asking college boys all of your JUICY relationship questions... *EXPLICIT*

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today we're going to be exploring

something that none of us have done

correctly we are here to answer your

questions because we know

minuscule facts anyways we will be


relationship questions

hey guys

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

for today's video i'm back again with

the guys since it was so highly

requested we're gonna be doing another

video but it's gonna be a little

different than

parts one and part two because for

today's video we're gonna be answering

your guys's relationship questions cue

first question is sam okay

that is a good question

do you think relationships can be

successful off of dating apps

i've never used based off of experience

i don't know i don't have no experience

i suppose it's possible

if you guys have dating apps

next question okay what relationship

nicknames do guys like to be called it's

called snoopy big chevy

oh it's like these are like like

favorite dudes yeah like day

i like it when you call me just like bro


okay no but actually like cupcakes in my

house honestly

my grandma calls me honey i never had a

girlfriend anymore let me put you in

this scenario okay i say hey honey

hey honey yeah you liking that

babe can we go to the beach today babe

babe you guys like that that's the one

baby's always been

like babies okay i don't like babe that

was weird i pretty much respond to

anything so

yeah so do i so cupcake i would respond

to it what about like snookums yes

are saturdays really for the boys

saturdays are not for the boys

would you put a saturday for the boys

flag in your house

i would never do that if you got plans

with your girl on saturday you can't get

your favorite boys

sometimes if they call saturdays or for

the boys before any other plans are made

you gotta like skip funerals you gotta

skip like that's what it is

you gotta skip everything we're all

hanging out on saturday night but jordan

was with his girlfriend

what is the best pickup line you could

use i've never had to use right also

this is the best pickup line you could

ever use hold on

who's there when when who

oh wait i think i forgot it knock knock

who's there

win win it's when when where or when who


it's like me you young for tinder for

bumble for grinder you only need one you

tell them

that's disgusting that's worked on


never had to use a pickup line because

girls just flock to me are you a farmer

no is your name katniss everdeen

oh hold on i got another good one are

you from ireland because when i see you

my penis be dublin

okay what is the longest relationship

you've ever been in

next question a couple years a couple

months four to five days tops

two years sam a few seconds sam has had

some really

uh long lasting really strong


let's change how long was your longest


oh my longest friendship here we go this

is where i thrive my longest friendship

is with my boy nick give me a hug

what does it mean when a guy only texts

you snapchats you or calls you

at night

like i feel like if he only takes a girl

a night it means like you don't actually

care about them

i feel like that is kind of true it

could be the type of person that just

doesn't go

it depends on the guy majority of the

time it's probably just gonna be because

he's like not interested he's just

looking for somebody to talk to he's


tell us something your ex did to you

that you're never gonna

forget i don't have an ex i like how

we're answering relationship questions

and none of us have been in like that

every time that's why i suggested it

because we have no experience every time

you just have experience yeah what oh

you guys have like not been in a

relationship that long okay

damn are they about to date

at one point in the video if we look at

you and people will be like you know

oh my god oh my god eyes the lips and

then the eyes they'll be like he's so

into her someone was like is it just

obvious that jordan and cora like each


like the video before was like you and

your boyfriend

what is going on with that i hate that

have you ever been with a girl who is

bad in bed

sorry i didn't let you finish i've never

been in a relationship

what is this video would you be cool if

your friend dated your sibling

dude yeah get in there i think jordan i

should answer this one i'd be fine with

that imagine this

jordan so they're dating our friends

little sister

down the road things go well your homies

not your brother-in-law yes

it's called straight one-year-old

brother if you're good enough friends

with them like you know they're cool i

don't think i'd have a problem with that

as long as you got a good friend and

like a good sibling if it's an honest

relationship i think it could

be that it's taking a break a good idea

no i'm not like it's always just going

to be it's always going to be

like you're always going to be like we

had that break and that was like weird

ever since

if you even get to the point where you

have to take water there's obviously

some tensions there you know

then it's like the relationship's

already bad but my friend they took a

break after like five months in a

relationship and now they've still been

dating for five years

that's the thing like every relationship

water break over this is funny okay our


are braces a turn off

generally braces are on younger girls so

like i think of them as a turn off

because that would just i haven't seen

many of those since middle school

