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hey guys it's Marissa and today I'm

going to be telling you guys how to get

a boyfriend in middle school and I

really really wanted to make this video

because a lot of the videos that I found

online of how to get a boyfriend in

middle school were really really bad

like I think a lot of them were supposed

to be like joke videos I wasn't really

sure but they didn't they weren't really

beneficial and they didn't really tell

me anything like substantial so I wanted

to make this video and a lot of these

tips can also apply to high schools so

you know if you're in high school

watching this video then you can use

some of these tips too so the first

really good tip is to try and sit next

to him in class on the first day or you

know around the first week of class and

the reason why this is a really good tip

is because the first kind of week of

school is kind of like that

phase where you kind of get into your

daily routine and if you start sitting

next to him you know the first couple of

days of school um it's really good to

not only familiarize yourself with him

but to kind of get his phone number and

the reason why this is is because a lot

of the times on the first day the

teacher will say okay you know turn to

the buddy next to you and exchange phone

numbers in case you're ever absent like

I've had so many teachers do this and

even if you have a teacher that doesn't

do this it's good for you to initiate

and say oh hey like in case you're ever

absent or I'm ever absent you want to

like exchange numbers um to give each

other the homework or something it's a

really good excuse to kind of get his

information get his phone number so I

would highly recommend trying to sit

next to him and obviously this is kind

of too

and on you know if it's assigned seating

or whatever this this will kind of vary

in every situation but just try and sit

if not next to him as close to him as

possible because sometimes you know

there's group work and stuff and you

just do the people around you so you

know if you can be a group of him or

whatever whatever you can do to kind of

familiarize yourself with him is better

for you so just try and sit next to him

or near him and a lot of the times

teachers will like set the seating chart

of where you're sitting on the first day

so it's really good if like you have one

of those teachers who's like who writes

all the names down and then it's like

great now I get cynics Tim all semester

um so yeah so that's pretty good too so

the more classes you guys have together

the better it is to obviously

flirt with him and try and get him to

notice you um and this is something that

you probably can't really control that

much like you're probably not going to

change your entire schedule to match his

exactly but you know if it's something

that oh you know he's gonna be in this

class and you have a choice you know

then obviously choose the one that he's

in um so yeah and also try and like talk

to him a lot of the times around school

like in the cafeteria buy his locker

just like little places that you can

kind of you know fit yourself in and ask

him a question

you know compliment him on that shirt

whatever you know to just kind of get

him used to you and get him talking you

more the next tip is to kind of be

confident in the way you look and to

kind of take pride in your appearance

I'm not saying like change yourself

completely and become a different person

that's not what I mean but just you know

shower bathe put on some perfume and

kind of spruce yourself up a little bit

like when I liked a guy in middle school

you know I put on my makeup and

everything and okay sorry just a little

sigh no once I had this crush on the sky

and I knew he liked red lipstick so I

put on this really really really

gorgeous like red gloss and okay this

was like oh it's too

as the guy came up to meet the guy at

like came up to me he's like mercy your

lips look like juicy red apples I [ __ ]

you not I swear to God he said that to

me he said your lips look like juicy red

apples and ever since that I was like ah

mmm okay okay yeah but just putting on

makeup and making yourself look

presentable can give you so much

confidence it can give you all the

confidence in the world and it can give

you that extra little boost that you

need to go up and talk to him and be

really social and be really friendly and

kind of you know flirt with him so the

next tip is to kind of talk to him

outside of school and talking to him and

hanging out with him outside school can

really bring your relationship to like

the next level um and you know just

Facebook video chat phone texting

whatever and talking to him outside of

school can freely like strengthen your

relationship to the point where you guys

might even be dating because of it um

you know Facebook is a really really

awesome place to start um I don't know

if people still have Facebook's in

middle school I don't know if that's too

young but I feel like some people would

at least so yeah so just try and kind of

socialize yourself with him outside of

um outside of school yeah and hanging

out with him outside of school is really

good too um it can be really kind of

weird if it's just the two of you guys

alone because I know middle school is

kind of about you know awkward stage

where it's like really nerve-wracking to

kind of hang out alone with a guy so you

know plan a giant meet up with a bunch

of friends you know plan plan someplace

where you can walk to after school you

know some schools are really fortunate

and they have like a mall near them or a

movie theater or something really cool

and like hangout ish hangout worthy I

don't know what I just said

but yeah so you know if you can plan a

meet-up and don't like ask him if he

wants to go to the meetup don't say like

hey do you want to hang out in this

you with me say like okay some of my

friends and I were gonna hang out like

you should come

you know suggesting you should come

implies that you're gonna hang out with

or without him but asking is a little

more intimidating so yeah so the next

thing is at school or during a hangout

try and talk to other guys and let him

see you talking to other guys and having

other guys reciprocate that because he

will kind of feel more comfortable he'll

think like oh well these guys are

talking to her so she must be pretty

cool you know I'm gonna want to talk to

her now uh yeah it's just a really great

tip to kind of make him see how like

desired you are so the next thing is to

be very very careful to who you tell

that you like him because you can tell

the wrong person and that can completely

make things awkward and almost ruin your

chances and middle school is probably

the worst phase where people are like

blabber mouth and don't keep out of

everybody's business like everyone is

involved with everything and knows

everything and knows all the gossip

knows all the rumors so just be very

careful who you trust and who's your

friend um because you can just mention

it in passing that you like somebody and

all of a sudden the guy knows that you

like him and it's really awkward now he

doesn't want to talk to you because

people are making fun of him you know

just be very careful so I'm giving a lot

of tips for how you can talk to him but

just remember don't be like a stalker

you know don't don't be over-the-top

don't throw yourself at it don't like

don't like follow him around without

saying anything you know you want to

kind of be as cool and calm as possible

you don't want to seem awkward and you

don't want to seem like a stalker so

don't feel bad if you do all these

things and it's

doesn't work out because middle school

is one of those things were girls

statistics show that girls actually

mature a little bit faster than guys do

so maybe he's just not ready to realize

how freaking awesome and cool and

amazing you are and maybe he just he he

hasn't gotten to that point yet like

I've had guys who I liked in middle

school and they didn't like me really um

cuz it was still they were I mean they

were still kind of too young for that

and now it's like they won't freaking

leave me alone

no they won't get the boy for me no but

yeah just don't be sad if it doesn't

work out because there's always somebody

else and high school thank you so that

was my video I hope you guys liked it

and that you found it helpful comment

down below and tell me you know what

kinds of things you've experienced in

high school and middle school with

boyfriends dating and all that good


and I will talk to you guys later hi

booger girl bug good girl does