4 Sex Questions Your Man Wants You To Ask Him This Valentines Day

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for sex questions your man is dying to

hear from you

the really cool thing about these

questions too is that they will actually

deepen your connection with your man or

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if you want to deepen your connection

with your partner and have him obsessed

we're thinking about you in the bedroom

these are the questions you want to be

asking that he wants to hear from you

number one if you could design your

picture-perfect sex life what would it

look like what a great question to open

communication get to know your partner

and encourage connection between a

couple it encourages you both to talk

about something that many of us are too

shy to talk about and you can then work

together to seeing if that

picture-perfect sex life is something

you're wanting and able to help each

other achieve number two what would you

like more or less of in our sex life

this is the perfect question to open

communication channels give lots of

appreciation for all the things you like

in encouragement and then give helpful

feedback to the often fragile sexual

male ego on things that maybe aren't

working so well you guys can work

together to figure out what you want

more of what you want less of and build

an amazing sex life together

number three what would your fantasy be

for me or us to do this is a great

question and it might sound like it's

pure fun but really it goes a lot deeper

than that if you're really open and

non-judgmental with this question your

man your partner will share things that

he might be ashamed to share otherwise

that is an opportunity to deepen

vulnerability and connection in your

relationship and it's also a great

opportunity to find out well what is it

that you'd like us to do what could we

do together and you can work towards

actually doing that you have more

intimacy more vulnerability and

connection and more fun in the bedroom

question is a winner on every level and

number four what is on your sexual

bucket list that you have not yet done

now you've got to put your ego aside for

this question because it might be that

your partner suggests something that

doesn't have to do with you and you back

to him and that's okay right it's better

it's out in the open it's better you're

talking about it it's better that you

recognize it and can shine a light on

the elephant in the room and that way it

doesn't get smushed down and result in

infidelity later on once you know what

that fairness

would be you can know how to decide to

fill it with your partner or not but at

least this way you know right it's a

great opportunity to open communication

channels around everything from what

your fantasies are to monogamy versus

non monogamy and chat about well what is

it we want from our sexual lives what is

on your sexual bucket list

what would you regret not having done if

you died tomorrow it's a really cool

question that'll open up some amazing

connection intimacy and vulnerability

between the two of you and those are the

four questions so the four sex questions

your man is dying to hear you can see

the questions are not so much about sex

as they are communication around sex the

cool part is because of that they make

you form more connection there's more

vulnerability there because you guys are

sharing and then it's balanced out by

more excitement more intimacy and even

the edginess of the answers creates a

huge amount of attraction

so there's a big win-win in these

questions your man's dying to hear them

from you so go and share them with him

let me know your thoughts I can tell you

when I'm being asked these by a partner

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