How to SHOOT YOUR SHOT🏀💍| DMs, tricks, tips, pickup lines📲

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Chucho shot I'm supporting it now let me

find out how sending y'all girls to do

is cuz y'all scared go nope let me own

you talk to him if you're scared I'm not

gonna play these games the bag is yours

you don't stop there

you keep going what does this mean

you're fine

text me being me I don't care tell me

now on the move on to the next one so a

lot of people think that's not a

female's place are you listening your

message is going to say hey y'all

collect my journal back with my Barbie

Genie ponytail okay so today was going

to be a different type of video it's not

gonna be a hair video it's not gonna be

a makeup video it's not gonna be a vlog

I'm here to help my lady jump out there

comfort zone and do what they need to do

so as you can see by the title I am

going to be basically telling you how to

shoot your shot and be successful so a

lot of people think that's not a

female's place i'ma go get which you

won't type a girl like I'm not gonna sit

around and wait I'm not gonna play these

games I'll go get it like a lot of times

on social media now these dudes like to

play like they like to follow you like

some pictures you like something back

and you don't hear from them ever so

you're just like what does this mean

you're fine

text me being me okay baby boy nope

we're not waiting anymore we don't have

that time I'm gonna just tell y'all how

I do it and it's successful ever

single time you need to do some

investigation before you shoot your shot

with somebody you do need to make you

need to make sure they are not in a

situation ship relationship friendship

whatever do your lurking ladies that's

what we're best at doing go through his

likes go ahead through his comments find

out who's recently putting hard eyes if

you see and you see him on a page

they're together if you go through his

likes and he's liking like for the same

girls pictures no no cut it he needs to

be single single look for tweets si

single or dude block whatever you need

to know on snap that's real boat cuz you

can never know if somebody got a chick

or not but they gonna let you know and

if they don't then that's on them oh

well baby girl he let me know he clearly

not claiming you that's how I feel so

make sure he's not in any type of

relationship make sure he's not crazy

I don't wish that I can't figure that

out before I got with people but make

sure they're not crazy

and then another tip is to find out

trying to see if you're one of those

people that want to be such a shot or be

with somebody that's around you like

location wise they make sure like

they're from where you are if you don't

care if they're across the country go

crazy like it really doesn't matter but

do your research do your research I have

to say that's before you shoot your

shower rule number one this is a social

media approach if I have time after I'm

done talking about the social media

approach I'll talk about how to shoot a

shy person but that's not really my

forte because

you reject me in person we're gonna have

problems so basically for the social

media approach this can work on snapchat

Twitter Instagram whatever you have so

what I would do first is of course

follow the person and the person do

whatever and if they follow you and do

back whatever then you're like step one

if they don't oh well I still do it but

so say they follow you back and

everything and then you don't do it

right away unless like you know they're

active okay so if they just followed you

if they just add you back you know

they're active so like a couple pictures

no click no quick on Twitter like like

like I wouldn't go crazy in like five to

seven pictures no three is enough three

four to three is enough we're not

stopping them because this is one reason

why girls shouldn't shoot sometimes it's

because we call overboard like overboard

and that's not happening you double

click a couple pictures and then if they

double click or if they like some

pictures back the back is yours you

don't stop there you keep going you

don't stop but I will give it some time

after that don't go I can't even tell

you that because I would go straight for

it but if you're kind of scary of you're

scared of rejection

I don't care tell me now I move on to

the next one that's my forte

you basically have the option to either

go right in from the punch or you can

wait a little bit let it marinate you

like pictures he like pictures let him

look at your page

let them let them lurk let him do his

job me the next morning or like in a

couple hours maybe later that day you go

for the DM now ladies some dudes are

straight-up stupid and they may not

understand this and if they don't that's

okay because that's where the cuteness

comes in so this is how I shoot my shot

with everybody it is there's no

difference I'm gonna be in somebody it's

the same approach I say I either go

straight for it or I just say hey hey

with hard eyes or something I'll be like

hey thanks or something and then you say

this you have to have script you have to

have the scripts so it's gonna say your

message is going to say are you


your message is going to say I have I

have and then you're going to put your

phone number and that's like whatever

your phone number starts with it starts

with seven oh eight three one two five

one three

whatever it starts with you're gonna put

your phone number but you're gonna put

the commas where they're supposed to be

now I'm not about to teach nobody where

to put commas because that's what you

supposed to learn in school it's the

three numbers from the end comma next

three numbers comma next three numbers

top it has to look like a number for

real that's why you're putting the

commas there so it won't just look like

a random number so you put the commas

where they're supposed to be and for

example like our area code is seven away

so it's gonna say like seven billion

something something something whatever

so it's gonna say I have your phone


reasons why you should text me

so you're basically telling him I got

trillions of reasons why you should text

me now I've had this situation before

where a dude was like give me one reason

and I'm just like so that's cute though

because he's trying to engage the

conversation so my number one reason was

like one because you're cute and I'm

cute too because I forgot what I said

and then three I was like and because I

just gave you my number and he was like

dang I don't have no choice but to text

you because just liquid and I love to

see a girl shoot they shot and when they

shoot they shine it's intelligent like

that and it's very slick like that you

have the bag baby you have the bag you

