How to Ask Your Crush on a Date

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you're walking down the hall to your

chemistry class when you see him

immediately you feel like you've been

shot at the elevator and you've left

your stomach two floors below stake home

you tell yourself get your heartbeat

under control maybe ask him if he wants

to see a movie that's not too painful is

it alright he's almost approaching now

flesh him that cool confident

unflustered smile you okay you just

walked smack-dab into a locker door

ouch hey lovebirds welcome to well cast

do you want to ask someone out but

you're afraid of accidentally injuring

yourself instead it's okay this week

we're gonna talk about that stupid

awkward awful awesome feeling of liking

someone and we're gonna make you do

something about it we're gonna give you

four tips for asking him or her out on a

date are you ready what have you got to

lose the hardest part about approaching

someone you like is the anticipation of

it so let's cut right to the chase step

1 the first thing you're gonna do before

anything else is set a deadline for

yourself that's right a deadline gives

you a built in time to approach him and

start a conversation step 2 have a

specific plan in mind before you

approach him pick something you know

he's interested in so if he's a fan of

horror movies ask him to a new

blockbuster if he's a political walk ask

him if he wants to watch the debates the

more specific the plan the better take

out your well cast journal and open it

to a brand new page write down the date

that you have to approach this person

and what you'll say to him when you do I

have to ask him by Friday if he wants to

go to the new John Carpenter movie with

me if you want you can try to hold

yourself to this by adding a penalty I

have to ask him by Friday or else I

can't go out this weekend okay you don't

want to be too hard on yourself of

course but any added incentive helps

step 3 here's the hard part

you're going to have to bite the bullet

and do it now don't do it over the phone

or text or gchat or by carrier pigeon do

it in person I don't know if I can

handle this kind of rejection okay what

if you laughs it'd be that the whole

school knows that I like him and I'm

gonna have to move to Canada I don't

even like syrup then check out our

automatic thoughts video approached him

as confidently as you possibly can pay

attention to your own body language

don't slump or look embarrassed smile

keep eye contact the entire time also

call him by his name it's a proven fact

that a person's favorite word is their

own name also keep in mind that a

person's reaction to being asked out

regardless of the response is almost

always unabashed flattery Hey stick to

the plan in your well-cast journal take

a deep breath and ask step for granted

all of this depends on what he says so

first of all if he says yes


have fun on your date you should also

open yourself up to the possibility of

rejection it's possible that he might

say no but take it gracefully okay and

no answer isn't even necessarily a

rejection it could just mean not right


and either way be proud of the fact that

you put yourself out there you're gonna

find that the worst part is the

multitude of thoughts running through

your head right up until you ask this

person if they maybe want to go out


let's recap you've decided to take the

plunge and see if someone you like wants

to hang out first you set yourself a

deadline and decide where you want to go

have a specific date in mind one that's

tailored to his interests when you do

approach him make sure to smile and make

eye contact take a deep breath and just

do it

whatever he says be calm and confident

so how did your first date go let us

know tweet us

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