5 SIGNS A BOY WANTS YOU TO KISS HIM (w/ MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

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do you ever wonder what a guy is

thinking like if he wants to kiss you or

not lucky for you I am a guy which means

I have a parade of a guy which means I

know a few signs that guys give when

they want a girl to kiss how do you

think you can get relationship advice

when you've been single literally your

entire life they don't know that mom

well now they do

mm-hmm so I am here with Ava what is a

guy it's and we are gonna be showing you

guys five sides a guy wants you to kiss

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like button because team single all the

way right hey who needs love when you

have here we go check it out oh so the

first time in a guy wants you to kiss

them is that how always try and get you

guys alone like together in a room

without your friends like this hey Caleb


doesn't your aunt Debra leave tamo day

yeah thank God don't you know like maybe

spend some time with her before she goes

no I don't like her but don't you like

maybe give her a kiss goodbye why would

I give her a kiss oh you want me to

leave so you guys can have some a long

time I think I've said too much I'll

leave you two alone do you wanna maybe

like watch like a romantic movie or

something so the second side a boy wants

you to kiss um is that he'll always try

and get close to you like maybe he'll

hold your hand or maybe he'll put his

arm around you oh my gosh $5.00 a five

dollar bill that never happened yeah

that's cool yeah let's count how many

shoulders we have one two three holy

crap popcorn I totally forgot

sure yeah if you are a pirate would you

keep your parent on dystonia or this


so the third side a boy wants you to

kiss them is that hell like bring up the

topic of kissing a lot like I'll always

be talking about kissing whether it's

asking you about it you're a recent kiss

it is or like whether it's talking about

how good butt kisser he is but he'll

just like always bring it up

yeah and that's how I learned how to fly

a kite okay next question what's your

favorite city um yeah let's say I'm a

pretty good kisser

wait what I don't know if you've heard

of the street or anything but uh people

have said I'm pretty good at kissing

yeah actually ha that's weird what was

the last time you kissed someone

probably two days ago such a long time

you think you forgot how to I don't

think it works like that well if you

ever need someone to practice I'm here

okay you know I can tie a cherry stem in

a knot with my mouth yeah I think you

told me that before I just want to let

you know uh yeah okay so the four side

that boy wants you to kiss them is that

what do you guys go together

he'll have a hard time not making eye

contact with your lips that's creepy as

that sounds it's true like this so I'm

what do you like to do for fun well on

Fridays I like make was my mom I haven't

been kissed in so long and we typically

serve for about three hours come kiss me


I haven't been kissed and some orange

juice right Brandon come kiss me Brenda


so the fit and final sign that a boy

want you to kiss him is that he will

give you like the most obvious signs

ever like he'll pretty much be like

saying it without saying it you just

have to really pay attention paint you

gotta check out the song it's really

good okay

I really like that oh and this one's

even better I really want you to kiss me

on the lips

there's like a theme going hi and this

one reminds me of us your lips look like

pillows that I can just kiss kiss kiss

kiss I said I can kiss kiss kiss do you

want to kiss yeah

so if the boy showed any of these signs

I just described you're lucky one

because I think he wants to kiss you but

if you're ever single like me let's have

a pizza party and if I helped you out in

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work out with my dad and we go to the

gym and we do pull it all right now time

for serious Brent here we go