Hot girls answer questions guys are afraid to ask

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why don't you make the first move the

girls care about dick size the girls

watch porn best way for a guy yeah

friends are you actually liked dick pics

why the [ __ ] you so why do you guys say

one thing but many other this video is

strictly for the boys and I've got my

girlfriend and all my friends that are

girls to answer some questions that ass

guys afraid to ask so you know I've

taken one for the team I've asked these

questions that are I'm curious about and

then a lot of people are afraid to ask

so that's it let's [ __ ] do it

this is Chloe Sammy and Jaz I'm like

friends that are girls so this is live

and Holly I'm here with the messy twins

hey it's my guilt cause II know this is

my girlfriend Bianca biological female

maybe I'll find out a few things I

didn't know about her maybe some red

flags would pop up her nice kick it off

with a good one Joey kick it off with a

good one kick it off with a bang on the

girls care about dick size it's just


it's more how they use their dick so

performance makes up for the dick size

and it's okay what are you referring to

you I'm gonna say yes if it's too small

like obviously you're not gonna feel

anything like what do you think that I

find a boyfriend I'd want to have a big

eliminates dick likely dog signs cheeks

make when they like a guy like floating

he's like me punching them in the

stomach they'll make it obvious I reckon

eye contact laughing and kind of like

Fanta bullying Fanta yes that's not a


they might get really nervous

compliments my gosh you're getting

compliments boys you know girls watch

porn often no not often

not knowing near as much as boys do okay

girls do but I wouldn't say depends we

go do you watch pornos I have you how

many fans starting soon why do you never

text us and ultimately make us lose

interest I think because the girl wants

a guy to taste first

yeah they trying to find like

hard-to-get maybe I think it kind of

interested you got a message because you

want to talk to them anyone goes for the

guys okay you didn't taste guys when you

first started talking it takes me either

only we text each other like three-way I

made you more interested yeah it's like

Trina you can't be

tell us try it you know bet that's scary

Carson Bowles arguing guys no confusing

girls easily oh that's easy to say when

you are a girl why the [ __ ] did girls go

to the toilet with each other they're

like hold hands going to tampon daily

laughs more support

it's a good time you like the song a

game it's like halftime it's kinda like

that but for a night out you're sitting

on the toilet and talking to each other

sometimes like we under the cubicle

always just like hold each other's dicks

well a lot of the time a girl asked to

go to the bathroom with a friend if they

have something to tell ya boys if you're

talking to a girl and then immediately

she says some go the bathroom you [ __ ]

