How To Ask A Beautiful Woman Out On a Date?

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How To Ask A Beautiful Woman Out On a Date?

Hi Man, Have already met the woman of your dreams

or got her phone number?

Are you wondering how to ask her out on a date without her refusing you?

For most men asking a woman out on date seems quite challenging as it brings out their

unknown fears.

Every man might have gone through this phase at least once in a lifetime and I am not exception

to this as well.

I did feel many times.

If you ask a woman, out on a date whether she will accept or not will be based on the

three aspects that I am going to teach you in a moment.

Project right body language and observe what

her body language is communicating.

When you ask, a woman on a date, she checks your body language before she decides to say

yes or no.

If you project your body language like a needy desperate insecure approval-seeking guy, she

will reject.

So, Maintain confidence and composure while asking and behave like a mature masculine

man who knows his path and purpose in life.

A good vocal projection makes you sound confident naturally.

If you ask in a crackling or high pitch tone, you are subconsciously communicating her that

you are nervous around her or desperate.

It is not a good thing.

So, when it comes to attraction your certainty and confidence are two important factors.

No one wants to spend time with someone who is not sure of himself.

I do not need to say again and again, first impression is the best.

So make it work for you.

So, your success depends on how you communicate your value to her in an unpredictable way,

that you are the “one in a million guys” by projecting right body language, right vocal

projection, with spontaneous, mysterious and cheerful attitude.

Practically speaking if you ask a woman out on a date, you have already gave up your power. Now

it depends on her whether to accept or not because she took it granted.

you have no control over it, right?

Instead, If You Keep "The Asking As An Invitation In The Form Of An Assertive Statement",

you keep your power balanced and lead the outcome.

Here is how: Indicate you already have an established great

social life and you are a high status and high-value man who lead the things better

in life.

Convey in your invitation that you would like to include them in your active social life

that you already have rather than conveying that you have no life and would like to create

one with them.

If you convey that you have active social life with women, it creates positive feelings

in them and put them at ease.

If you convey that, you do not have social life that it will give negative feeling and

she may doubt your personality.

For Instance, Now you can use an assertive statement like this



AND I KNOW, WE WOULD HAVE A GREAT TIME THERE... In the place of movie you can use Concert/Musical Play/ Party/Restaurant etc.,

This invitation is in the form of statement and not a question and you indicated that

you were going anyway whether she joins are not, and invited her to come with you.

By this single statement, you communicate that you have an active social life and indicated

that we have a great time together as well.

If you ask in the form of an invitation, you have your power balanced and you lead the outcome.

In other words, whether she joins you or not, you will carry on with your entertainment,

she would be the one who is missing it.

It is Ultimate Secret Weapon you can use each time that communicates that you are spontaneous,

mysterious and one in a million guys who do not need anybody’s approval for leading a better life or for his entertainment.

In Most Of The Times, She Will Accept Your Invitation.