10 Signs Someone Only Likes You as a Friend

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Being friend-zoned might feel like the end of the world, but here's what you

need to realize;

how someone feels towards you is not a reflection of who you are.

It doesn’t make you any less attractive, smart, talented or kind.

Instead of continuously chasing them, do yourself a favor and find someone who values you.

It is possible and you owe it to yourself to find true happiness, not validation.

Here are 10 signs someone only likes you as a friend.

1. Most of your relationship is over text.

Do they spend the majority of their time only texting or liking your posts?

It might seem endearing at first, but eventually, the screen gets old.

You might initiate plans to hang out, whether it’s as casual or ordering takeout and watching

a movie, or running errands together, but they always seem to come up with an excuse.

Maybe next weekend, they’ll say or sorry I’m busy.

Texting and interacting over social media is easy because there’s no commitment.

2. They give you the wrong gaze.

Psychologists have discovered there’s a certain gaze someone gives you when they’re

into you, pay attention to their focus and length of gaze.

Researchers found that both men and women stare at their potential partner’s chest

and hip to waist areas for longer durations.

Meanwhile, when people only see someone as a friend, they spend their time looking at

that someone’s feet and legs.

3. They wanna be your matchmaker.

Do they often try to set you up on blind dates, or nudge you to talk to someone nearby?

They know you’re single but have no intention of dating you.

So, as a good friend, they’ll try to help you in that department.

It might annoy or irritate you, but consider it a sign to move on.

4. They go to you with their relationship problems.

If you’re playing the role of a therapist, they trust you, but it doesn't always mean

they see you as a potential partner.

You can be the best advice giver, listener and yes, even the most ideal partner, but

unless they see it, you’re still ultimately just a friend, someone they can lean on temporarily.

5. They set boundaries.

This one is important, but if you’re desperate for their attention you might think they’re

just playing hard to get.

This is not the case and when someone sets boundaries, be respectful of them not invasive.

If they don’t feel comfortable hanging out with you at night or only wanna see you limited

days throughout the week, don’t push.

Because the very minute you do that you’re only pushing them further away.

6. They never hint that they like you.

Ultimately, no matter how shy someone is, when they have feelings for you they’ll

eventually show signs or flirt with you.

But if you’ve been friends with them for years now, and nothing has come to the surface,

chances are they never saw you as more than just a friend.

7. They don’t make you a priority.

It’s easy for you to put down everything you’re doing just to tend to their needs.

But if they aren’t reciprocating the same efforts, it becomes obvious they just see

you as a convenience.

Take Emily Owen’s advice, be someone’s first choice.

She’s a fictional character in a medical show, but for the longest time, she was too

blind to notice someone else liked her.

Unrequited love can make us unaware and obsessive, but it doesn’t have to destroy us unless

we let it.

8. They prefer to hang out with you in a group setting.

Do they ask to invite another friend when the two of you make plans?

They might feel awkward when it’s just the two of you, but they probably don’t wanna

hurt your feelings.

Don’t get your hopes up if this is an ongoing behavior, maybe they just need to get some

time to know you better.

No matter how self-conscious someone is, if they’re into you, they would treat a date,

as a date.

9. They don’t make a move on you.

Even the most reserved individuals will make it obvious they like someone.

If they don’t directly ask you out or confess their feelings to you, they most likely are

unattracted to you romantically.

Don’t be discouraged, instead, be thankful for this learning experience and find someone


10. Deep down you know, but it hurts, so you put yourself in denial.

Listen to your gut feeling, chances are they’re been trying to communicate since the very


But love can make someone blind and hopeful.

Allow yourself to reflect on this moment, take a few deep breaths and if needed, create

some distance between you and this person to allow your feelings to fade or if you’re

feeling extra brave, just tell them how you feel.

You might get rejected, but the sooner you get an answer the faster you can move on.

It’s not gonna happen overnight but eventually, someone new will walk into your life and you’ll

forget all about them.

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