Asking NBA Player to PROM

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I'm gonna sign asking if any Simon's

about a problem with me



yeah they knew their fingers into Tahoe

this would be spot on my race


so guys Sunday I just did my makeup

tonight is like a school dance but I'm

going to the Blazer game actually she's

also a shirt this is my blazer game fit

this is the winter fit I made a sign

asking Anthony Simon's a little problem

with me

so that's what this vlog in and guess

what you're gonna see I'm really excited

because I'd rather go to a boy's room

than a dance geh

can I get an NBA player but probably I'm

washing my sheets right now but it says

aunt and prom I had to cut it cuz it was

too big I'm just gonna hold it like this

no I'm not gonna block anybody I'm not

gonna hold it when they're playing I'm

just gonna do timeout I'm super excited

a lot of my friends have big

expectations that like he's gonna go

with me I just wanted to see it and

laughs peed happiest girl the world if

that happens my stomach looks a little

bit cuz you can tell because I just

don't want them to take it away from me

cuz it's way too big I'm gonna try to

sneak it in watch them like take it like

I hold it up once and they take it from

me I'm such a rebel




so it dawned on me that some of you guys

might be living under a rock and don't

know who am Forney Simon Says so let me

show you so what ended up happening is I

was on the jumbo screen three times


definitely had some players acknowledge

like kind of laugh and smile at the sign

but Anthony did not acknowledge it once

so maybe you'll see this video maybe I

don't have the best luck I guess with

him because I also went to one of his

meet and greets and the line got cut and

I was like really close to meeting him

because they ran out of time


one of my closest friends Maya is taking

me to blazer games she knows how much I

love the Blazers that she knows me so

well I'm literally so freaking excited







being here having great conversations

while they're on their phone

great conversation