up why the girls want gay best friends

because you get a male inside but not

someone who's gonna hit on you some

girls don't like me out it goes let's go

we drama boys if you want any tips just

pretend to be gay my momma let you come

over but you have to be respected

whilst they still a guy they sort of can

like relate to most they can't like give

you better advice and go can sometimes I

think abs or arms rip screaming and this

show up themselves but yeah I say it's

probably arms I guess you can do it arms

imagine if you just you know how to

premiere to yourself and there's your


I'm here to myself yeah what if I have

neither do you pee or not I'm confused

like girls fighting like that's a bit no

no that was just like something every

dad bought a ripped right we'll get

we'll get this on there just the one

that looks more all the way

preferably and I don't mind the dad but

why don't you make the first move that's

a men I do friends on circumstance get a

rejection maybe cuz I know this is very

high so what happens if you guys are

nervous to make the first move as well

don't nothing happens well they mess is

a real

why do you girl send mixed messages cuz

they're all so confused it's funny why

do girls play games takes two to tango

do you ever think girls play games too

they're bored yeah sometimes it's baby

it's like I am really keen but I'm not

feeling you know I'm Kate and you're

just gonna have to work it out but I'll

say okay that's so terrifying but I'm

not like that so I really know how to

yeah I know some girls just like the

chase it's fun I say you just test them

at all do you have a lie about you being

on your period yes all the time yeah my

also to hang out with you their replies

oh I'm sorry my period now I've never

you never when we first knew each other

oh [ __ ] I remember this very

disappointed band bianca lot about being

here gonna tell you that I don't know

why I believed it as well yes yes wait

to get out of sex you get out of it look

like to get out of going somewhere I

don't want to go yeah I like a guy

teacher like I'll can I go to the

bathroom you're like oh no you can wait

and then you bike that I have my period

and they're like oh okay just go yeah

ask the manipulation that's why for gaga

friends on yeah it's gonna hard to get

out of friendzone to death sentence

kitties I mean actually make a move just

make it well obviously in the friend

zone that's a good point

yes is it possible for God gay friends

are yeah what it is I think so if

there's some girls I'd like to take it

really slow than I feel like they would

like to have more about friendship as

well just pretend you're gay best friend

and then you can get to know our first

and then be like what what conversations

are go and what conversations are no

past relationships oh no don't talk

power path my buddy no I'm sorry but

yeah when guys like bring up their eggs

it's like some chicks we will never left

talking about any other female that's

been your life does style matter yes

please yeah it's my pajamas so us being

really soon yeah

I'd say so yeah yeah only because I want

to discuss yeah we like I don't mind

fingers put like a basic outfit together

does Starla met up and if so works yes

what's preferred style not looking


looking like you put one or two minutes

of effort into your at boot love a good

party shirt

I said not from cotton on the nice guys

really finished last no yes no are you

saying you're not a nice guy then I'm a

[ __ ]

no yes you don't want them to but they

do yeah you like yes next question why

do you guys say one thing but many other

what does it mean when a girl says they

fine fine no it doesn't when when girls

say I'm fine there's nothing wrong what

do they mean

you are wrong with the Eiger says she's

fine she's fine which is yeah a massive

hell all right let me leave this in the

comments how often have girls told you

they're fine but then not really fun

what do you mean when you say you're

fine then why don't you say I'm not

going you want attention you know the

guy backed Lee sweetie no no I can tell

you know I should the guy I always pay

on the first day no I did still do yes

yes I'm old-fashioned adios bank

accounts no jobs how does a guy know

when a girl's not interested no like

they're just not wanting to talk to you

they come up with seasons every time

they say you like if someone Masari I

have to work if the guys trying to ask

to hang outside and they keep like

postponing the date or just like can't

sleep they won't text you that slept

with you you didn't text me feel very

often we see when you [ __ ] in the shower

do you stamp it down the drain I'll pick

it up and put it in the toilet yeah I

would know because we are if I ever saw

a male shoot the shower about the day

where I god I'm leaving so ago Center

[ __ ]

Misha palace yeah I can't say that

about to come across that I'm more of a

stump of myself the girls actually like

sex no I hate it yeah sometimes yeah

yeah if they don't like sex and the

guy's not doing it do you play with your

boobs on your boy

yeah sometimes when I'm bored I play

Bianca stairs yes do you have a favorite

boot as well yeah sometimes it's just

more comfortable all just one do you get

worried let me go out with the boys

no no no no if there's a level of trust

establish no no I had a good time we

would rather hang out it depends who I'm

with do you have specific boys that are

like more Weinman oh yeah yes 100 how do

we not be too nice give you a genuine

opinion like die just agree with

everything a chick says 50 nothing

there's just not really a bad guy seems

don't get girls unless they pretend to

be the gay best friend I think you can I

keep the bands are going girls actually

like dick pigs no no just stop [ __ ] [ __ ]

no I know the angle is important

I'll just say that the angle why the

[ __ ] are you so confusing make signals

it's my specialty

oh there's a funny aspect to it I

wouldn't say what confusing you're

talking to the wrong girl you're

actually not that confused but not

confusing that girl's confusing why I

see this action that girls are confusing

oh you want to know why because girls

say one thing and they mean the other

they mean the opposite

why do girls like guys that are

ourselves that savagery Advanta a lot of

people it's like I can change how does

that you will always always be doing

there is Italy nothing that anyone can

do to change about that oh I think it's

because like you want what you can't

like yes that makes sense you want girls

liking uni apply the same going back

some fancy thanks gosh with banana Livia

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thanks for being in the video any pretty

well for that first time yeah thanks man

yeah if you're a boy don't [ __ ] care

in Savannah if you're a girl

still watching this you can probably

being carry on Instagram protective you

want to say anything before you sign off

be too nice but like be nice and off and

like don't expect to pay on the first

day there was a [ __ ] that's the video

hope you enjoyed it for the boys

hopefully you learned something from

that you know I definitely did still

very very much confused about the

opposite gender must say maybe I'm even

more confused than before so uh [ __ ]

I know you thought it was over I know

you thought it was finished I know you

think I'm a cynic but you know the Huey


people like different as soon as you win

it man I know this [ __ ] ain't no

different you pull up in cars you back

like it's y'all but we know that

should've just friend it benefited it

now we know wasn't your mom