How To Date A Black Girl???!! Q&A

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okay so this is crystal is crazy coming

back at you guys I recently did a Q&A

asking you guys to ask me like anything

anything you wanted to know any

questions that you have just you know

come in below and let me know so I did

give like a lot of responses but I did

want to go over the responses that I did

get so I had Tom come in and say that

hey I'm 69 hey Tom how are you um some

basically say he's single and he really

won't I guess an idea of how to date a

black woman at his age cuz he's a he's a

Caucasian he's a white guy um Tom my my

thing is be yourself don't throw money

at a woman don't go out and buy her

lavish gifts if you meet her if you met

her in a grocery store or if I would say

if you was to meet a black woman Tom

meet her in a social setting that's what

my advice would be for you I would

recommend you meeting her if you were at

a I wouldn't say a party but like a so

she been a house warming party for one

of your friends or just a social

gathering whether if it's a fall or

something like that like that's what I

would say if you want to meet a black

woman and then if you do happen to get

in to her circle where she's at at this

particular event I'm definitely open to

open up to her let her know you know

don't go out and be like hey I'm

thinking on black I'm white you wanna

hang out like no just I don't know hey

you know have conversations listen to

her talk buy her drink

just let it know like you know hey you

know don't go right into it seeing

you're single and you're white guy cuz

the first thing if I had a guy your age

has Implanon

if I had a guy your age trying to holla

at me

the first thing I will go off of and

would be like I'll he finish Rick he's

even a tree keep it

some money so that's the first thing I'm

gonna think I'm not gonna take you

serious into a relationship right off

the bat I'm really gonna take use if

you're trying to get money and if you

let me know like you're willing to take

care of me then you really kind of set

yourself up so Tom my advice for you if

you meet her in a social setting cuz

you're not gonna walk up until a grocery

store and meet a black woman I mean

unless you just really corny like if you

walk in a grocery store and say Prince

Wu was on the same aisle and we were at

the creek machine cape cod's if you know

where that is that's the coffee machine

that makes your thought before you pop a

potty and you're good you make one cup

of coffee

so say Francis mean you were down that

aisle and we were you were just you know

hey you know which one is the best

coffee you know and I'm just talking to

you and you just talking to me and we

couldn't necks and you know we go from

there and then I give you my number we

go on a couple dates it's not that hard

for older white got to approach a

younger black woman like my age I'll be

30 in April we'll next month it's not

that hard it's just about how you do it

don't throw money at her don't try to

give her lavish gifts ease into it take

her out on dates go for walks and park

going picnics and then start letting the

lavishing go Tom like then you can go

you know right into it so I hope this

answer your questions and since I don't

have a million and one questions I'm

just gonna take my time on it so one guy

live 42 day k1 how do you feel about

politics race war in the last four years

have you thought about modeling and why

did you move to Dallas and what do you

hate about it what do you like and hate

about it

probably think of more later so first of

all how do I feel about politics in a

race war I think it's really crazy I

think we all are here for a reason

and I don't think they'll wants to be

able to get booted out of there

Kirt they have been here have I thought

about modeling I did actually try it out

for America's Next Top Model back in

like 2007 I did not make the cut because

I was five six and a half and they

wanted models five seven um why did I

move to Dallas I'm going to Dallas just

to promote just to pretty much just kind

of a better opportunity it's more out

here than Mississippi there's more

advancements here than Mississippi and I

feel like it was just a little bit more

better for being my son since I am a

single mom I feel like it is a little

bit better for us to kind of just grow

and be out here I know I don't have any

friends oh I have a couple friends out

here but I don't have any families out

here so it's just me by myself what do I

like about it I love the fact that it is

more opportunity it's big it's a lot of

stuff to do I'm never gonna get bored

there's always somewhere to go there's

always something to do what do I hate

about it I hate that I cannot find a

house I recently been looking for a

house I got a pre-approval offer on I

got a pre-approval for whatever house I

want for that amount and it's just a

housing market out here sucks so that's

not the only thing I hate about it and

that's it

this other guy Rambo do you like white

guys that are swole and he asks me do I

have a facebook I do have a Facebook it

is called de Barb's that's Diaz a dog a

is an Apple space Barb's be as and boy

as an apple RB as a boy with the Z as in

zebra so that's my personal facebook

page I don't have like a fan Facebook

page or anything like that and do I like

white guys that are suare you talking

about penises are you talking about body


Gai Christmas fire I don't remember what

got me to subscribe to you originally it

has been a while you are beautiful and

maybe that's what it was my question is

do you have a preference in dating men

as far as race if so why

the final question what characteristics

do you look for in a man first of all I

do date outside my race

I prefer today outside my race I really

prefer dating someone of the Spanish

descent but I have dated white guys

before it I'm open to it

I have dated Asian guys before and I'm

open to it obviously I have a child with

a Mexican son I'm open to that as well

and what was the next question he asked

me and what do I look for the man um

I look for charisma I look for if he had

he can hold a good conversation to me if

we can talk on the phone for hours and

never have to see each other I love that

because when the first beginning that's

all you have to relay on to get to know

a person you don't know their background

you don't know their about you know I

love a person who don't mind taking that

step for it to be in my life I don't

like someone that's too pushy to be in

my life I've been single since my son

was born for about three years now I'm

used to being by myself prior to you

know meeting his father so for me I

really I'm a loner I'm used to being by

myself I say by myself I'm about I'm a

by myself kind of person so for a guy to

come into my life he really has to

understand that I'm used to being alone

so he really have to just be aware of

that that I'm a loner this is what I do

also he has to be understanding I'm a

single woman I am a single mother I

can't go out on any given Sunday any of

the night I can't do certain things so

he needs to have patience and

understanding that Hey

the thing if she can do a lot of things

that you know a girl who's flopping her

ass around here can do I have to take

care of my child I want us he asked me

what was the next question that was the

last of my questions so yeah so if you

guys are liking these kind of questions

I like I said before and the quick Q&A

definitely leave me a comment below in

this video as well I will be happy to

answer them to the best of my knowledge

and give you guys a little bit more

information I mean I don't mind

answering questions I'm here open books

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wouldn't say you have to be discreet

because it ain't like nobody know who

would here you are anyway so thank you

guys for tuning in if you want to see

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