asking *pretty boys* questions girls are too afraid to ask them

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so this is how youtubers live right hey

guys welcome back to my channel or

welcome to my channel today I'm here

with four boys and I'm doing the asking

boys questions that you're too afraid to

ask them yourself

okay um so I am here with these four

boys they all go to the same school

introduce yourself yes I'm Anton Toby

I'm 18 years of age video and I'm 17

years of age I'm Alec and I'm 17 and I'm

Rick's and I'm 18 and also are you guys

single or taken we're all single yeah

okay I'm gonna obviously if there's

something you don't want to answer like

just let me know or just don't answer it

I guess or ask you guys to ask them

questions on Instagram so these are your

questions okay first one is what's your

type personality or Lucas looks wise for

me it's brunettes me children I don't

really think I have a type I like girls

there are ten yeah someone how to get a

guy to like me you can't really get a

guy to like you if he doesn't like you

Venice's how it is it's not like there's

some magic pill you know yeah it has to

be a two-way street

um how to tell a guy I like him I mean

it would be weird to do it if you don't

really have any contact in the first

place so yeah hidden messages okay well

how will we know the hidden message

since summer looks okay I contact smiles

oh yeah okay and Alex into like how do

we get your attention

no suppose it looks through a lot I

contact small touches but what if like a

girl she's very touchy in general yeah

well it depends on if she likes waiting

people know if she's very like with

everybody here yeah that's like you are

I mean

you were very a very touchy person I

don't really assume that you like me

because you always yak or I like be


can we get out of the friendzone after

being friends

no that's hard are you there you

probably could how well you could try to

get out of the friendzone but if you

just friends and then yeah do boys like

the chase yeah yeah

there's no chase it's not good no it's

great I like it

what's the nicest way to let a guy down

be honest yeah don't worry straddle yeah

don't don't be like oh my god just so

nice it's tell him straight up you know

yeah he might be nice but you see okay

if a guy looks twice while passing by it

doesn't mean that he's interested that's

what I'm saying that's the look yeah


depends on whether first yeah I would

say because some girls do it too obvious

and it's not the chase in the same way

yeah yeah I think it should be the boy

who makes the first move

yeah really I've heard from so many boys

it's like oh it's so annoying like that

I have to do the first move this because

I'm a guy okay um what distinguishes a

girl from hookup friends with benefits

and girlfriend well that's a personnel

alone yeah but these are so easy okay I

do care if the girl is a virgin no

depending on what you want yeah yeah

depends on what you yeah if you like the

girl I don't think it betters yeah but

what do you mean depending on would yeah

it depends what you were looking for as

well so if you're looking for a

relationship I don't think it matters

but yeah if you're looking for a hookup

you might make it then it's okay you

care of a girl again again yeah style

important yes there is about what she's


yeah yeah yeah

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them out are you all attracted to big

