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that girl I got the fresh cut going got

a new shirt feel pretty good about this

video I don't know what hey guys so this

week I wanted to do a video on something

that I don't know why but like about a

hundred people all requested this video

all the same time last week on snapchat

but I want to do a video on how to ask

someone out I know the video is going to

be called how to ask a guy out because

every single one of you who asked me

asked me how to ask a guy out but

honestly this video doesn't matter if

you're a guy or a girl it works both

ways cuz yeah girls like confident guys

but at the same time I mean I just think

it's sexy if a girl has the confidence

to go up to a guy and ask them out it's

hot the thing is though you got to know

what you're doing you got to do it the

right way okay you can't just go in with

like no game plan because that's when it

goes bad so I came up with basically two

ways they can go about asking a guy out

the first way is just like cutting

straight to the chase like completely

direct where you just literally go up to

the person don't know them don't know

anything about them and just say hey you

mate we're doing some stuff later let's

go I don't know how you do it exactly

but I mean basically something along

those lines and don't get me wrong it's

way more risky but also much less time

so it's more of a numbers game at that

point it also takes a lot more uh I

don't know for lack of a better term

takes more balls so it's not necessarily

the easiest thing to do if you have the

confidence just go up to some stranger

and say hey we should go out props to

you but I want to talk about is the

other way to approach it the more

indirect way to approach it is if you go

in direct and you do it the right way

okay your chances of having them

actually want to go out with you way

better so we broke it down to four

simple steps step number one pick your

victim maybe that's not the best

mentality to have don't pick your face

don't call them a victim if you want to

go out with them call them a person to

pick your crush pick the person that

you're attracted to

awesome step one down step two get them

to notice you I already made a literally

like less than a month ago just made an

entire video on how to get a guy to

notice you I'm not gonna remake that

video in the middle of this one if you

want check out that video check it out

but the point in getting them to notice

you is so that when you start talking to

them they notice you before you start

talking it's not weird and you just

coming up to a complete stranger it's

like okay they noticed you they feel at

least a little bit comfortable talking

to you and step three obviously is

striking up a conversation and the more

conversations you have with them before

you ask them out the better you want to

be careful you don't wait too long

otherwise you might get in the

friendzone which everyone see

complained about for some reason

friend-zoning a bad place to be I'm just

saying but that's a whole other video

but here's the deal you're gonna have a

conversation with them you can have

another conversation with them once you

feel like you're on more than just an

acquaintance level with them you're

gonna have a conversation but you're

gonna have a little bit of a strategy

going going in because what you're going

to do before you have this conversation

okay and by the way this could be the

first one if you really just want to cut

to the chase before you go up to them

and talk to them what you're going to do

is you're going to get a pen and a paper

Wow what the hell just happened what

you're gonna do is you get a pen and a

paper okay and you're gonna write down

at least five things that you look for

in someone that you want to go out with

and the reason you doing this is because

you got standards and you're not gonna

just go out with anyone they better you

know follow some of this criteria

otherwise they're getting cut from the

team I look for in a girl

okay she gotta be funny okay no no no no

everyone everyone's gotta be funny okay

hold up you got a place she's got to be

athletic athletic I'm writing it down

what else she got a big she got a like

traveling I give up I don't care you

want to have at least five things that

you're looking for in someone that you

would go out with you can have as many

things as you want as long as you can

remember them while you're having the

conversation and what you're gonna do is

while you're talking you're gonna ask

them questions revolving around those

things that you might look for in

someone and if something you look for in

a guy is like you know they love to go

fishing okay someone loves to go fishing

and you ask them if they like to go

fishing they say yes

boom what do you know you got something

in common love at first sight I'm Cupid

but that's the goal you want to find

something that both of you have in

common that isn't really generic you

want to find something that like is

literally unique that the both of you

like because once you get on that topic

then you can talk forever about

something then you go on to step 4 check

this out you're gonna keep talking okay

you can even change your conversation

doesn't matter then at some point in the

conversation gonna ask them you know

what are they doing this weekend they

have any crazy plans going on if they

say no you know they don't have anything

crazy going on guess what they just told

you they have an open schedule the goal

is to figure out when they have free

time before you ask them out because

once you know when they have free time

then you can invite them out to do

something if they want to come if they

give you some lame excuse why they can't

come awesome you know they're not into

you and you can just move on but if you

invite them out to go like fishing and

they say

yes they don't give you a lame excuse

guess what you have something in common

boom you got an awesome date it's gonna

be unique you guys are gonna fall in

love have three kids name the second one

after me and you're welcome let's do a

quick recap number one what you're gonna


pick your victims slash crush step two

get them to notice you before you talk

to them so you're not a complete

stranger step three have a conversation

and don't creep them the hell out step

three and a half write down some things

you look for in someone so you know you

got some standards step 3.75 have a

conversation with them and find certain

things that you guys have in common in

step 4 invite them to do one of the

things you guys have in common so it's a

unique date with the good reason and

step 5 fall in love I really could have

made this video in like 10 seconds I get

that I'm sorry I drag things out I

talked a lot I'm in a good mood today

okay give this video a thumbs up down

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you're not in a good mood give it a

thumbs up down below anyway to make me

in a good mood but guys that's really

all I've got to say on it so thanks for

watching and I will see you guys next

Monday peace