something you

should do all the time so just like

showing your talents I think having a

sense of humor is also somewhat a talent

like you're able to make people laugh

and if you do have that talent put that

out there like let people see it any

time I go on snapchat and I'm like

looking through and I see somebody put

something up that's funny I always think

like oh I got to keep watching their

snaps because I'm gonna maybe see more

things that make me happy and make me

smile and that's what I want so maybe if

the guy that you like is watching your

snaps he'll send you an individual

message and then you guys can get

talking that is the third thing that I

came up with the next one that I came up

with might be something you haven't

thought about before but anytime you're

doing something fun your first thought

might not be to like whip out your phone

and start snapchatting everything that

you're doing when a guy that likes a

girl sees her doing something that's

really fun he tries to think about like

what it would be like if he was there

doing it with her and I think that if

you start sending the guy that you like

snapchats of you doing fun things that

can also be a really good conversation

starter because then it'll give them the

opportunity to say like oh my god like I

wish I was there doing that with you I

think that's just another awesome

opportunity and a good thing to snapchat

a guy because I think that they find it

really interesting and I love getting

snapchats from people when they're out

doing interesting things snapchat when

you're having fun the next one is more

like technical I don't I don't think

it's like something necessarily that

you're actually snapping one thing that

you can do one little tip is keep the

snapchats short anytime you're having a

conversation with somebody or you're

sending somebody something whenever you

keep it short and you kind of leave them

hanging and like wanting more that's one

thing that's always gonna bring them

back because they feel like the last

time they talk to you they didn't get

enough information or the last picture

you send them they didn't get to see

enough of what you were doing like

whenever you can send them a short

little snapchats of whatever

keep the pictures short like don't put

it on there for ten seconds put it for

like one or two seconds and then they'll

be asking questions about like well

where's the rest like I want to see more

and that gets people like hooked on

whatever it is that you're doing so if

you want this guy that you like to

always be around you like asking

questions or wanting to hang out don't

just give them everything upfront and

tell them like hey this is what I'm

doing like this is everything that went

on kind of leave them like with some

questions that they're gonna have to ask

you and like get the conversation going

like that I think that it's really

interesting we like asking you guys

questions and for you guys to like

explain things to us especially if it's

like something that you enjoy doing like

we love hearing you talk about things

that you love that's just another tip

that I came up with it does keep them

like intrigued and it keeps them kind of

hanging on the last one that I came up

with is inside jokes I think sometimes

it's really refreshing and it's really

good to like get a snapchat from

somebody that you have an inside joke

with and like even if you're in a group

of friends and all of a sudden you get

this snap and you look at your phone

like you can't show anybody else because

they won't understand it so anytime

you're sending a snapchat to a guy if

you guys do have somewhat of an inside

joke going on I think that that just

makes it feel like they're closer to you

and it feels like you guys are sharing

something together maybe you don't have

an inside joke I think next time maybe

you talk to them try to create something

or say something or do something that

like what you guys will only be able to

remember and you guys will only

understand and then when you're

snapchatting them that would be a

perfect opportunity to just get that

ball kind of rolling when it comes to

inside jokes so hope that this video

somewhat helped you out maybe there's a

guy out there that you like and you have

no idea what to send him try sending

them or doing one of these things I

guarantee that one of these things is

gonna work and you guys are gonna get

some snaps back or you're gonna get a

conversation going and all around is

just gonna be really good for you so

hope you guys enjoyed today's video if

you did give it a thumbs up let me know

go in the comments tell me if you use

these before or if there's a guy out

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I will see you next Saturday as always

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