what middle school boys ACTUALLY want in girls

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are you just widening you guys sure me


hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today I'm with my friends Mia will and

Liam who say this is not a double date

but I mean like in today's video since

back-to-school season is coming up we

are going to be doing we're gonna go

four months away back-to-school season

this is so humiliating some people

literally film these videos in like July

so if you guys want to start your new

grade with a girlfriend or boyfriend

this is what you need to watch you need

to watch this without further ado let's

just get on into these tips and we're

doing girls first so if you want to

figure out how to get a you know

boyfriend or something going on there

well number one don't car yourself ugly

I hate when girls do that cuz then we're

gonna be like oh you know like it's true

like you're not it's like they're

fishing for compliments

the other thing girls fears they're like

I get so bad on the test you guys I only

met the standards like it's like so I

have a group one of the girls is like

every time she doesn't notation she's

like I didn't so bad I just it puts you

in an uncomfortable situation because

especially a girl says you're ugly can

like oh no you're pretty and then think

like you like them but you also you

gonna stand there and be a mmm I agree

don't all react this seems like don't

like if you get a two on your math test

it's like a big deal I guess all the

time like if you can it's a b-minus on

your thing like doing it oh my god you

want to do something you should talk

about overreacting like oh like your

crushes and say Heidi in the hall oh oh

yeah so if we don't think I'm wanting to

you don't be like me

mad at you if you say so don't do that

cuz I just some noise is more okay I

gave up my nose guys except I was really

sure number three don't be clingy don't

text them every night like every day

wait for us to text you first and if we

don't text you first then Thanks I do

that you missed someone when you don't

see them for a while so you gotta let

someone miss you and if you're

constantly hitting them up you kind of

run out of conversation you need like

time to develop conversation so if

you're just texting on like hey they're

gonna get bored number four don't be

gossipy don't don't talk don't like like

oh my god oh my god that's literally

what I do every day I walk into science

and oh my god and you're not gonna

believe what happened she said this and

they did that and then because when you

gossip like bad stuff happens and drama

happens in dramas know best if happens

we're gonna hear about stuff about you

and we're gonna stay away from you this

is the only girls feel like some boys I

hate when a boy tells all of his friends

about all the conversations you have

it's because there's been some boys

where I feel like the conversation I'm

having with them all of their friends

have hurt ya or like make sure you just

like to keep things kind of to yourself

oh this timer you speak before this

party they were I believe it's utter

wills the quirkiest boy I know I have

number seven

don't be basic and embrace your own

personality don't work what all the

girls wear like I'll like the popular

girls wear like like your fans checkered

vans I do that

and see their faces are like how tall or

like how broad that's not good why their

shoulders hurt yeah

um if I didn't see that they would all

look the same they all wear the same

stuff they all try to fit in the same

thing the same group and it's like be

different wear what you want to wear

because that means it kind of shows you

not like other girls you're different I

felt like any annoying people yeah I

think the majority of the girls and our

grade are annoying yes some of them are

nice but like still want to fit into

that click there except underrated and

don't try too hard to be with the top

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we're releasing a public there's video

it's you really don't wanna miss number

eight be funny and be interesting to

talk to this is yeah this is a big one

this is up big how it's something

interesting you talk like I'm like oh

hey what's up to Big Sky and then then I

go walk away here even if you don't even

know if we like you do it anyway if you

have multiple conversations with someone

don't say the same thing y'all say hi hi

same thing and you can just do that in

like your sleep for girls you don't have

to start the conversation but once

someone does you should like try to at

least carry 50% of it number nine don't

be desperate don't define desperate

don't be going after 87 dudes at once if

I like you I don't want to hear that you

also like all these other boys it's

going after three boys at the same time

but I mean if you don't tell any of them

that you like

like if you only because of your head

ya know what could happen if you tell

them like you soon say I like this this

and this person cuz then it's gonna be

so infinite arms I got that anyway

overall just be relaxed don't talk bad

stuff about other people don't talk too

much don't talk to Widow you gotta fight

that right down bully I actually would

question for you guys boys what what do

you think like how do you know my boy I

know that looks is the first thing you

notice but do you think that looks play

a big part be completely honest and you

want me to cut it out I will looks do

matter but personally for me it's a big

part like some guys are just cared about

like like what you look Dave hey dick oh

my god I hate guys but some of us are

just care about like your personnel like

if girl I was really good personality I

really like and I'm probably like that

and I guess you know that I don't like

you don't stop talking to me like you're

so my friend

don't just be interested in someone

because they like you back be interested

because they're funnier you enjoy being

around them I wish I was put in that

situation where I had a bond even

irrelevant tip now we're gonna move on

to the boys this is very important that

boys stick along so listen to the first

tip is to be directed you guys said

don't be clean and I'm not saying the

boy has to do more moves but to be

honest our relationship works better in

that way yeah you know what I mean I

think that when the guys are tied to

cleaner than the girl it doesn't give

the girl I need to be clean I'm not

saying to start every single

conversation but if you like a girl if

she showing you signs take action it was

written in the video a little of column

is mommy that's my sister not my mom the

second one is be honest if you're not

being directive that is probably because

you don't like her enough so tell her

that because she will get attached to

you over time

I hate when guys are just trying to be

nice and they respond to especially

girls you need to know that if you

have hit them up like three times in a

row like first like that's not a good


be honest if you don't like her tell her

because she's gonna be more hurt in the

end than like the beginning and the

third Tempest it talk to them in person

text means absolutely nothing I don't

trust anyone in text anymore especially

after this year well I'm at you guys but

I don't trust it

that much all means a lot thanks Annie I

trust like four boys and talk to a girl

purpose okay don't just be like hey

that's just such a turn-off like start a

conversation with an actual topic it may

take you a little while to come up with

the topic but once you have that topic

you start the conversation the

conversation will last so much longer

than if you just said like hey the fifth

tip is so important is to be confident

if you're talking to a girl like she can

tell you're stressed out then she's

gonna be stressed out sometimes to talk

to a guy and like their whole face is

red I don't know I know like I know it's

hard to like be chill but you stressed

people out yeah well not you and if our

face is red we like you or there's

uncomfortable yeah yeah at least not do

you guys have any key questions for girl

thing always going to know I've had a

lot of questions you should help will

with one of his many problems I let it

know thank you guys so much for watching

this video stay tuned for some more make

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sure to use these tips when you're going

into after summer yeah and I hope you

guys aren't below my little playlist of

like relationship advice that I try to

give there's a lot that's all I gotta

say and I'll see you guys in the next

so bad first - yeah

ladies first I love oh you still didn't

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trying to play bass - I can talk about

that how do you feel well okay well guys

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