is this a turn off that line of saliva

really gets me going

i feel like the first time it is like in

middle school so

yeah back when i was like a little kid i

never had a problem with braces yeah


normal difference it's only gonna turn

off you have like the headgear

what is the hottest thing a girl can do


nope nope

they start shaking their head around

like that it's just their hair flying

like kind of a baywatch kind of thing

i think it depends on the girl because

it has to like fit their personality but

if a girl is good at like reading books

yeah when she reads that right right

read me that newspaper article like if

you're attracted to the girl

anything she does she does

is magic

if you dtr is it too late to on dtr what

does that mean

everybody let me get it to rhombus down

to record a youtube video down to rock

define the relationship

they define their relationship as just

friends and now she wants

more than that oh well you gotta read

the room and if the guy

is like here for it then he's gonna be

happy if she breaks what if he's not

here for it oh he likes to listen

okay you move on yeah you gotta go for

it basically would you ever

have a threesome oh my god whoa

next question under the right

circumstances i think i could see it

happening but i don't see those

circumstances happening i only do five

people would you ever do

the car hey if both the girls are cool

with it that is probably like a

situation you really can't

i think you're not if it happened it

doesn't matter who wears the pants in

the relationship

say i'm dating somebody and she's like

the breadwinner in the family your boy

would be a stay-at-home dad all day long

i'd be whipping up the kitchen i'd be


cutting the grass she'd be wearing the

pants so you would be pantsless

i guess no why can't we just both not

wear pants hey

that's kind of the dream i don't think

it matters who wears the pants no just

as long as you're both like happy

opinions on promise rings those are

weird those are weird

i don't think you should need a promise

if i got a promise ring i would put off

getting married i feel like guys only

give girls promise drinks because

they're insecure that the girl's gonna

go to someone else

don't do the promise right next question

all right roll it tell us about a time

when you broke the bro code

justin dustin broke the bro

code so bad you guys both broke the bro

code with the same bro oh

[ __ ] can men accidentally do anal

like oh say you're blindfolded or

something in the lights

i think you could put it into the wrong

hole yeah like with a girl

and then you actually put in the wrong

hole yeah actually like babe i just


i don't think you need to tell her would

that actually ever happen though because


think i could yeah because girls have

like told me that that's happened to

them but like i feel like the guy just

like did it on purposefully probably

because i don't feel like


what does the perfect relationship look

like me

the perfect relationship you and me like

this right

so here you have no idea so yeah what's

the perfect relationship

okay i think the perfect relationship is

just like both of you guys being in a

good place

in life and just being happy yeah the

ultimate peak of vibing spit

or swallow um would you personally

if a girl spit or swallowed oh that's

what she meant i mean i was always told

spitters are quitters yeah but i don't

have a preference why would i

i'm not going to be like oh swallow it

oh yeah i do it everywhere

why do guys play hard to get because i'm

hard to get

i don't think i've ever played hard to

get so i don't really i don't know i

never played hard to get either if

someone had ever liked me um i'd be

completely oblivious because i don't

know what that feeling's like

you get this feeling in your gut and

then you get up

now it's demonetized the way to go what

is playing hard to get she's like i like

you and you're like i like you too and

then she has to hang out and just like

don't hang out with yeah that's playing

hard to get basically

playing hard to get can be bogus unless

you guys are doing it in a flirtatious

manner do you prefer

kissing with tongue or without that

depends on the situation depends on

which lips you're kissing

where you are

oh damn oh you got an

idea oh my god all right next question

no hey it depends like if you're on

public might get a little peck you know

you might make out with your girlfriend


significant other at home watching a

movie you know it depends on the


and what they're comfortable with does

it matter for girls chubby

well i'm sure we've already answered

this many times i know we already

answered this but everyone's asking

about weight

no it does not matter period what is one

thing you regret in a past

relationship doing god damn it just

all these questions have too much teeth

are any of your parents very strict

about your relationship no

not at all no i haven't had a

relationship with them

i feel like i didn't really push any

unspoken boundaries they were chill you


would they let your girlfriend slip over

probably not in the same place like if

you need a place to stay like as you can

sleep in the back room or something

well yeah my mom would never love right

yeah it takes its steps you know it

depends on how far you

are like relationships your relationship

has to respect your parents too

would you get jealous if your girlfriend

kissed her girlfriend

at a party no it's kind of hard they're

like just going at it you know oh yeah

they're just doing this if i see my

