asking a boy to my first high school dance!!!

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hi guys welcome to my youtube channel my

name is Marla and I'm 15 I'm three and

sixteen and next month and basically in

my household the way things work is

you're not allowed to date here 16 I

turned 16 on May 11th and on May 11th it

happens to be a girls choice dance at my

school so my parents said I could go

basically tonight I'm gonna be asking

out the boy to the dance and I saw Avery

did a video like this

Avery over it was like asking a boy out

to my first high school dance or

something like that but I just thought

it would be a cool experience to

document and then I can look back on it

when I'm old and saggy in 30 and want to

look it back at my high school glory

days that sounded so stupid okay guys

here's my offer of the night wait I need

shoes here's my outfit of the day well

offered the night cuz it's like 5:30

this shirt just says nothing changes if

nothing changes are nothing I can't even

read upside down nothing changes yeah

and this is from Birch Bershka Birch

first got something like that and then

I'm wearing it with my thrifted jeans

that I love it we're way too often and

then I'm thinking to wear Nike Cortez

don't worry I wear socks I just haven't

gotten those yet this is such an

exciting night my friend is on her way

to pick me up right now we're gonna go

to Walmart pick up all the poster boards

also I know it's not just to Utah thing

I know a lot of people do promposal know

how to say it basically we kind of make

a big deal out of asking someone to

dance do you get like a poster board you

get a cute saying and then normally like

a treat or something and then you leave

it on the person's doorstep that you're

asking and then you like run as fast as

you can basically before you get caught

and then they like respond yes or no so

but I just finished getting ready my

hair is already falling out and the

night hasn't even started PS a caged

elephant came out with a new album so go

listen to it

this is Izzy this is Kelsey le where are

you okay we thought we just go straight

to one more close up one more time call

my helicopter this is 80 degrees today

it's almost 80 degrees today that's

insane like three days ago it was warm

temperatures there for your photography

thing my hips don't lie okay

those word guys this is my all-time

favorite level on this antique store

look how cute I thought nothing brought

nothing changes nothing changes nothing

changes nothing changes nothing judge

not even when it says it says nothing

changes if nothing changes we just hang

on to Walmart do you wanna get OOTD I

already got one this guy is really we're

heading on down to the dance list I

thought that would be cute for you what

is it will you had a go had I gone yet

not actually be cute will you be the

freshest ones out there wait that's

actually really cute should we do you

want to do that one

okay Elliot how are you asking your date

tonight you really like Star Wars so I

was gonna say like some sort of Star

Wars thing there's like one that's like

Yoda only

hey that would be so wait wait wait

that would be so cute I think you'd

really like that one nothing says I love

you like that face in the morning I mean

what man does not like a lightsaber you

know really like Star Wars right yeah

how am i yeah I would love to go to

Athena well the boy that she's asking

likes tennis and love is a tennis term

so funny okay so hi I just met Jasmine

and I met Briana are you guys sisters


well thanks guys for saying hi okay we

finally found the poster board okay I'm

just gonna get a white one and then I'm

gonna get a red sharpie we only have one

poster board for each of us so we can't

mess this up yeah you're the obi-wan I

want to take a last also send some game

chick-flick I also got this chicken I'm

sure I'll say yes why would you put the

chair on my front doorstep it says I'm

going to

I know they're like popping what we just

talk like us probably but I can see


maybe they wonder what we do I know I

know what girls do


Marcel started playing it's so annoying

I'm crying right now but like this is so


I'm doing fine it was just a little

emotional for a few seconds but I'm good

now you know I just kind of gave up this

is the name Tate's the name of the boy

that I'm taking did I spell everything

right yeah dude does that look like

you've had a Dorito

with cheese on it it was hard to swallow

did you like it you know what you want

yeah it was nasty oh my god are you

serious oh yeah let me see Hudson I love

it if you came to last chance I think

that's so cute yes

be enthusiastic we both say two

different answers no no I sure die or is

that too much this is so intense this is



we got them you got them surprised I

also forgot but I'm giving him the

chicken sounds like the penguin and toy

stories that can't be I'm really

stressing right now no I'm gonna take

out on the Ranger so everybody dead

silent so my heart's beating so fast

right now this is stressful and this

isn't even like prom or anything like

it's a pretty low-key dance guys I don't

want to do at the wrong house I'd be the

worst thing everyone I'm trying to find

that house member but I can see my

double chin oh the car just pulled into

the driveway right now where's my phone

oh my direction is going on so I asked

are you home yeah I would ask her you

make sure is it savouring all more time

they share he's

so basically we showed up at his house

and we dropped off all the chicks away

and then I knocked on his door and then

no one answered and we like pulled out

and a truck pulled out of his driveway

so we were just like kind of confused

and then I ran back and I rang the

doorbell like four times and then no one

still answered so I basically texted him

saying like hi like are gonna be home

soon and he's like yeah but why and then

I was like I hope you like cold

chick-fil-a and then he ended up pulling

into his driveway we saw all this

friends get up a car and we drove by and

the chick-fil-a was gone so I'm gonna


don't hit her can you just send this

others again hunters thankfully the

address is right now put down put down

faster faster rock I back at home and I

feel like I was like a really weird

experience as you guys saw we kind of

got lost when you're trying to go to the

second house and this is really intense

in the moment but looking back like it

was it was fine we're we're all safe

back home though and I feel like those a

success so yeah that was my first time

asking a boy out to a high school dance

and I would say one pretty well and yeah

so thank you Izzy for driving and being

a safe driver

we were seat buckled anyway give this

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the video and if you want to see more

videos and if you guys want I might do a

get ready with me for my first high

school dance I know something like that

I'm trying to get all the content I can

out of this dance

but you guys won comment down below and

let me know that you'd like to see that

but yeah I think that wraps up today's

video is a little interesting and

intense and sketchy a few moments and

yeah okay

see you guys later have a good day bye