10 Things Basketball Coaches HATE! Avoid Them To Make The Team & Be A Starter!

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these are 10 things that coaches

absolutely hate it'll make the blood

boil and I've seen these things take

players from being like maybe a starter

or maybe you know close to being a

starter to get no playing time or being

in the middle of playing you know a

whole bunch of minutes and boom

instantly getting pulled from the game

and sometimes that can ruin a player's

entire season and then that leads to

possibly ruining your entire career so

make sure you're not doing these 10

things I'm gonna go over exactly what

they are and how to fix it it's pretty

simple stuff just to not do it but you

have to be paying attention to it and a

lot of these a lot of players don't

really even know these are things that

bother their coach so you'll definitely

want to pay attention to all of them

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me a comment let me know I'll try to get

you one ASAP this thing and you might

think this is kind of weird for me to

say because this is get handles

basketball / dribbling big problem that

a lot of coaches don't like it drives

them wild now I'm not saying like

bringing the basketball off you know

that's not older dribbling setting up

the offense that's not older dribbling

what I'm talking about is like when

you're just sitting here doing a whole

bunch of moves and just pull a bunch of

stuff off all in one spot with literally

no movement no intention to get anywhere

that's gonna be a problem typically I

would say if you're like actually trying

to create something and it's taking you

more than five six dribbles that's

probably a problem with your coach

they're probably not gonna like that

even if you are getting some movement

into the mix and you're kind of coming

side-to-side and things if you're still

taking too many dribbles your coach is

just going to get annoyed because it

looks like you're not really trying to

create for your entire team you're being

selfish you're messing up the flow of

the offense all that stuff your coach

spends a lot of time probably working on

your offense setting that up trying to

get the whole team involved right and if

you're over dribbling that's gonna be a

problem number two it's also gonna be a

problem for you because now the whole

defense is gonna collapse and now it's

harder for you to try to drive which is

what you're probably trying to set up if

you're doing a lot of dribbling

and on top of that your teammates are

gonna go stagnant they're gonna be like

okay well he's just trying to drive and

now it messes up the entire flow and

function of the office so that's why

your coach is probably never a problem

if you're over dribbling make sure

you're not doing it if that first step

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big tip and this is when I see a lot