boobs and big eyes because your girl is

flat like a fridge no it depends on the


some bodies look good yeah it suits some

girls fun party some other girls it's

yeah yeah it's cute yeah okay okay

what's floating compared to being nice

well that's a major difference learning

time you have a you have a thought and a

in behind what you want to do and just

be nice it's just in general how you are

as a person

yeah so there are some looks and some

touches yeah like Amelia is always nice

to have you wouldn't lay a liqu said

before but that doesn't necessarily mean

that when you go out is your goal if

you're going out with the guys I'm

modest yeah yeah you're going for fun

it's not like you're gonna go look like

a wife or something I think the main

purpose is just to have fun

generally I couldn't make my boyfriend


is he not attractive to me no nuts

nothing no that's not true he's maybe

just very nervous and he doesn't want to

disappoint you so therefore he might

like you a lot there are a lot of

thoughts in his head that's late so I

kind of like

yeah what are you nervous about what if

i disappoint what if I you know we're

too fast

a girl's most attractive features like

looks yeah engine eyes can be very

attractive yeah the mouth could it be

the letters from the personality as well

yeah humor is humor yeah I was really

good and how Yin they ought to talk to

ya and the way a girl carry herself the

way a girl carry herself and it's the

personality oh love being too cheesy

that's a girl's most unattractive

features being clean being too easy

smoking yeah that's a big one oh yeah

disgust doing drugs don't do drugs stay

in school except if you're a YouTube

star we talk we talk about you guys talk

about girls like yeah it's a it's a big

subject sleepovers I think yeah just

talk about like you're sending what

you're talking about

yeah yeah girl was I can yeah almost

every guy has some girl that day I think

guys long about yeah guys and girls are

quite similar yeah we it's like it's the

same thing for guys you're gonna talk

about the girl that you're like you're

gonna ask your friends like how would

you do this how would you approach how

do you get over a breakup most of us

have been breaking oh right we have any

of you guys been in relationship yeah I

didn't I didn't really know I mean I'm

over now no no I mean I was in a

relationship and then I think I was I

was being too clingy I think and then

yeah I didn't really know how to deal

with it so I'll just really sad for a

long time I'm inexperienced but I

believe it's a lot about who you

surround yourself with people yeah

people having fun yes together with some

have fun just be aware else yeah it's

confidence objective yes yes not too bad

not too much yeah is confidence in

yourself yeah and your style and so on

what's too much being too out there yeah

yeah just yeah thinking you're better

than everyone else

yeah yeah really yeah alone don't you

know what the end it always don't you're

not better than the Lord don't think

you're good yeah

if being shy no no it's not

to an extent again it's the same yeah

yeah if your tennis shot extremes of

course depends on how shy you are cuz if

you're also afraid to talk to her I

think you just somewhat give up as a guy

at least or if you don't carry on the

discussion because you're so shy so yeah

yeah yeah opening question and you're

later yes or no because they're shy yeah

but it's also the guys job to break down

the shyness yeah I believe so I don't

look to make it yes yes I think it's

both parts yeah of course bottle them up

but the guy has to keep some respect but

if you feel kind of shy it's not

something you always all know if it is

then it's extreme but if the guys shy

and the girl is shot in sports yeah yes

movies although music sometimes some

guys cry more than other guys and with

the age guys cry a lot more than girls

actually yeah I don't think we try as

much as girls but I do get older oh yeah

if something with biological with their

eyes they try a lot mint mint yeah yeah

I mean I cried quite often Yeah right

you do yeah I live when did you last cry

yeah I cried

yes because I miss my mom my dad yeah

mine was six months ago I think just an

argument with

remember last time I cried actually yo

yeah that's right I watched the movie

with my grandmother

it's called wonder I think then I

watched it with my grandmother we

started crying both of us yeah I think

that's the last time my time was when I

face time with my family and they were

also given having fun which is happy

wait one trip yeah like do you care if a

girl wears revealing clothes depends no

it depends on how revealing and if it's

my girlfriend or a girl that I kind of

like yeah I would care to what side yeah

I would just like it we just say the

frustrating me I think if I was a girl

that I like I would be wrong that's you

might do to please you but again it

depends on how the girl Carrie yeah

they're revealing it's not like Oh

decide which she's going to use

protective all right yeah I'm supposed

to decide what she's gonna wear but it

would bum me out so if she was wearing

clothes yeah all right clingy girls

annoying yeah yeah puts of some

experience would be cute

it just shows they like you a lot I have

to give you some kind of freedom of

course yeah too much of everything is

not good yeah also depends on how you

feel about the girl because then it

might be nice and sometimes might not be

nice okay and the last ones are just

like these are that so we'll go around

yeah blonde or brunette brunette isn't

it brunette it's close but blonde head

taller short short petite short mixture

yeah cute sexy cute cute yeah cute for


both anyday cute what also depends on

what you're looking for no special then

oh no oh oh what would you guys want to

do for your first date oh that's a good

one yeah okay Anton you start yeah I

actually always think about this because

you know it's the guy who invites the

girl typically but if you know if I'm

going on a date

can I go get coffee it's the easiest

thing it's simple easy and you get to

talk to yeah maybe I'll comp you or


something comfortable yeah yeah yeah

maybe I think maybe put in out of their

comfort zone maybe like no no I just I

disagree I think you should stay in the

comfortable yeah the first the most

important thing is to get to know each

other yeah yeah Alec yeah I think the

first day it's really about getting to

know each other

yeah something irregular like getting

coffee like ensign said yeah yeah and a

walk and then sit down and eat

yeah what if you guys are already like

like you're know each other and I was

sitting and don't make it too too cliche

no yeah do something fun do something

that she wouldn't expect or he wouldn't

expect like what I go sailing or


that's a nice conversation is key on the

first date yeah thank you guys for

watching this video I hope you guys

enjoyed it and thank you for being in

the video it was a pleasure he wants fun

it's always fun doing videos of Amelia

yes I uh I like every single day or

every like at least every second day I

get comments about Intan like tweets

should have a feel like my grand good

right over here Oh anyways I hope you

guys enjoyed it if you want a part two

or anything else with these boys just

let me know yeah I will put all of their

socials if you're okay with it in the

description box down below as well thank

you for watching hope you enjoyed and

this is graphite ya made