The Correct Way On How to Ask a Guy Out on a Date so He Says Yes Every Time (Fail Proof!)

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what's going on everybody it's your boy

and it's January first New Year's I hope

y'all had a good a New Year's Eve party

if you guys didn't go out then I mean

okay I went out um but I actually came

home early because my back ended up

hurting I was working out the morning

the morning prior and I did too many

squats I called it quits but uh anyway

enough about that okay we're gonna

strophes knew your rights you me

everyone watching this brogre start off

right we're going to talk what if I what

if I told you that I knew a way how to

get you a date right get you a date and

basically the guy is guaranteed yes

sounds far-fetched I know but it's not

you got have trusted me man you can have

trusted me it's not far-fetched at all

actually just got to know how to cut up

you know manipulate the words the

answers and his decision to get the s

okay so in this video I'm going to show

you how to get a date and how to

guarantee them saying yes symbols that

to start off okay there's going to be in

about three four sections to start off

the most important thing build a

foundation now what do I mean by that

basically have a good outstanding first

impression now before you think of you


well that's common sense no no

let me tell you why the first impression

so good and that the actually the actual

thing you need to focus on a first

impression is important because the if

you're hanging out the guy for say a

hundred minutes

you know that first minute is going to

make up the other ninety nine minutes

okay what he feels and sees in you in

the first minute is going to alter his

his mind his decisions his actions in

the other ninety nine minutes I can't

express that enough

if you doesn't see you as a dating

option in the first minute then you're

out if he sees you as a friend you're

out if he sees that you're

raising clingy something like that

you're out that's just how it is okay so

you have to build a good foundation a

good first impression in fact I would

say I bet here's a better way of putting


let's say let's say I'm a teacher if I

go into a classroom let's have a new

teacher if I go into a classroom and

let's say I'm nice to everybody okay all

the new students and I'm trying to be

buddy-buddy with all them I'm going to

get walked over fast and even if I you

know say the second half I'm like you

know I'm going to come back more Stern

and you know and unload show them some

discipline show them who's boss okay the

the students are still going to try to

test me because they see that's not my

natural element my first impression is

what you know is the lens they see the

rest of that that you're through so

they're going to try to push my buttons

and see where they can you know see how

far they can take me before I actually

flip and that means that vice versa

let's say I go and they're very strict

let's say I go on their evil strict

disciplined Stern and stuff like that

the students are going to be like holy

this this you know this

person is crazy

he's Stern he's strong he doesn't mess

around him there's no wiggle room but

even if I wiggle up later on the

students are gonna loosen up with me

okay and they're not going to push me so

much because they don't want me to get

back into my natural element which was

the stern thing okay so look at it like

that first impressions are everything

now that we got that out of the way okay

you got a good first impression your

dating option how do you actually ask

them out if you want to ask a guy out

correctly there's two things you got to

do you got to be creative with it and

you got to stick out like a

okay you got to be burned into his mind

now how do you do that

usually when nowadays people are asking

each other out they're usually doing it

through texting it's simple texting I

mean it's like words like actual words

just texting nothing fancy just hey we

want to go off me and the reason we do

that is because we want to avoid

confrontations and it's it's easier that


that's just how the male mind or now so

I'm gonna say male mind says because

we're talking my males here

that's how usually the male mind works

but for women you need to step it up you

need to step out it's like think of it

like a resume if you want to stick out

and get that job you know what you're

gonna have to do you're going to have a

better resume

you guys have better things on it it

better be on nicer paper different font

and a bear coming a nice little envelope

okay that's how you stick out from the

crowd so you need to do the same thing

with texting instead of texting him that

you want to hang out or that you want to

do XYZ ABC whatever it is not even just

asking a guy out on a date use a visual

guys are very visual creatures we like

to keep things simple if you don't use a

fish or actually I'm going to say like

this we um we tend to push things away

to have more obstacles or blockades or

barriers in the way the simpler

something is the easier it is remember

the easier sticks are mine and the more

likely we are to go towards it again we

like the path of least resistance so

when you so when you uh ask a guy out

use a visual and and make it fair and

make it creative now how do you do that

obviously what I would personally do I

want to give you a couple scenarios I

guess um let's take let's take you let's

take you right you're at a Starbucks or

say you're a costume and go you're at a

library here's what I would do I would

be sitting in that library or at that

Starbucks I'll take a picture of me

bored me tired me exhausted or I'll take

a picture of the Starbucks the you know

everyone around me and you know say it's

empty or somewhere the library's empty

it's nighttime you're studying okay

you're cramming in I would send it in a

snapchat I'll send in a text as a or a

video or I'll send it in an image and I

say you know studying my ass off want to

keep me company question mark that's fun

and creative that's cute

I think and I mean a guy be more like