girlfriend like kiss a girl at a party

you know i'm not gonna come running over

you know i'm like hey

do you ever fight or argue in your

relationship well you can't just get


all the time come on that's just weird

you mean like in a serious or like a

kinky way oh god what

are you so horny for this video if you

don't fight in a relationship i

literally don't understand how yeah like

you have to sometimes you gotta fight a

little bit

sometimes you're just bored so you start

to fight yeah i do that all the time

that's so horrible why would you do that

you just pick a

are you into a bra girl or a soft girl a

brock girl 100 percent

what is this girl girls like calvin's

like your soft

boy girls are superior

sam is a soft girl and nick's a broker

yeah yeah

dude i don't know i kind of like a soft

girl no it's not on brand for you

okay bro is the chase better than the

actual relationship

and that relationship wouldn't the chase

you shouldn't do that relationship yeah

then it's like not genuine

listen listen if you have to play mario

kart bowser's castle to get your girl

that [ __ ] is not fun it's stressful yeah

rainbow road if it's the girl

you know then you gotta go you gotta

[ __ ] rainbow road

if you're chasing just to chase then

you're playing if the chase is better

than the actual relationship then it's

not the right reason

i live my life in the chest that sounds

like you guys can start chasing whenever

i'll never stop what is the best

conversation starter on a first date

i got it but how much does a polar bear

weigh what enough to break the ice

that's right oh cause it's an icebreaker

that's the only one what would you wear

on a first date no a shirt

maybe some pants just dress like the

rock and you're golden what would you

want a girl to wear on a first date


i would want her to wear her smile for

sure i don't want literally whatever

she's comfortable

is it more attractive when a girl is

sporty yeah i like sporting i think it

depends on what you're into yeah it all

depends on the girls like

sam sammy's looking for no softball


sam's looking for a girl that can get to

it bro

we have to move the car we can't move

mom get out of here go away

go away i'm sorry i love you it's just

for the video i'm kidding can you hold

the camera

while you're back oh just don't move it

okay can you move it right

wait is it still is it still live it's a

guy it's still alive we're

moving the car right

my favorite form of affection is

probably like vocalizing how much like

you love somebody oh my god

that's it

oh my god oh oh hey the camera's on

favorite form of affection

some cuddles canoodling being called

shmookums condom or no condom

oh god can't wait to tell them always

wrap it bro you don't know i mean don't

you say

wrap your willy you're not risking that

pregnancy no that and diseases

wear a condom opinions on religious

girls no problem that's not an issue

i've got no problem with a girl knows

how to get on her knees god damn


i mean religious girl that's not a

problem you do you opinions on horse


i'm not into horses so that would be

weird i've never had a problem with a

girl who knows how to ride

i'm still a nice person i promise what

is one thing a girl could do

in a relationship that would freak you

out stick her finger up your butt hey

that's a good one that's right thoughts

on british accents for all the

british girls i do believe the british

accent is quite wonderful

i do like it a lot would you ever fake

an orgasm no

for the money wait you've had to fake

one before no but girls do

no i feel like you shouldn't have to

fake and orgasm to make sure

you feel better yeah i'm sure like a lot

of girls have them would you ever be in

an open relationship

i can barely be in a regular

relationship but if you can do it and

like both people want to do it why not

i mean if it works for you yeah if it

works it doesn't work for me it's not

gonna work

in a relationship who should pay when

you go out to dinner it should be 50 50.

yeah i think you should switch up every

time i'll pay for the first one i kind

of expected the guy

the guy for the first time for me it's

not a big deal at all it's like i'll pay

every time

sometimes girls are like cause i'm a

[ __ ] gentleman

eye contact yes or no oh like when

you're talking oh yeah

no eye contact oh oh oh

oh [ __ ] this isn't relationship

this is just advice about all the sex

we've never had

it's like my math final i'm guessing on

every question hookups

or dating i'll take what i can do i'm

not ready to date anybody right now


the guys like it when you call them

daddy i do well i feel like it's kind of


i'm sure people really do it though okay

last question for any of your answers in

the past videos or this video a lie

yes put my hand on the oath

that is all the questions i have for

them today so thank you again

for the third time to the guys for

joining me for

yet again another video comment down

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video was

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anyway let me drop the people yo this is

we are back for

part three

all right so we did two videos i don't

care that i'm spitting on you jordan oh

my god

sam grew a bit of a mouth so we

currently don't have a name

for this dynamic quintuplets

remember band practice in your living

room you guys kind of both broke the bro

code was like

i want to make a guest appearance guys

question celebrity answer

what's the perfect relationship


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