How To Ask Out A Guy

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the prospect of asking someone out is

almost as frightening as the prospect of

being forever alone Valentine's Day is

coming up and that is terrifying but

ladies have no fear this is the 21st

century what we can say screw chivalry

is off guys are our towels furthermore

girls can ask out girls

guys girls go guys and non-binary

genders can ask out whoever the hell

they like just so long as it's human

wait wasn't there a guy who married his

car the future is now today I have for

you guys some foolproof ways to ask

someone out hey what you doing that's

cool can I sit here okay cool subtly

hint that you might be interested oh boy

I sure I had something to do this

weekend dating have an exit strategy in

case things don't go to plan do you

maybe want to like go out sometime with

friends die obviously let them know that

you have common interests so you maybe

want to like go paintballing sometimes I

just tap in town tickets to see this

band that I know you like I was

wondering if maybe like you wanted to

come or something

physical touch is the perfect way to

signal to someone you like them so I was

like thinking that maybe tonight you and

I could maybe like hey you and I we like

hey keep it playful

I'll let me give it back if you ask me


if in doubt be straightforward I'm hot

you're hot we should date do you have a

girlfriend because you do know just make

sure you keep it chill do you maybe want

to go get some food sometime but you

know whatever it's chill we should catch

a movie sometime

but you know whatever it's chill do you

fancy hanging out sometime but like

whatever it's chill like really really

chill like I'm so chill I'm an ice cube

like ice ice baby down down down down to

the lone done you know really chill

Netflix and chill everyone commit

compliment them to break the ice I love

your hair we should I love your eyes we

should date you look like you have

really good oral hygiene we should date

sometimes actions speak louder than


and if all else fails just be sincere

Hey look I was just wondering if you

maybe like wanted to go out on a date

later with me

you asked the lad with him Oh turn me


for your mum

oh I'm sorry but you know whatever it's

like chilled yep and this is why I'm