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hello everyone and I am back with

another video and today I wanted to talk

about how to kiss I have met a couple of

people that I dated in the past I do not

know how to kiss at all and it was

mostly because either they didn't have a

girlfriend before they never dated

before or simply they just never learned

how to kiss so today I'm just gonna show

you guys the correct way to kiss someone

unfortunately I do not have a boyfriend

next to me or overall I'm very very

single so I'm just gonna show you with

my hands how is it done

so the first thing that you want to

remember when you're kissing someone is

that you don't want to go straight to

the point

you want to look into their eyes like

that you kind of initiate that you want

to kiss them you get closer and closer

little by little

let's do for example this is a person

those are putting your lip towards them

when they're still far away I will do it

mostly like when I'm this close this is

not the right way to kiss someone and I

used to date someone who used to kiss

like that and it was just horrible I

literally had to teach him how to kiss

so what he will do is he will open his

mouth in my mind I was like oh wow this

is so bad business I'm gonna show you

guys how she literally kissed me that is

not the right way to kiss someone there

was no passion in there and he was just

kissing because he just wanted to kiss

me first of all he did not move his head

whenever you kissed someone you have to

move your head side to side another tip

do not give someone when you have just

finished eating if you're gonna do that

make sure to take some mint gum whatever

it is because you can smell when you

when they're kissing you so make sure

your mouth is clean either you don't

have a toothbrush make sure to have gun

or mint in your bag which I do not have

done it before I have kissed someone

when we were just done eating I forgot

what it was I think of let's get a deal

with cheese and there was such a

horrible experience to it that was just

another guy but anyways so the right way

to kiss someone is to get close to that

person you don't have to tell the person

like move your head this way and you

move your head that way they should

automatically know well I usually do is

I turn my head to the right side and

then they will just automatically know

first you want to start with pecs you do

not want to start with making up or

anything like that you want to show them

that you want to go really really slow

and it's just awkward like if you just

start making out with someone it's a

very awkward

moment to just begin something so

rapidly and so fast so I'm gonna do it I

want to start with little Peck so what I

do is I start kissing them like that

little pecks just nothing big nothing

too fancy it's just little Peck showing

them that's something really really cute

and then after you have done that for a

couple of times or dated the person for

a color it's a couple of times you can

start doing it a little bit more

advanced which is kissing the real

kissing and that will go use a little

tongue I mean your lips another tip that

I forgot to mention is I like to kiss

the lips individually gonna have two

upper lip and in the lower lip I like to

kiss it just individually like that I

pay attention to each of the lips so

sometimes I'll be focusing on the bottom

lip and then I'll move up to the upper

lip like that it's just more enjoyable

if you just have to learn how to play

with it and just have fun with kissing

that person as you can see I'm not using

tongue at all I'm just doing something

very very simple yeah I just don't get

too nervous around it if you know how to

kiss if you just practice with your hand

little by little you'll get better at it

let me tell you a quick story when I was

younger I I don't know why what was

going through my head I started

practicing how to kiss someone with the

wall I was in my room alone and I just

started kissing the wall because I

wanted to practice how to kiss and then

my mom she came into the room and it was

just the most awkward experience so you

know do with your hand when nobody's

looking it's not that hard once you

learn how to do it it gets easier and

easier and one tip that I will show you

guys is that you want to have your lips

really really soft you don't want to

have them like bad but you want to just

kind of like make them bounce a little

bit make sure that they enjoying your

lips don't be stiff about it so yeah

that's it for today and if you have any

questions about this topic please let me

know in the comments down below I love

you guys so much and I'll see you guys

next time bye