Asking BOYS questions girls are too afraid too ask (middle school edititon)

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do you guys care if girls don't have a

flat stomach is it annoying when we talk

about other boys

why don't boys show their emotions

you're so far no one can even hear you

talking bro

no eden i did put on just you know

what it is

instagram no it's david holm david



anyways oh yeah eden loves lip gloss

follows everyone

anyway today we're asking questions

we're about to go to the mall

we don't have a lot of time we can just

push it back we can push it back so i

asked questions on instagram

and my youtube channel what is that i

wanted to see

i'm gonna have to bleep a lot of stuff

out i need a fan no like i'm like a


fan you know wait for never mind i'm

wearing a long sleeve you want me to

turn the

air off yes please use it much


on camera so basically we're at eden's

house but we don't really like her


we hate her she's so weird you like my

friendship bracelets

no no we said we're not your friends

yeah okay i know that already

this doesn't have to do with the video

but look at john right now

ben you were saying that you weren't

going to tell anyone he told everyone he


everyone why are you so obsessed with

your double chin it's so scary

yeah i showed up here

those people they're so scary what do

you guys notice first about a girl

face face okay but hi hi hi

um what about it those are pretty fine

what about personality why

if they're funny or not shy how they act

like they're dry

oh no whoa why are you not ticklish

most attractive thing about a girl

honestly no it's such when

people say that it's like they only care

about the personality

like if they're pretty and have a good

personality oh they're like

i you didn't answer the question john's

still asleep but i don't feel like

editing that half the video so i'm just

going to

i'm gonna skip to the second half and if

you guys want a part two i'll

post the first half but comment down

below i'm

there was a towel in there where are we

we just went to the mall and it was

really fun

insert picture here four and now

leave it home get here

ben you've been in the back this whole

time i'm not in it then look how

far our bed is all these like old men

okay what does it mean when they

can when they say can i i can teach you

how to skate you're so important

anything are you sure oh that means they

will never time to spend with you

is it annoying when we talk about other

boys okay silence yourself wait for matt

look at this shirt that ben got so cute

it's purple i know and then he got this


it's annoying when we talk about other

boys yeah yeah very annoying

like it isn't annoying when i say stuff

about annoying

yeah obviously it's annoying because if

you like men yeah why would you want to

talk about their



such a cute oh guys look at this shirt i

got do they like girls mainly because

their personality or looks we already

have to answer that personality for like


liking girls personally yeah no but just

for a fling

like or not a flame just like a hookup

for liking someone i feel like you need

to think they're cute too like if i have

to pick one up

personally because it's an annoying one

like if you have a girlfriend they're


no that's good you like and what was it

oh okay no

wanting to be with them a lot not

respecting that you have other friends

oh that's annoying that's really oh i

saw annie long at the mall guys

facebook combos too but like that's

that's just not the internet i want a

girlfriend who would like to be

with me as much as i want to be with

them exactly like they can't just be


always talking like on facebook that's

literally middle school they like

confident girls

yes i don't not like if they like really

don't think of them i don't like when

they don't think of themselves highly

likely oh when they're fishing when

they're fishing that's

no no when they're fishing when they're

actually like oh when they're not

copying yeah frustrated yeah are your

moms here

okay fine thanks for having me

bye bye i'm sorry all right love you

love you bye why are you built like that

why won't that happen

i didn't even read it no it's not david

lynn oh that's dale

oh i love dale he hasn't yet but getting

it no i have

yes i have one yes

we got the motion i have the motion


um preferred hair color david loves

blonde darker hair why do they leave you

on delivery for so long i do that

no it's because it's because you do that

the reason why we're doing is either

we're not on snap or we don't like it i

literally it's that simple

i don't think about it like if i see it

i just don't feel like opening it

i feel like opening is so mean little

why don't boys show their emotions i do

it depends

i show my emotions you show your

emotions pretty well david

david pretty much does okay why do other

boys not show their emotions because

they're scared to be called like a baby

yeah but it's just because it's just

like you know

it's just it's literally the norm these

days like it's the norm to not show your

emotions so everyone thinks it's

interesting i feel like it's the other

way around

what do you mean before it's way harder

for boys to talk about

their emotions no but now it's because

now everyone's like you talked about

mine that was so terrible i'm cancelled

why don't i have to

why don't you no you wanna not touch me

with you

okay why don't you care when you heard

us we didn't even hurt

no it's because you've probably heard of

us no not physically it's probably

because you've heard us before

oh i try not to hurt people but if i if

i don't realize

i may by accident oh yeah

and i'm very happy for that but a lot of

voices apologizes

what do you mean i'm saying a lot of

boys don't say sorry but they'll be

something oh you're a shim

like for saying sorry like

i think they mean butterflies if you see

someone you like yeah yes a hundred


holy headache butterflies about to

my pants

really no get back here i'm down i'm

my phone

stop walking away okay ready you're at


why can't you take the hint that a girl

likes you does race matter

race not right no what do you guys do at

sleepovers talk about girls do a lot of

what is it


no no no when you're not yourself

um do you actually care about

relationships seems like most guys don't

that's so

stupid to say like why of course we


i don't

what do you guys say about us it's like

you're pretty no no no we go

in we go in are they mean to some girl

say you like someone they're like oh no

she's so ugly oh yeah do you want a girl

at the top or a bottom

what nothing you don't want a girl's top

or bottom no

no keep saying top what the best

way for a girl to wear their hair

no best way to wear okay this is the

best one those little strands of hair

