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I've always wanted to shave my head I

have instructions here sent to me by a

barber it's to it no retreat no no

surrender let's get started hello and

congratulations I'm making a bold choice

of Shaving your own head feel like a

Skrillex fan I keep getting scared that

it's gonna like rip my hair out he's

gonna need help from a friend by

following these easy steps you will join

an elite class of people who enjoy a

trouble-free hairstyle that looks sharp

and requires little maintenance this is

all true before we begin this process we

advise you to consider what you're about

to do I feel like I'm getting a call

your hair will grow back eventually but

you should be prepared to have your

appearance dramatically altered please

take a moment to consider this and then

confirm to the camera that you're

confident about your city to continue

I'm confident about my decision the

following brush to toothbrush Sena tech

what do I need to take brush part I

don't have that actually fresh but I

don't know what that's for but we'll

find out it's my boyfriend's gibberish

so you don't have to tell him Aamir's

I'm using cameras for that you can't see

this but I have like a big monitor

that's basically I'm here if you have an

unhealthy air at home by all means use

it you're gonna need it to look at the

back of your head I do not have a

handheld mirror so be sure to check your

scalp for mole scars or skin tags be

especially careful while cutting these

areas I'm a pro okay I never chopped off

anyone's ear or a skin tag or moles

nothing I can remember if I have I block

it out if you are starting with longer

hair you can remove most of length now

to simplify the buzzing process I'm

gonna skip the cutting off of most of it

because I feel like it'll feel better to

just buzz the head immediately I

understand Simon's logic to get that

satisfaction of like all those long

locks coming off and that's really nice

just understand that you may get some

some catching as your clippers are going

through your hair oh my gosh here we go

this is exciting that's happening I

would recommend taking smaller sections

instead of just two pigtails try to

impor that looks like it hurt step one

determine the desired length

determine how long you would like your

hair to be and install the appropriate

attachment the numbers on the

attachments represent the length of hair

that will remain after buzzing in the

following approximate fashion eight

equals one inch

six is 3/4 inch four is 1/2 inch 2 is

1/4 inch start with a larger number and

work your way down from there you can

take more off but you can't put hair

that is the best advice I'm gonna start

longer I want to maintain some length on

top not a ton I'm gonna start at the

longest length that I have which is a 4

which will be a half 1/2 inch which is a

number 6 and that is three quarters of

an inch I'll start with 6 and then I'll

or I'm gonna do that all over first

everywhere and then afterwards when I go

to the sides I'm going to go shorter

step 2 buzz the sides make sure you have

the chosen guard properly installed

before you game and diagonal rather than

parallel to the edges of the Clipper

diagonal parallel starting at your

sideburns Buzz upwards making a sweeping

motion out from the head where the skull

starts to curve be mindful that your

guard does not come off the Clipper

while in use work your way toward the

back and then stop your hair's coming on

OK practicing the sweeping motion up and

away see how dark the side of his head

is still even though he just cut it all

off it's dense hair

maybe that's the sound of the Clippers

catching a little bit that doesn't mean

she's doing anything wrong it just means

that there's a lot of hair there I love

this I could watch people shave their

heads all day long

that's right my god as a professional I

have a little brush that's just for

thinning clippers so my roommate's

toothbrush is safe it's like mowing the

lawn now I'm gonna do the left side I'm

gonna try and improve my technique

this is making me excited to cut my hair

all right here we go

this feels great

I think this is a good look I might stop

here these Clippers are firmly against

my stealth my head is my guide I really

hate it already it was cool so the

sweeping motion when you go like this

and I kind of out a little bit you

following the shape of your head right

there it's just good practice if you

want the sides shorter than the top

because it's gonna help preserve some of

the length and graduation of ladies I'm

gonna get these lots of parts so if

you're going over your head with the

Clippers and you feel like it's not

catching all the hair the best thing to

do is changing the direction of the

Clippers so try going against the grain

of your hair I already feel so much


step 3 buzz the back and top work your

way from the bottom up and into the

crown I'm pretty sure this is the Krenim

find it that already by accident I don't

think it's wrong the only reason I like

to separate it into different sections

and do the sides first is just to keep

it organized you may need to pause from

time to time to brush your clippers and

keep them cutting well when you are

satisfied with the back move on to the

front if you don't have a mirror you

won't know that you're satisfied by

looking at it so you're gonna have to

