7 EASY DMS That Make Him INSTANTLY Respond

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what's up everybody its Kimberly and

today we're gonna talk about the easiest

simplest form of flirting there is

sliding into your crushes DMS it is such

a great way to show someone you're

interested because it's way less awkward

in the talking a person you can plan

what you're gonna say in advance and you

can use it while Gees in pictures when

you're stuck for words hello so good but

just because it's easier than flirting

in real life it doesn't mean there

aren't a few guidelines that you can

follow to have more success today I'm

gonna give you guys some actual lines

that you can use to slide into videos

that I know will work for you and that

have worked in the past for my lovebugs

the first most simple tip to start an

easy conversation with your crush on

Instagram is finding something that you

have in common

and then making a comment about it you

could lament or comment about anything

that happened at school at work in the

media or even in your city so for

example can we believe that Blake's

happened at school today oh my gosh

these fire drills I've got me going

crazy mr. Porter's toupee totally fell

off during the assembly have you tried

the new cookies in the cafeteria they're

so good if you don't have school or work

in common that's okay because this could

just as easily be about a sport that you

both like a TV show or a musician that

you're both into and this is my being on

their social media is so helpful you

literally have a list of all their

interests right in front of you and in a

minute we're gonna get to how to follow

them and engage for the very first time

DM number two that I have seen be so

successful it's reacting in a hilarious

way to something that they've posted on

their stories so something like you're

too funny or bahaha or just some kind of

hilarious phase is perfect for this one

and that can lead to a really flirty

banter that leads to something more the

point of this one is that you're

complimenting their sense of humor and

this is something that a lot of people

respond to really positively now there

are some people out there that just

aren't that funny and that's okay you

can always find something else to

compliment maybe it's their artistic

skills or photography or something nice

that they posted about someone else

the third DM this one

every time it's a little bit sinking but

that's okay it's when you ask them if

they were at a certain place earlier

that day because you think you might

have seen them now maybe you saw them in

real life or maybe you just saw in their

Instagram stories that they were there

but seeing something like oh I was a

little Queen Street rest earlier today

and I think I saw you there was that you

that not only shows them that you're

super cool and interesting and that you

do fun things but it also opens the door

for more conversation and that's exactly

what you want to do they can respond in

a couple ways by saying yeah actually I

was there and it was really fun did you

like it or they might say actually no I

wasn't there I was at this other place

and I had a lot of fun if they were

there they'll say something like yeah

that's why usual spot cool but if it

wasn't them they might say why did you

see someone who looked like me and this

can give you room for like further


okay guys forth the end this one is

always super successful and it's a

response to one of their story at a

location Hey oh my god I really wanted

to try that new place is it worth the

long lineups so for this one you want to

wait watch their stories a little bit

and when they host something from a

popular for joy or a new place that's

when you take action ask their opinion

about it hey is that the new taco place

isn't worth the lineups what did you get

people just love a feeling like an

expert and your interest in this is

going to make them feel really good

about themselves and if they're

interested in you this might eventually

turn into a conversation about where

you're gonna go on a date the M number


send a cute animal gift I freaking love

this one this is the best thing about

chatting via DM if you're shy or not

confident about your words you can

easily use photos and gifts do not try

to convey your deepest feelings here

just in something that will make them

smile and when they associate that

really good feeling with you you're off

to a beautiful starts the up number six

is so easy that you could use it like

today if you wanted to it's when you

reference something that's happening in

your area maybe your city your school

something popular whether it be the

Kanye West concert a football game or

even the school dance now this one is

one that you don't do right from the

get-go you don't like follow them and

ask this question this happens after a

lot of flirty banter but if you want

something to happen someone's got to

take the initiative

of saying something like hey are you

going to beca's party on Friday night is

perfect because it shows them a you're

interested in going to the party but B

there's an indicator of interest there

and you're also wanting to see them

there finally guys this is the tip you

have all been waiting for

because I know a lot of you haven't

talked to your crush on social media or

in themes yet so if you're waiting to

make that move this is the tip for you

but before you do this you have got to

do your homework first and follow these

instructions really carefully study

their posts and pick up up 3-2 like make

sure this posts our recent posts and not

those are like six months ago otherwise

you look like you've gone too far and

done a little too much research remember

you're just sewing casual interest here

so make sure it's not like selfies or

something that you're liking it may be a

post from something that they did or a

funny meme sometimes we literally all it

takes is liking a few posts to get that

person to take notice it's a signal to

them so that they can in return follow

you and maybe even DM you and if they

don't beyond you after this the next

step is to make a small comment on one

of their posts it's mixed small talk but

a lot lot easier if they do not DM you

immediately and it's still the same day

that you followed each other

write the message right away saying oh

my gosh I can't believe I wasn't

following you till now this gives the

impression that you're confident you

like what they post and you have great

rapport if they're into you guys the

conversation will just flow from there

do you guys have interesting stories of

DMS what worked for you leave it in the

comments below so we're luck folks can

try it don't forget to subscribe guys I

love you all and I'll see you next week

for another video all about

relationships love thank you and