going down and then it goes on the back

every day

no wait what are you talking about here

yeah i know it's not like a ponytail but

it's like a bun

it's yeah yeah yeah yeah i get that okay

things girls do that boys think are cute

oh i scratch your face when they play

with their hair

innocent what do you mean fashion

they're actually innocent yeah when they

like not really

acting but yeah like when they when they

are yeah

what does that mean we can't really

explain it

oh abs or defined tummy is necessary

no i mean it's it's a plus but what's

the most noticeable feature about a girl

i mean first person

when you see them for the first time

it's their face no like feature like

smile eyes

oh because you always look at the eyes

first i feel like i could smile

look at that yeah over here sit down you

guys date already

so what's that really

it's actually really weird same with

nose yeah

oh it's smiling what's a good compliment

a girl can give you because i heard one

that's like you smell good but if you

don't smell good

david yeah i smell like something

but i like seeing

when guys smell good because they

usually don't i feel like everyone has a

specific smell like benedict's mouth

i don't know if this is your house your

mom's smell but i smelled it the other


not at your house and it was so

comforting because it's probably my

house do you guys

care if girls don't have a flat stomach

do you guys do i care if they have a

flat stomach what does that mean like a

flat chest like no like a stomach

what does that mean that's like what i

started to hear about

it for everyone skinny what time should

i get picked up like no

like if their stomach's flat what does

that mean like they don't roll

it's just very imaginative i'm a basic

girl no it's it's

his stomach

oh that's why they always do this when

they're like sitting down yeah they

always like put a crocodile i don't like

high-waisted pants so

that's my minor always this tiny what

are you looking for in a girl

basically just me oh you know i look

like yeah john

good personality i mean it's it's really

hard to have like a good personality

they like to talk a lot

like if they like to talk they can't

they can be shy but like at a certain


yeah that's it you have to open up like

yeah no like this show

yeah that's not going to work out oh

what i won

do you care if they're really sarcastic

that's annoying

i hate you oh i don't care

but if they're like not sarcastic at all

and they don't understand

when you're sarcastic you can't mess the

energy okay

like if they can't like give it back

you're too serious that's something you

used to not match my energy ever

me yeah yeah because i i didn't know if

you're being sarcastic and he's so

awkward yeah i am pretty awesome enough

to expose that

is style a big component to liking a

girl yeah

yeah if you look good like presentable

you know what i mean if you look good in

what you're wearing

that's fine you have to know but if if


it's just not what people would like but

you got to know your

style because if you don't fit in your

style it's like that makes it even worse

because you're trying you know what i'm


i don't know myself but i like it um we

should do a part two where you guys ask

me questions

uh does the body matter it's body matter

not really no

they just ca i would rather them not be

like super overweight

yeah okay but honestly if they are

that's like it depends

on the person it depends on the person

if i really like their personality then


that's i mean obviously i don't want

them to be like 600 pounds you obviously

don't want them to be like

way too skinny or way too like no i like

when they're skinny i don't know how

many times i have to tell you that

yeah i'm like i like when they look like

they're dying i told you this already

that's scary

bag so hot taller is shorter faster


yeah protected so much science

protecting protection from protective

i think that's like something a boy can

shy you're outgoing when they're

protective that's so hard

um that's like rough because shy can be

like if they're out going with

me i'm fine with it skater or scooter


outgoing it doesn't really matter i just

want to don't want to be annoying i want

to be able to hang out with you when

it's just like

what about if like a boy has a lot of

girlfriend like friends who are girls

and then he's dating you would that

bother you yeah is that funny

if they had a lot of guy friends i mean

girlfriends i'd probably be a little


you may not make sense like i don't have

eyes for one person

well no it makes me feel special

obviously but i it's kind of if you're

hanging out with them all the time i

would probably feel jealous

yeah even though i know that's not their

intention that makes sense but also i

have guy friends so like i can't do

talking do you guys care

um yeah if yeah if she had a lot of guy

friends and she'd hang out with them a

lot then

show them your shirt john got a cute

shirt today do a haul

so kate if you're watching this with

annie and

sarah no you didn't see it don't come at

me for only buying

two crewnecks john's the vibe

bro and then these cutesy-licious socks

those are

you got those yeah they're four bucks

give them to me no

give them to me absolutely not style

matters right for boys

i mean as long as you're not i mean yeah

that's such cat

you didn't say yet

right now i dated horrible style

the good thing is if they have style i

would like them way more

uh-huh like i don't know

like no if they can dress oh my god i

don't care that much

but don't dress like a highlighter let's

see let's show you guys don't dress

like a highlighter but that's a

highlighter i like the shadows

for first impression if the boy has a

good style is that a plus

yeah 100 absolutely 100

um here's a little thing i did no need

to slap me i'm going to stop you as far

as i can

i thought that was a puppy slapper where

do you want me to do it my arm

no i i don't trust it you try this feels


it doesn't hurt oh my god that does like

that it doesn't ah

get in here you can feel it no i can't

it's like a bug on my face i hate you


then anything you have to say to the

camera hi i need you to do this

that looks so much better already yeah

that's it that's the book

this yes that's so much better

yeah hey guys mom took us to the mall


is that what i look like really go

go bestie

can't with these hoes because they

messy ben sing us a song

see the dice roll though

david's our little singer he's our

little concert giver oh look at him go

that's cool come here

it smells so good though i don't like it


no i don't david why do those work look

they work on david pinterest boy

immediately immediately yes do you

want to go

i love you hold it you're taller ouija

board it's scary

i'm the tallest by the way