5 Tricks That Will Get A Guy To Reveal His Feelings For You - How To Get A Guy To Open Up To You

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what's going on everybody in favor

dating coach Eliot Scott and as you can

see by the title below we're going to

talk about five things that I find the

shrinks at least that can get a guy to

open up and reveal his feelings to you

okay now the more you do of these the

better chance you have I highly

recommend you stack them I'm just saying

that now before we can get into it

because I feel like the more of these

you have in your favor the more he's

willing to open up and you're gonna

understand why okay now before we get

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okay so jumping right into this here's

the thing guys some of the guys don't

want to express their feelings they're

just very hesitant to for a bunch of

reasons now I just made a video about

that a day or two ago so watch that

first if you haven't watched this but

the guys are very hesitant for several

reasons and I think well I'm about to

show you or tell you are gonna be ways

to get him to Mord or more likely open

up to you and tell you all that that

good mushy stuff that you all like right

that mushy stuff

okay so here's number one this is very

common sense but I am going to explain

it in a way where guys or were you

understand okay number one is - I hate

saying this because so obvious is to

build trust okay now let me explain why

this is so important just like I said in

my last video guys are very hesitant in

opening up to a girl because of how

she's gonna take it how she's gonna

respond now that she's gonna turn him

down he's not worried about that he

knows you like him right but that's the


he knows you like him and well I mean

that's not really a problem but it can


it's not causation but it's correlation

in a way where he's afraid to tell you

these kind of things because you might

change right you might become worried or

more available more interested you might

take it as the green light to go and and

just release crazy on them and he's not

gonna want that okay he was he was he

wants your trust he wants to know that

he's able to tell you this and you're

able to appreciate it okay cuz again a

lot of guys don't open up just like

women are very protective of who they

sleep with while some women are I'm very

protective of who they sleep with this

is kind of the equivalent to men men are

very very very protective on who they

they express their their self and their

feelings to you know if you're a special

woman and he feels you're special and

that you're worthy of it he is more more

happy more than happy to open his heart

his mind his mouth to tell you how he

feels okay but you have to win it over

first you just can't expect it because

you like them you have to win it over

just like a guy has to court you to

sleep with you again some of you you

know nothing there's anything wrong that

you can't expect a guy to open up and

tell you what do you want what you want

to hear the real guys not guys who are

just trying to get in your pants but you

know to genuinely open up and tell you

how he feels you just can't do that

overnight you just can't do that over a

couple weeks it has to be all these

other things I say and at the same time

it's just you had to be special there

has to be a reason he wants to open up

to you okay

there has to be a reason there has to be

a benefit because a lot of times guys

think it's a disadvantage okay because

of how a woman reacts just like sex


you both think sex is a great thing and

it is but sex is a serious thing this

intimate and a judge or does change the

dynamics of the relationship you know

how sex is you know if you act after it

some people gets

it does change the vibe a little bit

this is the same way right so just like

women are very hesitant to sleep with a

guy because it might be changing the

vibe he's the same way of that okay so

number two is ask him when he looks for

in a woman

okay what the god can you read that

that's somebody likes him and a woman


I'm going to be very very very clear

with this don't ask him what he's

looking for

ask what he looks for in a woman

do not ask him what he's looking for

that's going to ruin everything and the

reason I tell you to ask him this is

because just like me and a lot of other

guys we kind of want to hint at you that

a we're really feeling you that we're

really digging you and things like that

so when you ask them this question

you're basically giving him the okay the

green minus two and some of your

characteristics to it right so if I'm

talking to a good-looking brunette with

brown eyes big but good personality

things like that she you know who likes

to travel and those kind of things you

know and she asks me so so what do you

look for in a girl

I'm gonna say you know I'm gonna throw

away some random things to know that I

do think are porn I would price that you

know I like ambitious women I like

brunettes I'm a big fan you know dark

brown eyes I you know I like to travel

so hopefully I'll like someone who

travels I'm a butt guy so she has a nice

butt that's always a plus

I know just things like that he's going

to throw in about 50 or 60 percent of of

your characteristics in there so if you

want to be stored the guy's really

