How to Get Bloggers to Review Your Products

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hi Molly here with your PR tip of the

week I want to start to talk about

working with bloggers and this will

probably be a several part post but for

those of you that have physical products

that you're trying to sell on the


make a list of between 10 and 12

bloggers in your industry that you know

reach the target audience that you want

to buy your product and then reach out

to them ask them if they would be

interested in receiving some of your

product for free you can throw in a

product for them for free and then offer

at least one to two products for their

audience to win is a giveaway most the

time the bloggers will say yes because

who doesn't like getting free stuff but

sometimes they might ask for a

sponsorship fee to sponsor that blog

post and if you have the budget to do

that that might make sense for you but a

lot of bloggers will do it for free

once they've confirmed that they want

the product to go ahead and ship it to

them and I would just really make a nice

presentation out of your packaging

include some fun tissue paper put in a

handwritten thank-you note and send any

marketing collateral any fact sheets any

information that you have on the product

ship it out overnight or 2-day and then

follow up with an email to the blogger

with some sample verbage that they can

use for the blog post and some sample

social media posts that they can use to

promote it make it really easy for them

the easier you make it for them the more

likely they are to actually post give it

some time a week or two and if they

haven't posted you can always follow up

once they do post make sure you promote

it on your social media channels and

send them another thank-you note and now

you have a relationship with another

blogger with another Internet influencer

and make sure that you maintain that and

keep in touch

hope this has been helpful have a good