What to Consider When Hitting on Your Bartender

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it's kind of like being a stripper it's

their job to be kind to you I'd flirt

with you and ask you about your day

you're not ever going to take the

stripper home with you I think just

straight-up asking out a bartender's is

hard talking to a female bartender

that's a difficult move because they get

it all night long people oftentimes

confuse kindness for flirting when I was

16 years old I thought every waitress

was like wanted to be my girlfriend it's

our job to host it's our job to

entertain it sometimes that does get

misread and a lot of us have really big

personalities and we can't shut the [ __ ]

up we flirt with everyone so don't

confuse the flirting hospitality with oh

my god he's so into me the easiest way

to know that a bartender is just doing

their job as opposed to flirting with

you take a step back and see how they're

interacting with everyone else at the

bar does she call everyone babe and

sweetie and hun laughing at the same

jokes or telling the same jokes then you

know they're just doing their job if

your bartender actually spends time when

they're not with other guests coming

back to you to maybe talk to you more

that doesn't necessarily mean they're

interested romantically but they're at

least interested in getting to know you

no one wants someone to come in the

first time that they're in a bar and

like feel like they're getting picked up

by someone like that's just weird I

think they have to become regulars first

if you have built somewhat of a rapport

with your bartender you should know well

enough whether or not that seems like a

boundary that you might be able to cross

don't like start hammering drinks and

hitting on the female bartender so if

you want to pick up a bartender maybe

try and do it when you're sober don't

expect that a bartender is gonna be able

to talk to you all nights for me when

I'm busy and I see like a body and in my

peripheral you know my body is so

trained to be like what can I get for

you but they don't want anything and so

it's actually pretty annoying I work

late so if you're gonna hang out and

then think that I might have energy to

entertain something afterwards not my

thing chances are when I get off of work

you are already shit-canned and the last

thing I want to do is spend more

I'm with people core shit-canned maybe

you can slightly put your your number

across the bar as opposed to being as

blatant as hey let's meet up after work

I used to like write notes to the

bartender but if I thought they were hot

leave your number calmly your name and

number and they'll they'll contact you

if they want to that's okay it's worked

a few times that's something we actually

really enjoy closing out your credit

card receipts and find a note I think

that's like a nice way to cap off the

night and bartenders always like I got a

number that slips gonna be showing to

the entire staff and be like oh I got

another one like so cheesy so bad

everybody in the bar nosy business if

you're hitting on a bartender at a place

that you're drinking at four or five

nights a week that might not be the best

thing to do because then if it doesn't

work out you don't to see them you know

continuously if it's kind of ignored

don't go through with that

if you throw the line out there as a

guest and there's not a tug on it then

just roll back and say face and order

another drink don't be a creep tip fad

and eventually you know maybe slip him

your number and who knows what happen

but you can't take it personal if they

don't call you go man