5 ways to know if a boy is Virgin !! READ DISCLAIMER FIRST !!

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hell people watts of this miracle we and

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so let's start with the video as we all

know it's quite easy to know if a girl

is a virgin there are physical

indications to know if a girl is a

virgin or not but unlike us boys really

don't have any sort of physical

indicators to know for sure if they are

watching so there is no way anyone can

tell that one is virgin for sure and

haven't indulged in any sexual

intercourse but there are some behavior

indicators and signs it surely can help

you to know if your boy is working or

not first observe him observation is the

key to find out the truth usually a man

whose version will feel very shy or

nervous while touching you but as I said

earlier being shy is not quite an

obvious sign that one is the virgin but

an easy indicator to tell you one is a

virgin in some cases do not confuse his

respect for you for his shyness about

the Junior


it is strongly true that his virgin if

he's shy about touching vo but he may

not touch you especially in public is a

sign of respecting you

second is awkward kissing there are few

chances that if a boy acts very clumsy

and he is unbearable in his way of


he is virtual kissing is something which

takes time to be good it if your boy

kisses you like a pro

they are huge chances that he isn't a

virgin although some guys are bad kisses

it does not necessarily mean that they

are virgins bad kisses are not weird but

virgins are shy in most cases and

usually close their eyes while kissing

one way or another you can tell his

version if you read him closely

hey is he a pro when it comes to open up

your bra well if he is how there are

huge chances that a person who is way

too quick and undressing you is not a

virgin cause opening up a prize of mass

in itself but when a guy isn't able to

open it up don't take it for sure that

he is watching because there are chances

that his clumsy on this part yet and he

is not a virgin

fools lack of practical knowledge this

is one obvious indicator unlike all

those three I mentioned about it's like

no matter how much videos you will see

of someone riding a bicycle but you

can't ride a cycle like a pro underlain

unless you have practiced it 400 times

and what about if one person is even

pulling off some nasty tricks I think

you've gotten a point here a guy who's

not virgin will have sex like he knows

everything but a guy who is in virgin

probably won't find that right place to

start off there are high chances that he

will fail in satisfying you if it says

first time like 100% so keep all of the

above points in mind with this because I

don't want to be the reason of your


Swift yeah we are talking about

rearticulation who due to lots of

excitement it is most likely that the

virgin will end after a very short time

this may even happen before the act

happens it is certain that he will end

if it says first encounter of making

love it is obvious that he is always

conscious about what he is doing

which makes him edgy intense since it's

his first time he's not in position to

well control his desires so any slight

action of stimulation easily causes him

a quick end with more experienced guys

learn how to control their feelings in

order to sustain the process until and

unless he is not suffering from

pre-education problem it is a very

strong indicator to tell if he is virgin

or not keep a close eye on your partner



hey did I tell you that you can go and

even ask him Oh

then make it the first thing in the

student list here do it

who knows if your boy is honest enough

and all you need is to ask him it's okay

to ask

he is your life partner right and you

can take this much of Liberty according

to me it's fair so thank you guys for

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