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haha hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about five

different ways in order to tell if a guy

likes you based on only his responses

now because there are so many different

ways in order to tell if a guy does like

you I'm always trying to think of

different things that I want to tell you

guys that would be able to help you out

and one thing that I think is one of the

easiest ways in order to tell if

somebody has feelings for you is based

on the way that they react when you tell

them something or you do something but

yeah I only came up with five for

today's video so if you want me to do a

part two of this let me know down below

but that being said here are five

different ways to tell if a guy likes

you back based on his response alright

so the first thing that I came up with

and I think that this happens whenever

you like somebody you tend to naturally

stare at them now the really good thing

about this and why I'm bringing it up is

because anytime you're looking at

somebody or staring at them you can get

a lot of information based off of how

they react if you notice anytime you're

looking at that person and you're

staring at them or whatever and let's

say you start smiling if you notice that

like they catch your eye and then they

start smiling at you back or they're

like trying to make some kind of funny

face in order to make you laugh or if

they're just staring at you back in like

not breaking eye contact this is a

situation where like you'll be able to

tell based off of how that person is

reacting on what they're feeling and if

they actually have a crush on you

because if they are staring at you or if

they're trying to make you laugh in that

situation those are all things that

people will do if they're trying to keep

your attention and if they're trying to

send you a signal without actually

saying something so I know sometimes it

can be kind of awkward to be like

staring at somebody or like just looking

at somebody across the room and they

catch your eye but if you are trying to

figure out if somebody has a crush on

you or if somebody likes you I think

it's a good thing to try try to make eye

contact with them and try to see like

what their reaction is and what their

responses and I think that we'll be able

to tell you a lot all right the second

thing that I came up with in a really

easy way in order to tell if this person

actually has feelings for you is based

on what they say when you ask them if

they want to hang out so the reason that

this one is important and the reason

that you can tell how somebody feels

about you based off of this is because

if you notice other responses you're

getting after you ask them to hang out

are things like well I have things

planned but I would be able to move

things around in order to hang out with

you or if their responses are more like

they just say yes without

and thinking about anything those

responses mean that they don't really

care what they have going on they're

gonna find time to hang out with you and

I think sometimes as like people we just

blow over those questions and we think

okay like they have to think about it or

they have other things planned and

they're gonna try to move them around

but when you actually think about these

and you think about that guy moving

things around he has planned in order to

hang out with you or if he's not even

thinking about what he's doing and he's

saying yes those are two huge signs that

you can pick up on like right away that

would be able to tell you that they are

making themselves available to hang out

with you and they don't care about

anybody else or anything else that

they're doing the so next time you're

hanging out with them ask them when

you're gonna be hanging out next and see

what they say and that's the second

thing that I came up with I think that

one will really be able to help and it's

a question that you can ask them

whatever third one is kind of

interesting because it's not going based

off of things that you're actually

asking him you're not getting responses

directly to you you're getting responses

indirectly so if you have friends that

are talking to the guy that you really

like they're gonna be able to get

responses from him that he might not

even want to tell you because let's just

say that guy is not a hundred percent

himself around you because he's nervous

or he's embarrassed about something or

he has never talked to you before if

he's talking to one of your friends he's

more likely to be open and tell people

his real feelings because he's not

nervous and he's not in that situation

where he's actually talking to the

person that he likes so this is a really

good way in order to get some like

insider information on what a guy is

actually thinking so just going off of

responses that's a really good way in

order to get them and yeah make sure

that you guys try that all right so

moving on to the fourth thing which you

guys probably already experience all the

time but if you have a guy that you like

that is commenting on your posts and

let's say he's commenting on your posts

on Instagram or Twitter or snapchat this

is probably one of like the best places

in order to get responses from someone

because based on what they're saying or

like when they're saying it or how often

they're saying it these are all

different signs that like this person is

wanting your attention like they're

commenting on your stuff because they

want you to see their name and they want

you to respond to it so let's say you

guys maybe have never talked before and

then all of a sudden you notice that

like a post popped up and he commented

on your picture if you respond to it

this is something that will probably

like get him really excited and then

maybe even motivated to want

you in person and just like walk up to

you and start a conversation or

something so I also think in general

when anybody is commenting on your post

whether it's a guy or a girl or whatever

I think they're commenting out of just

showing like hey like I like your posts

I like what you're doing I like you I

just want you to post more because I

want to comment more on it like he's

sending out these signals you just got

to kind of catch on to it so go through

your Instagram look at what guys are

commenting on your stuff and then if

it's one of the guys that you really

like then chances are you can start

having conversation with them and ask

them or eventually go on a date with

them or something like that but that's

another thing that I keep up with based

on responses all right the fifth thing

the last thing that I came up with I

think you can tell a lot about how

somebody feels about you based off of

what they say when they're around a

group of people guys when we really like

somebody and we're hanging out in a

group of people we tend to always pay

attention to what you're saying and even

if nobody else is listening we'll be

responding to that one thing that you

just said that nobody else heard or if

you're in a group of people and one

guy's being like super weird or girls

being super weird and this guy stands up

for you and says something I think that

whether you're standing up for somebody

or you're just listening to them really

intently I think that that just shows

that like you're paying attention to

them and you're giving them your time

and you're not just ignoring them and I

think that's something that we just tend

to look over when we are with our

friends is like maybe somebody's talking

then somebody else starts talking and

everybody starts like ignoring each

other and my head whatever happens but

when a guy does like somebody he's never

gonna miss something that you say

because he's always gonna be paying

attention to what you're doing or what

you're saying so yeah try to pay

attention to that next time you're

hanging out with like your group of

friends or whoever it is and that's just

like another response that I think we'll

be able to tell you that a guy actually

likes you so yeah so those are the five

different things that I came up with

based on just responses of how he acts

that I think you'll be able to tell that

he does have feelings for you and that

he does really like you if you do have

any questions or if you notice that a

guy's doing this and you want to tell us

a story about it or if you just want to

help somebody else out in the comments

that would be really awesome I always go

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