like yeah sure I'll keep you company

because you're reaching out to the guy

when you're reaching out to the guy and

said like your girls or something you're

giving that guy the trust the ability to

a caretaker to be a provider and that's

how many that's what you got to remember

that's how men are men love being the

provider we we get our egos from how we

satisfy women so that's what you need to

do or let's say you want to go to a

certain place okay let's say you want to

go to a restaurant maybe you're walking

by the restaurant or you're driving by

or you're sitting in your car at a park

or you're para you know waiting for your

red light take a picture you see the

place take a picture of that place a bit

and send them a message have you been

I've always wanted to try okay

now after you do those things see I'm

setting you up here now listen this now

after you do those things here's the

next thing he's gonna reply he's gonna

say yes or no now if he says yes I been

there or uh no I've been there you need

to find a way to kind of snake it to the

answer you want so if he says yes I've

been there you need you know if you just

says that then say well how was it

now he's either gonna say it was all

right or as bad or something like that

what you need to do is kind of one-up

him okay let's say he says yes I've been

there uh you know it was amazing was the

best place I ever been okay well you

need to be you need to send something

back something clever something saying

you know well if is that good then I'm

you know I'm gonna make it my mission

you know to find a better place or find

a better joint give me a week you know

give me a week lol he's you know he's

gonna respond playfully cuz its

competitive its playful you know it's

again you're sticking out you're not

just asking hey you want to go you're

sticking out you're making it fun so

he's gonna say hey oh ha ha okay or good

luck or uh you know challenge you know

on whatever something he's gonna say

something okay now if he says no or he

says something like it sucks you can say

well I'm sorry to hear that you know

I've been looking for a good place I'll

get back at you when I find it you know

when I find a good spot see either way

you're sneaking you see what I'm doing

here now I'm storing examples out

top of my head now of course you're

gonna sit there texting you're gonna be

able to think all these things before

you actually say I'm just texting I'm

just thinking them on top of my head but

you see what I'm doing though you're

kind of sneaking the answer towards what

you want so no matter what he says

you're going to get an answer you're

going to get the answer you want if he

says no then tell well I'm gonna find a

place to uh well I'm gonna find a better

place I'll get back at you or I've been

looking for a good burger joint

I hit Jeff when I find one or if he says

yes then you're gonna say well you know

I want to test it out you want to join

or you say well I'm gonna find always me

I'm gonna make it my mission to find a

better place watch you know he's like no

way this place is so good you see what

I'm doing though you could do this with

anything okay if he said if you're if

you're at Starbucks um say you know say

if he's if you asked him to join he says

no say this you know actually that's not

bad ID you know that's not or nots not

bad idea but you say you know it's not

that's better that way because I got

study lol biologies you know I've been

been a pain in my ass and then cut them

short you got to cut it short okay

because you got to get back on to what

you're doing you guys seem busy okay

you're just kind of reaching out or if

he says yes he's obviously coming out

there now the last thing you want to do

is what I call matter of fact another

what okay so if you have the coffee shop

and you send that text guess what you're

already at the coffee shop you're doing

it no matter what um you're not you're

not coming off like you're asking him

you're asking him to join you there's a

difference you're not asking him on the

date you ask him to join you so the

balance of power still the same but

sorry I'm burping I got a what's it

called the power of balance is still the

same the you know you're not coming off

needy or desperate because you're

already doing this action or if you take

a picture of that uh that that burger

joint or that you know whatever it is

you're you're already there you're only

taking a picture of your driving by

you're asking him a question you're not

coming out start directly and asking

them on the date so you see how this

works not only are you

you sneaking your way towards the answer

you're doing in a very nonchalant way

because it's a matter of fact whatever

you ask them to do our careful going to

a gym on campus that going on a day on

campus to hang out I don't care if it's

a keep you company I Starbucks or while

you're studying do it anyway and then

ask him to join there's a difference

okay there's a big difference on joining

and then asking someone some when you're

asking you're seeking validation you're

looking to them for the answer but when

you're already doing something you're

asking him to participate in with you

the action there's a big big difference

so if that being said you know you gotta

you got to build a good foundation you

got to make sure you stick out your very

creative use visuals you got do matter

of fact kind of things you got snake

your way to the answer you once and you

will basically get the date believe me I

have done two people and has been done

to me and it works every single time and

again it only works because in my

opinion you're sticking out you have a

good good good first impression and you

know it's just very nonchalant he's

never gonna see it unfold is everything

I'm telling you unfolds naturally

there's no awkwardness okay because no

matter if he says yes or no it's like

okay whatever he says yes grape it says

no then go on and do your thing because

you again it's matter of fact ik

anyway so that being said I love you

guys have a good New Year's peace