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but I told you


what's up everybody it's Kimberly

welcome back to my channel I am so

excited about our video today it's all

about how to get someone to ask you out

these tips are so easy so if you are a

hashtag shy girl like I was growing up

it's not a big deal it can take forever

to actually get them to make the move so

today I'm giving you guys some sneaky

tips on how to share things about

yourself in order to actually get them

to ask you out

I am also so excited that this video is

being sponsored by McDonald's Canada

guys thank you so much for sponsoring me

I'm so excited they have some amazing

new heart-shaped cookies that are soul

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gonna tell you a little bit more about

how to get them in the video nut girl

what about your calendar because pretty

soon you're gonna have a date so the

first most super easy way to get someone

to ask you out on a date is to drop a

super easy obvious hint for a date idea

so what are you doing this weekend

so I really want to go see that new

probably Cooper film but it ends on

Saturday and I don't think I'm gonna

find anyone to go with me

or guys you can use the McDonald's

adorable heart-shaped cookies as a date

idea - Oh McDonald's has these new

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second guys if you want someone to feel

comfortable asking you out a really good

segue to that is to extend some of the

activities you're in that are already

taking place now this is especially

helpful if you're at school oh my brain

hurts I feel like I need to go study

somewhere else okay okay let's go let's

go so for example if you're working on

like props for the school play together

suggests maybe working over lunch or in

your free period together this is like

such a natural way to extend your

hanging out it's not gonna seem overly

obvious but of course if they like you

they're gonna definitely want to spend

that time with you so guys that number

three is so good it is so smart a lot of

times when you're hanging out with

someone that you like you're talking

about friendly things it can feel very

friendly but not if you kind of steer

the conversation in a more romantic

direction so try turning the

conversation towards relationships

whether yours or someone else's did you

hear they're together now I actually

used to have a huge crush on him in

grade school really yeah yeah I did if

you bring along a little heart-shaped

cookie with you and share it with them

this is another way to kind of make the

tone feel more romantic if you are like

a shy girl and you want to be really

subtle just share the cookie with them

that is more than enough but if you want

to be a little bit more bold you can

even say something cute like hey do you

want a piece of my heart and they're

gonna be available in three flavors so

you can choose your favorite including

chocolate chunk little gem and chocolate

caramel I love this recipe because it is

a special labor of love inspired by the

baking tradition that takes place at

Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada

so guys my next tip is to not be too

intense too quickly now generally when

you are wanting someone to ask you out

the more information you share about

yourself is really good but there is

such a thing as going too far and

smothering them with all of your

attention so just make sure in this area

you are balanced do you want to share

about yourself but then give them the

opportunity to share about themselves as

well and spread it out a little bit over

time to keep them wanting more

number five this one is another really

easy one is for the hashtag shy girls in

the house it's just to ask them if they

are going to an event that you know

you're going to be at oh so are you

gonna go to that dance thing on Friday

yeah I think so oh okay I think we'll be

there too so simply guys asking them if

they're going is going to make them

think of you and this event in the same

context and so it's gonna plant the idea

in their head that they should ask you

to go for at the very least that they

should spend time with you when you see

each other like at the event

okay this next one is especially helpful

if you are shy so you want to ask them

about what they do for extracurricular

activities and then kind of slide in by

trying to find details about like the

timing of those activities um so when

you play Thursdays usually at 7:30 oh my

gosh I would love to see you play


they'll be amazing sure wait see what I

did there if there's anything to

remember guys like always bring it back

to the schedule always bring it back to

that time sensitive thing use

unfortunate events things that happen to

you as a way to kind of lure your crush

and use them to your advantage so for

example if you fail a test or if someone

bails on you for a major event or even

you forgot to pack your lunch don't be

afraid to share your disappointment with

your crush so this is a way to make them

feel good about helping and sharing with

you but then also thinking of that

positive feeling every time they think

of you a huge thank you to McDonald's

Canada for sponsoring this video now if

you guys want to get your hands on these

cookies I'm going to leave the link in

the description box down below on how to

order the cookies on the my McKee's app

or you can just visit your local

McDonald's when you get your date I want

you to leave me a comment down below of

like what the date is where are you

gonna go and what tip you used that

worked for you


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