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money something everyone undoubtably

loves but no matter what someone says

they'd rather have a lot of money than

not many content creators have an

insatiable lust for it and like to beg

and guilt-trip their 14-year old viewers

into giving them at odd hours of time to

watch me and not $5 what are you doing

with your life no I will not be doing

that for this video kind of instead of

going to 14 year old to probably barely

have any money to their name I'm going

right for the top of society right to

the top of the hierarchy the

billionaires now these fellows likely

have a few quid lying around so I 5 come

up with a well beast idea I'm going to

pitch to every single billionaire that

has an Instagram account why they should

give me money now this could go

amazingly or awfully most likely the

latter because I've allowed the boys to

help me out with these messages somebody

help me out I mean they're probably

gonna pressure me into saying some

horrible things to some of the most

powerful people in the world now you're

probably thinking George B emulous how

are you gonna manage the deal every

single billionaire oh they're like a

couple thousand of them yeah but not

many of them have Instagram surprise I

mean it's almost as if they have

something better to do than be on social

media all day luckily for me otherwise

I'd be all day it's only about 26

billionaires on Instagram the other

night I went on the Forbes list and

basically took every name that likely

has an Instagram account like there's

lots of people that are 80 year-old

finance men that obviously not gonna

have an Instagram account I took all the

ones that I thought were likely to have

one most of them did not I managed to

find 26 actual verified accounts so I

mean if there's any billionaires out

there that I miss I'm so so sorry just

shot me a couple grand and I'll make

sure you're in the next video I've got a

list of billionaires that we're gonna DM

and try and get get them to give us some

money somehow

wait this isn't about money this is

about selling my table George yeah we

could sell your table wherever whatever

gets money sell stuff we can do I need

to sell if you want to buy my company

reach out to me I've even lowered the

price today I'm getting that desperate

George I'm actually sending your one

grand concrete table for for this video

I'm gonna lower it to 150 pounds oh very

nice I'll tell them that we got a

bargain for them so you know what we're

doing here we're

with DMing billionaires please don't get

me wax I got the guy who made farmville

I was Billy now he's a billionaire

parent according to Forbes crazy man son

surprisingly he's only got 100 followers

that's the thing I think I owe him a

follow what should what should we send

her market tell mark that we really love

farmville mark mark mark any oh hello

marki we call asking for names in

brackets and the other ones

what could we ask him for my farm went

bankrupt you know and was you know

obviously that cow disease absolutely

ravaged our farm that was many years ago

Alex we're here took home some money

back many years ago is often when people

played farmville say I miss farmville

press up on I'm sure Kate likes you more

play farm to everyone you know what is

so impossible that's like one of them

games it takes days and days and days to

do anything yeah we sit for days and

days and days and fly oh my god I used

to have a farm but no alas alas classic

no longer no longer vanished into thin


make sure it's all spelled correctly

he's a businessman yeah yeah hello Mark

II really love farm filled me up this

last minute solving acids so we could

get right and the other ones nobody

complained via sorry mark he's a

billionaire Joyce you really sit there

go oh no people only played farmville

and maybe 20 billion pounds my cow

disease has ravaged my farm could you

buy me a cow yeah actually not even for

all their money no no I'm not asking for

every penny of his buddy that's what we

did I think we should try and get some

sports some investors on the eve of me

as in me as in the room for me so I

think we should message

trying to get a bit of investment into

the e boys yes Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos

madam I suppose this previously I want

you to open with hello

enter I also hate taxes link could we

pretend we're attorney not be the best

picture of Alex you have it I'll send it

to him what about the one of him on a

bike yeah we could that one could work

kept the one of him right purple hair I

was literally typing in oh I got one I

got one I got a good one for this don't

worry I said we are a charity that looks

after famous youtuber I'm Alex what you

not seen it before

I can't work the racing from my memory

yeah did you know it's not well I don't

we ask Jeff Bezos to Pete Harvey's third

nipple remove oh good old Billy gates

here so sorry ask bill hi Bill hi I've

been a dedicated Xbox user 2009 when my

mom got me a Playstation user since my

[ __ ] mom she's my [ __ ] mom to be very

live party chat so he that language is

all infra cut be a PlayStation yeah well

I would really like the Xbox Xbox all

right so let's show you this back hi

Bill I've been a dedicated Xbox users

since my [ __ ] month got me a

Playstation oh really like an Xbox to

fit is going now Billy Billy G here he's

most likely not gonna give me any money

but it's you know it's you know who is

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again thank you to mischief for