filling you out especially in the

beginning right when you're going on the

first couple days several dates this is

a great way to get a guy to open up okay

which kind of speaking of that dates

which kind of gets me number three is to

set the mood

okay now listen you might look at this

you'd be like oh god that's so cliche so

normal so whatever I could free that in

a damn magazine this is very very very

important guys are in the moment

creatures that's why some days you'll

hear guys say something then the next

day his actions don't line up sometimes

he does mean what he's saying

because it's in the mobizen guys are

very very in the moment creature so do

you want to get him to open up you gotta

set the mood you gotta be fun you gotta

be laid-back there has to be no pressure

he has to be really happy and enjoying

your company in the moments a lot of

times when guys open up is when him and

her or laying down they're cuddling

watching something good not fully

committing to it like for example

there's a you know like if I had a girl

over for example I would probably watch

BuzzFeed videos or tasty videos or

something like that certain BuzzFeed

videos not like the politics of BuzzFeed

but you know like they're worth it or

they're unsolved thing you know there's

things like that things that aren't so

long like a movie where if you miss a

part of it you miss the movie but you

know it's chunks like episodes small

little ten to fifteen minute episodes I

think that works wonders if you can get

a guy and sit down and watch tasty with

you or or worth it or the unsolved

series something like that and happen

just have fun hang out and talk this

works for me at least and you have a

good conversation he's more willing to

open up over you know it in a much

faster time than usual okay number four

would be reverse psychology and here's

what I mean by yes miss Posada here a

lot of women reveal their feelings way

too fast maybe not by what they say but

how they act right so in all the way we

might be too interested to

eager to available wait to available on

time I want to see longtime Globus fold

whatever it is and the guy knows where

she stands

well when not only missed when mystery

is very very attractive okay number one

when you have that kind of undertone you

know the mystery um where each other

stands they called a warning to know

where each other stands but at the same

time when his job is to win you over

it's very very sexy when you don't

reveal your cards because if you don't

reveal your cards he's gonna have to

okay because he knows that's what you

want so if you hold out long enough he

is going to have to keep on giving and

giving and giving and giving to a point

where it's pretty it's pretty obvious

how he feels about you that's very very

important but a lot of women are too

eager too interested too intense in the

beginning yeah she's she totally misses

up misses his opportunity with the guy

okay so if you're able to do a little

bit reverse psychology not playing hard

to get just doing what he's doing just

hanging out having fun but not overdoing

it and his job as the masculine energy

you know it just says a male is to

provide and satisfy for the woman to

court her to win her over

he's eventually going to have to show or

reveal something to get there but the

reason a lot of guys do is because he

never has to because a woman gives in

too fast too early anyway okay so keep

that in mind and last but not least kind

of going with what I said in our um the

number four there's so appreciation they

were to say that I know appreciate has

one or two piece of things to show

appreciation now why is that well number

one showing appreciation bills that okay

showing appreciation goes with that a

lot of times guys are very very hesitant

like I said on opening up to a girl and

at the same time his job is to provide

and satisfy so if he knows there's no

harm no foul when he does it again guys

July I tell him all time at least my

clients guys are like dogs you can't get

mad at a guy for what he does a lot of

the time because of three things one you

let them to he thinks he can get away

with it so right there if you let them

or any thinks he can get away with it

and then you keep on doing it it kind of

leads to the third thing which is you

conditioned a guy to act the way he's

acting so if you know so if a guy comes

it goes out if your life comes and goes

out of your life and you allow it you

can't get mad at the guy he's just taken

advantage of the situation in your

allowing it's you know so you can't get

mad at a guy for that and this is kind

of same thing on a more positive note if

you want a guy to do good praise them

when he does good if you don't like when

he does something wrong pray or don't

praise him but scold him when he does

something wrong so if he leaves he

should come right back into your life

and get the spot he had to begin with

that's not fair to you and you're only

conditioning him by not showing him a

penalty that that's okay okay so you do

want to show appreciation when he does

open up or he gives you a little bit of

something you won't let them know it's

okay so that means say ladies there you

go there's five things I do know that

work okay so if you do any of these

you'll be okay more the merrier

you're fine that being said I love you

take care compete