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hi everybody I'm dr. Kimberly and what

some of you might not know is that one

of the most requested topics on my

channel is to talk about dating in

middle school now dating in middle

school can be a really healthy and

positive experience if the conditions

are good ones now you don't have to date

in middle school and some of you may not

even want to date and that's totally

okay dating in middle school is totally

optional but since you guys are the ones

who are asking and you're watching this

video what that tells me is that you're

probably starting to form a crush on

someone who you know or maybe even

thinking about getting into a romantic

relationship this video is five tips on

how to date in middle school tip number

one is don't be offended now studies

have shown that girls actually mature in

a number of ways faster than boys

including from a physical and sexual

perspective what this tells us is that

girls are a lot more likely to start

having feelings towards the opposite sex

first so don't be insulted if you have a

crush on a guy and he seems to only care

about what his friends think it could

very well mean that he literally hasn't

even thought about the chance of having

a relationship it may literally have

nothing to do with you now tip number

two from middle school dating is that

group dates tend to be the most

effective for this age category now this

isn't just in terms of getting the other

person to like you because it eases your

nerves and calms you down and enables

you to have fun but they also help take

the pressure off and avoid any of those

awkward moments where things could

actually get too romantic or intense on

a group date you can just relax and put

your focus into getting to know the

person on a deeper level than maybe what

you move from them before and determine

if they're the type of person who you

actually want to continue seeing on a

social level so if you are thinking

about asking out a guy or girl on a

group date some really good examples of

ones that tend to work out really well

are going to a movie maybe going to the

local mall or go into a team sporting

event like a basketball game tip number

three is that the focus on any of the

dates that you go on should be strictly

on having fun now a lot of people in

middle school may think and they may

even tell you that the purpose of a

middle school relationship should be on

getting experience or to try some of

those more adult things that they would

be engaged

later on in their life and I do not

believe this this is not true the goal

of a middle school relationship should

be about you having fun and enjoying a

really awesome emotional connection that

you have with someone else now one of

the things that we haven't quite

developed yet when we're in middle

school is our ability to strongly stand

up for our boundaries and really say no

because we're still kind of developing

and fostering the confidence that's

inside of us which leads me to tip

number four don't do anything ever that

you don't feel comfortable with or that

you don't want to do period period now

tip number five is don't sweat it just

know that if you don't have a middle

school relationship in fact if you never

have a relationship in middle school

it's okay it's actually not that big of

a deal middle school is probably like

one of the only times in your life where

you are just starting to realize like

what makes you beautiful what makes you

smart what makes you talented what makes

you unique now I feel like there are a

lot more middle school topics to cover

like what to do if you're not allowed to

date or how to break up from a middle

school relationship or even how to feel

more confident in your own skin if you

guys want me to make a video on any of

these things let me know in the comments

below and I'll definitely get to making

one of those now for those of you who

want even more tips and tools that are

specifically for dating in middle school

I posted a ten point middle school

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