sponsoring today's video okay we have a

guy called Reed Hoffman Reed Hoffman

what did he invent he's venture capital

Recordings my very limited research of

the boring this guy got eleven point

nine K epic Rap Battles of History

what a hero oh but George that was in

2019 hello sir I am also a big fan of ER

b o cap co be

would you like to buy my table just

straight up would you like to buy my

epic epic black table my epic table of

history concrete i've already anonym no

i haven't got the following up on my

screen but I've got Richard Branson here

yeah I mean he sued the NHS I mean I'm

thinking shoot I'm pretty sure he did

threatens company virgin care suit the

NHS after it lost out on an 82 million

pound contract to promote it I hope wait

no hello Richard hello Richard you've

got your step friendly in that hello

Richard I hope it's gonna be something

old for inner space you know we're

supposed to be gay good said this buddy

I'm not making

hello Richard I'm at the [ __ ] doing a

video asking billionaires he maybe he

loves attention maybe he'll respond how

original doing a video asking

billionaires for money I will say you

are my favorite billionaire yeah maybe

just honestly you'd get responses if you

ask them for advice I'm sure they're all

can egomaniac doesn't want to be like if

not can I have some advice matey

yes we caught you make Bobby Misner

because he's a billionaire yeah I would

assume so his dad's a billionaire should

I say it's a good old Bobby he's quite

nice out on him yeah hi he probably

knows who I am cuz I was in the video

yeah for sure for sure see it will

probably say yes yeah and then the day

before will says you're a great host we

have you know in and out the burger


yeah the burger place I've got the woman

who founded it Lindsay Tinchy Stryder

okay it was nothing but it was nothing

but culinary nothing but concrete in

that it was nothing but a concrete tang

kids games kiss chase way no kids kids

games we need to be the rinds with game

and chase that is something to do about

how cheap is my table my place now I'm

hoping that it will go missing now

hopefully I will go missing please buy

my table an inch Lincoln tell you please

buy my table watch how it glistens buy

my table

how it glistens you fancy submitting a

bid George

you know I'm not submitting a bit my

pain Marie taste video brilliant this is

so awful iam and then we've got this guy

who's the richest man in Africa I think

I don't know what we're gonna say to him

I think we're starting to invest in

something hello my mother D my mother D

loves your mum's ghost loves nuts her

dream is to actually use to open a nut

restaurant that is nothing we are

planning on calling it no just now we

have a guy who runs like a clothing

company or something it's an American

one I think so let's just suck his dick

me let's just suck his dick yeah let's

just say hey Michael brought it let's go

formal hey Michael pleasure to meet you

I'll do that thing that all companies do

when they email pleasure to meet you yes

I have looked up to you how old's if I'm

locked up to you since the day I came

out all right send I want to be you

Michael just like you Michael this is

just getting creepy hard to be you

Michael just like you Michael said Cindy

George he'd be a nutter to reply to this

if you have one piece of advice for a

young whippersnapper like what but I'll

see you in 10 years

round the billionaire table I reckon are

wired like this man this is what he

wants to hear PS HMRC he's American okay

there we got the guy who founded Dropbox

hello my girlfriend's nudes

wait no no hello sir hello sir I

recently uploaded my girlfriend's nudes

on a Dropbox does that mean you have

seen them you got I said like in a

Barriss looking emoji she will kill me

though would be kinder

into it if you have seen them

okay now the last one we have is a guy

called Errol I think he found it BK BK

yeah okay if this guy doesn't have at

least two million followers there's

something very wrong with this world no

no I think you're thinking of the drink

yeah I was inside the Russian social

media site oh my god please dude may I

just say you are no no we need to send

this message in Russian google translate

into Russian I'm not translating into

Russian he'll go they made the effort

James I will come out all broken it

won't make any sense

No they'll be happy we made the effort

George we put this message in Russian

all right okay I'll just put concrete

table in Russian three table question

mark Lincoln and pronounce me still a

tony stark's but be by my but police dog

they've got a model who's I think he's

like heir to some billions he seems like

the type to check is DM so for sure for


Oh maybe offer him some in publicity

maybe so you're doing a video on

something because he's got the money

doesn't have your massive amount of fame

George has fair that's very true

I said I'm a very famous youtuber I

shouldn't start off with that hello sir

why would that entice of n with way to

me I'll do you no no no copy and paste a

trade and train it descended Kevin Plank

under can you please hey my friend I'm


he is a sporty lad okay I never expected

anything haven't passed here I've always

said a few funny messages it was done

that be over also before anyone tells me

off what's going aren't all the

billionaires I did the end more I just

didn't keep him in the video otherwise

the video would've been like 45 minutes

long I thought we'd just be straight up

getting aired

hey so we got a reply so the only

reasonable next step was figuring out

how to get more replies and then the

perfect opportunity arose Bobby went

live hello Bobby

hello my friends how are you I have a

favor to ask you Big Bob you know how i

DM do you asking to pay my taxes for me

I've basically I'm doing a video where

I'm DMing billionaires asking them for

money and none of them are applied to my

DMS we should be able to help me out

Bobby no no no no I want some more

replies for some billionaires oh hell

yeah Thank You Bobby

yes I've never used Instagram before how

do I get off this life how do I do this

I don't how to use Instagram after that

life I was thinking what am I actually

gonna say to this billionaire nothing

but I sent him another DM saying you

know you know what I think would be a

good idea if you send me a singular

sense just one sense and he sent it over

so I guess you could call this video a

massive success I managed to get a

billionaire to send me money alright

guys I hope you enjoy today's video make

you so much - Bobby mister for sending

this anyone said please go and subscribe

to him so what's getting massive thank

you to mischief for sponsoring today's

video you check them out other link in

the description my very very very highly

recommend it is super interesting anyway

guys I'll see you in a bit