How To Get A Second Date With A Guy

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first dates are tough they're awkward

exciting and often sweaty but more

important than that first date is the

second on the second date you get to put

the nerves aside so you can really get

to know one another and build a

connection but how do you get that

second date hi I'm relationship expert

Amy north I'm on YouTube to share my

dating insights with women of all times

it doesn't matter who you are if you're

trying to improve your dating life I'm

here for you getting a second date is

something that eludes so many women I'm

here to tell you that it's all about

mindset and timing I'm going to show you

how to act after the first date

so you can have the best chance of

getting a second date first off slow it

down this is the most important thing to

remember step on the brakes

don't start talking about the second

date before you've even finished the

first one being nervous is normal but do

your best to stop thinking about where

things are going and just be in the

moment and get to know him

second adopt this Marilyn Monroe mindset

instead of trying to figure out how to

get it to ask you it again ask yourself

this why should I want to go out with

him again

this is Furnham I'm Marilyn Monroe

technique it's all about viewing

yourself as the prize not yet this is

the subtle mental mind hack that will

put you in the position of power if you

keep this in mind then you will be in

the driver's seat and suddenly he'll be

trying to impress you rather than the

other way around third let him chase you

this basically needs don't be too

available keep them at an arm's length

rather than getting too close too fast

make sure that he knows you enjoyed

yourself on the first date so he knows

the door is open but let him be the one

to step through it fourth don't sleep

with him on the first date there's no

shame in having sex on the first date if

that's all you're looking for but it can

change the dynamic between the two of

you sex shouldn't be the end goal for

your guy but even so it's still

something that you want to work towards

sex is exciting and if it's already

happened on the first stage he might

think twice before asking you again

build a connection

for looking up said he's still hooked on

you even after satisfying his more

biological urges but I must reiterate

having sex with a guy early does impact

your chances of building a long-term

relationship with a guy in for good

reason by not sitting with your guy

early you'll begin to initiate as hunter

instincts and all guys are born with

this guys are hard-wired to want to

chase you if you want to learn more

about how to make your guy chase you

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after this YouTube video now sip don't

mention anything long-term

this one is controversial you ain't

saying Amy why should I hide my

intentions from this guy you're a to

skeptical I'm not talking about

pretending that you're just looking for

a good time and then pulling out a ring

on the third day what I mean is that you

don't need to take the conversation to

that place just yet this is another way

of not getting cute attached to a guy

right away remember the first date is

about finding out that you two have

chemistry that's it don't be taking away

your future wedding together if he's

boyfriend material or even he's going to

ask you on a second date just focus on

getting to know him and having a good

conversation if you should get along and

he'll be sure to ask you it again many

women and some men talk about wanting to

take things slow and build a real

connection rather than just jumping into

bed well you can't move too fast in your

head and your conversations too

it's easy to get wrapped up in the idea

of a new person the idea of a new

relationship if you aren't careful you

can miss the fact that you two aren't

actually a good match that's why I

advise waiting for a while to see the

two of you can form a bond before ever

talking about the future of course if he

breaks it up don't lie or shy away from

the conversation be honest but also make

sure he knows that you're not just

looking to rush into anything

I find adopting this strategy

accomplishes several things it makes you

come off as less needy more confident

and more valuable it makes guys relax we

be more honest about themselves and

their wants and needs it also makes them

more interested in chasing you

is there some element and mystery though

yeah so what about after the date if you

had a good time together

you called it a night and you'd let him

know that you enjoyed yourself the ball

is in his court now

this is my self-control is so important

I wait two or even three days and if he

doesn't message you then send them a

text like this hey I had a lot of fun

the other night that's really all it

takes to give them the green light if

he's interested he'll ask you oh yeah if

he's not there's not a lot you can do at

this point but wait if you're terrified

of texting you're not alone that's why I

created my text coaster system I've

compiled a ton of text templates rules

and strategies so you can win guys over

without ever getting off the couch go-to

attraction text calm to learn more

you'll be glad you did and there you

have it this is the game plan that will

get you the second date keep things

light let him chase you indicate

interest and stay in the moment thanks

for watching folks have you been ready

first dates lately what about second

dates leave your stories in the comments

below I'm interested to see if any of

you had a different approach to securing

that second date

thanks for watching