grabbed it baby go for it

some dudes will automatically just

kidding especially if they're around

your area they got the same area coat

then they automatically see it like so

I've been a situation where the dude is

like alright I'm attached to so they got

the clue there you go so that is a way

to shoot your shot size way okay and to

keep the dude y'all can't go fail with

after that after you did something

miraculous like that you cannot go and

just be like blah you cannot act like

you didn't just do everything to get him

like matter of fact only use this tactic

on somebody who really really won't if

it's somebody that's just like let them

shoot that shot he's somebody just like

I gotta have him

shoot your shot period because you never

know until you try okay so there's my

tips on shooting shots so after you text

now it's time for him to work for you so

let him get to knowing you and stuff

like that don't be blowing his phone up

first of all don't double take nobody

within like the first two weeks don't do

that because if they don't want to talk

to you they don't want to talk to you

we're not about to be going outside we

shot our shot if they don't want to talk

okay on to the next one pull that same

card on somebody else I have my reasons

but keep pulling it or a snapchat that's

a whole different story

so snap it's just straight bold like you

have to be bold so if they post

something slide up with like hard eyes

or something like that dudes are that's

a dude's favorite they does they do all

time they slide up a hard eyes and after

you say things then they want to engage

in conversation ladies could do the same

thing slide up and be like cues or like

hard eyes or something they say thanks

Maya or thanks cutie they're gonna say

something back if it's just a dry Thanks

then just cut it don't don't be him

don't in him no more no side up no more

and then after that you can still pull

them I have so much so and so and so

reasons why you should text me still

pull it on snap but you gotta do a pre

slider first you got to test the waters

first for the in-person approach on how

to shoot your shot um this one can be

basically putting your own spin on


I would say don't be awkward about

anything don't send your friends to him

neither have your friends whenever like

hey I have a friend she's trying to talk

to no you want it you go get it

don't be scary because one pet peeve a

dude is gonna get sent back to where he

came from is if he sent his friend over

to me talking about

oh she would want my bread over there

trying to talk to you okay is he scared

I'm five two and I'm 100 pounds and he's

scared come over here and talk to me

okay if you can't come to church I then

you can't kick it

you can't come speak to me at all I

don't want you by nope

not having it so if he can't come to you

so if you can't come to him straight up

don't don't send your sis over there

don't do it now let me find out child

sending y'all girls to do is cuz y'all

scared go no let me only talk to him if

you're scared that means you'll need to

shoot your shot a fierce care ladies we

are cute we are confident and we are

controlling in 2019 we got this we are

confident we are walk is just straight

I've got this we are women embracing our

feminism so the way you walk around

somebody that you want should be like

you're walking in front of Naomi

Campbell trying to audition for her

fashion show or you're walking in front

of Beyonce you need to act like you're

walking next to Rihanna swing your hair

don't do too much because that can take

a left turn like this like really quick

so for example if I'm somewhere at the

mall or something and I see somebody

cute I'm just like

and what you can do is make eye contact

but it's really hard because some dudes

will see you and they would not say

anything that pisses me off because you

would probably never see them again but

oh well so if you walk past somebody you

gotta give them that look and y'all know

what look I'm talking about because

dudes be giving us the look too but you

just gotta be like use your eyes use

your eyes use your lashes to look up and


skin him let him know you're looking at

him you peep him I see you boo I see you

let him know with your eyes if you don't

turn around then he just don't turn

around I don't know what to tell you

after that you might see them again

and then just smile or something yeah so

impersonation in your shot is either you

give a hand or you go for it now for the

go forward part about it is you see

somebody you walk up to and you just

like hey and then he like what's up me

like you're really cute and then he's

gonna be like thanks and then just be

like you got a girlfriend you gonna be

like a year or no and then you'd be like

okay well I'm gonna give you my number

and we gonna make up another time and

come on now there you go but I really

don't recommend that because you don't

know if it's girlfriend walking around

you don't know if you got the Flex in

front of his homie so I really don't

suggest that I will leave the in person

shooting shots to dudes

unless you're just somewhere you meet

somebody you guys are engaging in

conversation and you're just asking

questions like

hey how are you if you're in school if

you're new to school or something and

you're just like hey do you know what

time this class is be flirting me like

conversation be open now if you're a

scary girl you're shy shooting your shy

is not for you baby I'm sorry but you

cannot do that our confidence level is

up here up here do you see how much

space that is for me

up here your confidence level has to be

unreachable want this ladies shoot your

shot yukata in this before in the video

then your shot is very very hard it's

like flipping a coin it's either/or it's

a yes or no and I just don't say go

shoot your shot with anybody that is

definitely by society standards a dude

thing I just don't really care if you

reject them now girls we're gonna be a

little hurt so if you really really want

them then of course shoot their shot but

let let that always marinate like at

least a day before they shoot their shot

like if they won't do it then let them

do it but if it's kind of just like both

both of y'all are taking like y'all time

kind of shoot the shot go in for the


we ain't got none to lubes it's a

thousand-mile boys out here to around us

then we could shoot our shot squid and

in ten years you're gonna find another

million dude so it is alright shoot just

shot I'm supporting it it for my video

if you guys want to part two on anything

else any advice anything about shooting

your shot any boy advice any of that Ben

come to me because trust me I know

oh boy but that is the end of my video I

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