with players I've had this at like my

camps even and I'm not even like giving

players playing tile I'm just trying to

get them better but if you're doing this

with your culture he's actually giving

you playing time big problem you're not

gonna get playing time and it is not

listening and applying so kind of two

things as they go hand-in-hand if your

coach is talking number one eyes got to

be focused on him it drives your coach

nuts if he's talking and you're just

kind of like looking over here or you're

you know just looking off into space or

you're talking to another teammate that

will make their blood boil

you are gonna not get very much playing

time if you're doing that consistently

sometimes even once some coaches really

want that level of respect where every

second you are paying attention to what

they're talking about so make sure

you're paying attention to what they're

saying and listening like not just like

looking at them but listening to what

they're saying so you can soak it in and

understand your coach is trying to help

you but if you're not giving them the

respect to say okay I'm gonna listen

then your coach is gonna get a little

bit or a lot annoyed second part of this

though is you have to apply right you

can't just I mean and that's part why

you have to not just look but also

listen because you can't apply if you're

not listening right drives me nuts when

I have camps and things like that if I'm

Tonto players do this it'll help your

crossover get better instantly just make

sure you're doing this that's it I'll

give him like one point and if they

don't do it I'm like you seriously must

not want to get better and I'm not of

coaches it's trying to get players

playing time I just want them to get

better so they can get playing time if

it's your coach and you're not doing

that your coach won't maybe say anything

if you're not applying you'd be like

okay well apparently he doesn't want to

play so they just won't play you third

thing coaches hate and this is something

that they might again this is especially

one they won't see anything like you're

not listening they might get on you

about it but if you're not doing this

some coaches will get on you for it and

some won't maybe say anything and

they'll just say okay this guy doesn't

want to play very much of this guy's not

very good and it's if you're not

bringing intensity and with this I'm not

just talking with like the typical stuff


you know hustle for loose basketballs

get after those rebounds absolutely do

that you got to bring the intensity on

that side of things but you also need to

make sure you're bringing the intensity

on the little things with offense like

setting picks when you go to the basket

bring full intensity because not only is

that going to show that you really are

trying hard and that you're trying to

bring all your effort you're gonna be

more successful because when you bling

intensity everything's gonna be quicker

that you're gonna get rid of those

little hesitations that throw your lid

them off or that give your defender time

to jump in front of you so bring that

intensity on offense defense loose ball

situations all that and even like the

little things in between you know where

your coach is running drills and he

wants you to get to the line get to the

line quick I'm gonna link you to a video

at the end another video I thought to be

a guaranteed starter on YouTube that's

gonna really help you with this though

there's a secret number three and that

really goes in depth into this side of

things both think coaches hate is when

you're not focusing I'm talking not so

much I'm just like focusing on what your

coaches saying and applying it just

focusing on what's happening in game

situations or what you're supposed to be

doing and always being cute in when

you're like in the middle of action

maybe there's an opportunity for you

shoot to shoot are you focusing on that

are you focusing on all the little

opportunities and executing on them

bringing the intensity with them you

can't be kind of on the court and just

kind of aloof and not really aware of

what's going on and you have to bring

the intensity not just with what you're

physically doing but first of all

mentally focusing right you don't have

that mental focus to say okay this is an

opportunity this is the open teammate

this is what I'm supposed to be doing

every step of the way coach might say

like man this kid just is out there and

he's not paying attention to what's

going on paying attention to what's

happening in the middle of a drill that

you're supposed to be doing paying

attention to what you're doing when

you're on the court to the different

opportunities so getting you know maybe

helping on health defense getting to

your guy on defense and all of a sudden

in a fast-break situation and everyone's

running down and you can't find your guy

you're guarding the wrong guy or you

don't even know where your guy is those

things are big problems that are gonna

drive your coach nuts fifth thing and

this is gonna hurt some of your guys's

feelings playing outside of your roles /

strengths now I know a lot of you guys

there's a lot of people I get comments

from like coach I want to be the point

guard I'm a small forward right now I'm

a polar forward I want to be the point

guard that's great

that's fine and dandy no problem with me

on that but you've got to keep in mind

what your strengths are if you're not a

very good shooter and you want to be a

shooting guard that's gonna be a problem

right you've got to get that shot down

if you want to get your coaches respect

but if you're not a good shooter and

you're chucking up a lot of

three-pointers your coach is gonna go

nuts because you're not giving your

teammates an opportunity to make a

better shot you're not giving your team

a better chance to score and it just

shows that you have a disregard for what

your coach is telling you do I'm tired

coach is probably telling you hey coach

that's not a good shot for you you got

to get that three-point shot down first

they might not tell you that but I'm

right now telling you that so you have

to be aware of what your strengths are

you also have to know you know kind of

some of the things as far as like if

you're if you're tall or if you're short

right what are your strengths gonna be

if you're short you want to play quicker

and lower to the ground do more

dribbling type stuff right use your

speed to your advantage if you're taller

you probably want to be in the paint a

little bit more unless maybe you have

that guard skill set but typically your

coach is gonna look at you as being more

of a post player and wants you more in

the post now unless you have a great

three-point shot you should probably

stick to that and then then you're off

