How To Tell If A Guy Is Using You - 7 Signs He's Using You For Boyfriend Benefits

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how to tell if a guy is using you today

I'm giving you the top seven ways to

tell if you're being used by a man this

is part one of a two-part series on this

topic and don't forget as well to

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personalities that lead to heartbreak

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how to tell if you're being used by a

guy so this is part one of this two part

series on figuring out if a guy is using

you and it's really important it's so

important to know if a guy's using you

because a guy that's using you can be

even more dangerous than a player now

we've talked about players a bit on the

channel before and a player as a guy

that typically manipulates and games his

way to get sex with you but the issue

with a user is that they can use you for

a lot more than just sex they can use

you for support they can use you for

companionship for exclusivity and even

for your love so it's important to know

the science of Spada user because unlike

a player who usually gets found out in

the first few weeks or a couple of

months a user can use you for years so

here are the top seven signs that you're

being used by a guy number one he only

sees you on his terms and his terms

alone it's his way or the highway so you

want to see him or you want to spend

more time with him and get to know him

but you have to accept all he's willing

to give you this is the clear sign of a

user I had a discovery call a woman come

to me and she said mark this man will

only see me and my child on a Saturday

and it's only for a couple of hours I

want my child to be able to see his dad

I want to form a connection with this

man but this is all the time he'll give

me and I said to this woman you're being

used they didn't have sex it had nothing

to do with sex she was being used for

her companionship and the fact that he

wanted another woman on the go if a guy

is only seeing you on his terms and it's

very specific little terms and you want


but he's unwilling to give it to you

then it's a clear as day sign that

you're being used number two he

regularly or only drunk texts you so if

the only time you're hearing from him is

when he's intoxicated it's a pretty

clear sign as to what his true

intentions are he's using you number

three he doesn't future project at all

maybe you try to make plans with him and

he avoids a topic or always says he's

busy if he's not future projecting if

he's not wanting to plan ahead at all

it's a clear sign he's using you

men when they like you they're just like

you we want to be on each other's mind

we want us to be planning the future and

we want to make sure that person doesn't

think we're not interested so when a guy

is truly into you he's going to future

project this is a key difference from

players who will future project to some

extent because they'll tell you what you

want to hear a guy who's using you on

the other hand will really future

project number four sex is one

directional so this one obviously

applies to guys who are specifically

using you for sex but if the sex is all

selfish if it's just about him getting

off and if it's not about him embracing

your pleasure as well and it's a pretty

clear sign that guy doesn't care about

you enough to consider you ie a sign

he's using you number five he won't add

you to any of his social medias so this

is a bit of a key difference between the

player and the user is that the player

will usually be happy to have you on his

social medias in fact in many cases

he'll want to show off his social medias

to you he's more about sex whereas the

user is often not about sex at all he

wants the companionship he wants the

more longed lived type relationships so

he wants to have the benefits that he's

using you for for longer thus he's less

likely to want to intertwine you in his

life and in his social media if a guy is

avoiding having you connected to his

social media if he's consistently got

excuses as to why you can't be Facebook

friends or why you can't see his

Instagram it's a pretty clear sign he's

using you so number six

he doesn't like running into you as a

surprise so he's happy to use you on his

terms when it suits him but when it

comes to running into him unexpectedly

surprise outings or just bumping into

each other he's not so thrilled about


in fact the user in many cases will be

very angry about that or appear

flustered or annoyed by it he only wants

to see you on his terms as per number

one and thus he's not gonna like running

into you as a surprise and number seven

this is one that the user does have in

common with the player is he doesn't

want to talk about other women or put

any focus on other women but he's funny

about you with other men remember a lot

of the time the user once your

companionship wants your support

once that feminine presence in his life

so he doesn't want that potentially

wandering and attaching itself to

another man he doesn't want you

emotionally investing in another man

because you're currently emotionally

investing in him but the same rules that

apply to you do not apply to the user

he'll often see other women he may even

tell you he is or he may simply avoid

the topic but the guy who's using you is

likely to not want you to be around

other guys or be funny about you being

around other guys when those same rules

do not apply to him well that's the

video thank you for watching as I said

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