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hey guys it's Marissa and today's video

is going to be how to get a boyfriend in

elementary school so elementary school

some countries call it primary school is

from about the ages of seven to ten

years old and this probably sounds

really really really young but I

actually did a video called how to get a

boyfriend in middle school and in the

comment section of that video I was

totally blown away at how many girls

that were you know nine ten were

commenting saying that they were dating

saying that they had boyfriends asking

for advice so I figured I have to make a

video just for them I can't leave them

hanging so here it is so I personally

think it's a little young to be pursuing

a boyfriend in elementary school but I

figured if girls are going to do it


may as well do it the right way may as

well get into good habits early on also

I want to help young girls have a

positive first experience with liking

boys because I think that if you have a

negative first experience when you're

young it can really hurt your

self-confidence later and really be

damaging in you know high school college

those later years by the way guys if

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dating videos and videos on how to get

boyfriends all that good stuff so I

think that liking people and having

crushes at the elementary school age can

be really scary because you've never

really experienced anything like that

before so you have no idea how to react

what do you do if you like a guy for the

first time what do you do if you find

out that a guy likes you you know you

talk to him do you ignore him do you get

a friend to talk to him so that's why

I'm kind of making this video to help

out my younger viewers so first of all

pick a guy that's either in your class

at school or somebody that you see all

the time like a neighbor in elementary

school your social world pretty much

revolves around going to school you know

in middle school that's kind of more of

an acceptable time or parents will drive

you to the mall or to the movies and

kind of drop you off for a few hours


friends but elementary school is still

too young for that you know I remember

when I was eleven twelve ish my mom

would drop me off at the movies for a

few hours with friends to go see the

movie and you know she'd be waiting once

the movie got out so that's more of an

age where it's acceptable but in

elementary school there's no way that

your parents are just gonna let you you

know roam free for a few hours so the

main place really to be social is at

school also do not rely on social media

I know that some parents let their kids

have phones and Facebook and Twitter and

Instagram and all that stuff but a lot

of parents don't even if you have a

phone and a Twitter and an Instagram you

know the guy you like may not have those

things so again don't rely on social

media really the main place that your

relationship begins and ends is at

school so if he's not in your class and

he doesn't go to your school and he

doesn't live nearby

chances are you're probably never gonna

get a chance to see him so I would

recommend picking someone else to like

in that case someone new also try and

sit near him in class you know around

the first day make an effort to sit near

him either in class or at lunchtime or

if you guys are playing the more he sees

you and interacts with you the better if

you're sitting all the way across the

other room there's much less of a chance

that he's gonna notice you you won't get

as much of a chance to talk to him

either so try and sit as close as

possible to him in middle school in high

school the seating chart for each class

is usually different so even if you're

not sitting next to him in one class you

know chances are you may sit closer to

him in another class but Elementary

School you're pretty much stuck next to

the same person all day so if you do

happen to sit near him or closer to him

then that's just better and that's gonna

work to your advantage so you definitely

want to smile at him this is the most

basic simplest form of flirting and

guess what no matter how old you get

this tip never ever changes it will

always be the same smiling on a boy will

always be a good way to get his

attention it is literally the simplest

form of flirting so you want to talk to

him and you want to make up some


if he is good at sports if he does a

good drawing that you like even if you

just like his pencil case tell him

everybody likes compliments and it's

such an easy thing to say and don't

worry if he doesn't compliment you back

because he could just be too shy to say

anything and if you do talk to him just

be nice and sweet don't be mean don't

tease him don't make fun of him so once

he spent a couple days smiling at him

and complimenting him and let's say

everything's been going well then you

can get one of your girlfriend's to go

up to him and ask if he likes you and if

he wants you to be his girlfriend so

pick your best girlfriend at school and

tell her that you like him and have her

talk to him for you either at lunchtime

recess before or after school don't do

it in class because you want her to do

it privately um if it's in class you

know that could be really overwhelming

if you're sitting right there and she's

talking to him for you so just don't do

it in class this is advice that I would

never give in middle school or high

school but since this is elementary

school and the boys are so young I found

that this works best see if you just

become his friend you'll never know

whether he likes you or not it's better

to get someone to just outright ask and

then you'll have an answer you know one

way or the other

you could write a note but personally I

think it's better to get a friend to ask

you know he might not see the note maybe

someone else will find the note it's

definitely not personal enough so I

would recommend getting a friend to ask

if he says yes great but on the other

hand he might be so shocked and

surprised that his first reaction might

just be to immediately say no now if

this happens here's what your friend

should say don't say no right away think

about it and let me know tomorrow if he

has a little time to think about it he

might change his mind you know he may

have just been so caught off guard and

said no but you know if he has some time

to think about it and process it he may

decide that he does in fact like you and

he does in fact want to be your

boyfriend if he doesn't say yes or no

within one day then that usually means

no and you know you should kind of just

back off forget him

move on if he's

yes then congratulations girl you've

just gotten yourself your first

boyfriend and you can pretty much keep

doing what you've been doing you know

smiling at him talking to him

complimenting him but you guys also

might do more romantic things

hugging holding hands maybe getting a

little a little peck on the cheek so

that was my video on how to get a

boyfriend in elementary school thank you

guys for watching let me know down below

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guys later

not big kiss cuz I love you guys and bye