time and your practice you can go ahead

and develop that side of your game but

if you don't have it down you can't just

go out doing they're doing all the

shooting or trying to do a bunch of

dribbling and ball handling stuff if

you're not very good with your handle

you've got to get that side of things

down again at the end of the video that

video on how to be a guaranteed starter

I'll go more in depth in that video as

far as like the things you'll want to

keep in mind for the skills you'll want

to have for your position and kind of

give you an idea of what position your

coach is probably gonna want you playing

I'm open I'm open

that'll drive your coach nuts if you're

the player with the basketball and

you're not hitting a wide open teammate

especially if they have a good shot like

it you know if it's a good three-point

shooter and then on the three-point line

or someone cutting for an easy layup or

someone in the post all by themselves

with no one around they're gonna get so

mad if there's someone open and you're

double-teamed or just for whatever

reason no one's on that person you have

got to get them the ball so this isn't

just looks like what we talked about

like with over dribbling you could be

holding the basketball and this could

happen right but you've got to be aware

of what's going on a court on the court

and who's open quick tip I've got three

that'll help you with this is use your

peripheral vision so anytime if I'm

looking here I can still see the cam

are you over here out of the sides of my

vision so I would typically try to keep

your eyes on the rim and use a

peripheral vision that way you can see

the entire court or if you're gonna look

this way use your peripheral vision to

see as much as you can

I can't quite see back over here though

but if I get my eyes on the rim now I

can see that hand out of the corner of

my eye but leave me a comment and let me

know if you've ever played with someone

that does this a lot

number seven sloppy joe sloppy screens

don't set sloppy pick screens whatever

you want to call them you're gonna set a

pick get up to the person you're

supposed to be picking so you can get

nice and tight to them also not just

that but the other side of it if you're

coming off the screen rub shoulder to

shoulder with your teammate the reason

this guy's coaches nuts is because so

few players do it well and the reason

they want you to do it well is because

everything hums better on offense

everything will go a lot crisper cleaner

you'll get open a lot more often and

everyone's gonna get open a lot more

often if you're setting good screens and

using the screens well that's why it

drives your coach nuts because you knows

how many more opportunities it can

create for you to score for teammates

this score number eight learn the

offense if you're out on the court and

you don't know what's going on in the

play that's a problem for your coach

because at the end of the day they want

things to run well on offense so you

guys can score more right so things run

smoothly it just takes one person not

knowing what's going on to mess

everything up it's gonna bring down

morale it's gonna take away scoring

opportunities it's gonna drive up

turnovers which drive coaches nuts also

and it's all because of one person maybe

a couple people and if it's a lot of

people don't know what's going on that's

causing a big problem right a lot of

times though it's usually just gonna be

102 people that are messing everything

up it takes one person to miss a pick

and now everything kind of falls apart

because now this person that was

supposed to get the pick set for them

they don't know what they're supposed to

do because that didn't happen for them

and everything falls apart and it

becomes a mess this could be as simple

of you going to YouTube and looking for

tutorials on the offense asking your

coach maybe for some diagrams explaining

the offense or resources where you can

learn the offense but you've got to be

studying the offense and knowing what's

going on if you don't want to make your

coach mad nine

one and this is one that kind of quiet

sneaky makes your coach mat they might

not ever say anything to you about it

but it drives them nuts it's if you come

back the next season and you're not

better if you're like out of shape if

your skills haven't improved if you look

sloppy and not ready for the season

that's gonna definitely be something

that your coach notices they're gonna

see that and it's gonna make them mad

because they're like man this kid's got

potential this kid doesn't want to get

better and they want people on their

team that want the team to get better

that individually want to get better

pretty simple thing put in your guide

put in your time if you've been watching

my videos for a while and working on

this probably isn't a problem for you

but if you're not doing it consistently

like putting at least five days a week

of working out this might be a problem

for you so make sure you're getting that

in 10th and final thing and this is

something again that might be kind of

like a secret thing that makes your

coach mad or they might actually say

something you and if they say something

to you you better make sure you do

something to change it and it's coming

to open gyms if your coach is having

open gyms and says hey guys come on out

you know every Sunday we got the gym

open you guys are gonna run in and you

know maybe you just look at that as a

suggestion and yeah it kind of is from

your coach but if you're not coming

that's telling your coach something and

it's kind of making them a little mad

maybe they don't even realize it but I

can guarantee you it's kind of bothering

them because if they're gonna take the

time to open the gym they want to make

sure people are coming in number one but

number two if you're not coming in it's

making them mad because it shows that

you don't have a desire to get better

that you're not taking advantage of this

opportunity that you're being given show

up show up as much as you can be the

first one there the last one to leave

that's gonna give you a good impression

on your coach versus if you just don't

show up or you show up for like half an

hour and leave your coach is gonna be

like okay this player doesn't really

want to get better or basketball is not

really a priority for them so keep that

in mind it seems like a little thing but

it's actually a big thing it'll make a

big impact on how much playing your time

you get speaking of which that video

that I told you is gonna link you to on

how to be a guaranteed starter you can

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going to help you a ton bye

big keys to make sure you can get that

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