rely on touch start with the back and

work my way from the bottom up into the

crown run your clipper or trimmer from

front to back keeping it close to the

scalp to ensure it is cutting smoothly

nobody do that starting in the center of

your head work your way around to match

the size

this is my Britney Spears moment my

shaped head inspirations 11 obviously

from stranger things Natalie Portman V

for Vendetta hello

I love Vincent castle with a buzz cut

Ewan McGregor and trainees vlogging Shia

LaBeouf let's cool with the buzz cut

Keanu Reeves and speed Michael

Fassbender looks really cool with a buzz


pretty much everyone looks really cool

with a buzz cut I can see why people pay

other people to do this doing the back

I'm gonna be tough it's tough for

everyone mirror or no mirror I'm gonna

hold the hair so there's some tension as

well it's right up against there


okay that was step three

I've cut the sides the back and the top

now it's all even with the number six

guard let's see its next step 4 check

your work and repeat check to see that

the sides back in front are even feels

good you may need to repeat the above

steps to assure your buzz cut is clean

and even refined if you'd like to go

shorter attach us all our number guard

and work through these steps again I am

looking at myself I think it looks

pretty good so I'm gonna move on to step

5 I really wanted like a shorter cut

still so right now I have a 4 on I'm

gonna take that off and put on a 3 I

would like to go shorter I'm gonna put

at number 4 on ya starting back from the

beginning which is busting the sides

from the sideburns on the side

sweeping she's already not following

directions supposed to start on the

sides she started at the top it's ok

it's not good if you think you want to

go shorter go shorter this is such a

small difference between number 4 and

number 3 for example that if you think

it's going to look better than it

probably will this good a decent job I'm

gonna have to have somebody look at at

some point but for now I think just good

job it's a lot of hair I don't know I

mean like this is cool and everything

but 103 dang she's really going for it I

you know what just go with no guard

I might go shorter still I'm gonna

change out my 3 or

which is a quarter-inch yeah so we

trying to get rid of the part so she

still got that part from her her center

part you can still see it even though

she's coming from her so short she

should cut in the opposite direction of

where it throwing so since it's going

down like that she'll have to go like

that and then like that but then once

she shampoos and it's like brushing

again it'll stick up like the rest of

her hair I mean I actually feel like

this doesn't look too alright that

length I like his hair looks good when

it's cut this thing looks a lot like

Joseph gordon-levitt he officiated with

head in 50/50 and he was great

step 5 size down to refine once you've

completed your buzz cut you can refine

the sides and edges of the best sizing

down I'm gonna keep the difference

slight between the sides on the top and

go from a six to a four I was on to yes

number one I'll try and you two on the

sides this cowlick here I know you guys

can see it

goes down Clippers and I may even need

to size down once more for that I have

no idea how it is hard to say well trust

my life feels he's gonna need help from

a friend I'll try the other one

I like this link better it makes them

more narrow shape on my head before it

was kind of sticking out a little bit

more because I have the parietal Ridge

that sticks out a little bit but this

cheats it this stuff tends to grow

faster than this stuff and so in two

weeks if I keep the sides at the same

length as the top they're gonna look

longer if my head's gonna start looking

like a football instead of up and down

like this it's gonna start looking

hamburger instead of hotdogs I'd rather

look hot dog this is the part that I'm

most nervous about like the back

hairline but I'm going to trust my



she was doing all the right things she

got her little iPad out she can sort of

see not bad though Wow the only thing

that I would say for him because he has

colleagues as I do in the back that grow

up we'd have to go in the opposite

direction of the direction that your

hair is growing you should go down and

set up up back there to get that weird

colic I brought that three up to about


following the parietal Ridge I'm gonna

use this as my guide for the number two

so I'm just going to sweep over the

sideburns kind of like what Simon did in

his last step oh yeah

so i'm following my ear at the guy back

here oh god there's a fly in my

apartment you have to burn it down okay

there's a little bit of a bump right

here that I do believe is going to be my

final step finishing touches your

buzzcut is now done clean yourself off

and look in the mirror how does it look

so I've hair like all over my face and

tickling my nose I'm going to clean

myself off really quick and then I'll be

right back I like the way it looks I

feel I feel really clean and I feel now

that I've done it once and then the next

time I won't have to have the directions

prints out in front of me because I'll

know where to start and the sweeping

motions and that the back is the hardest

and if I have someone around that can

help me clean up the back I think I can

get it down to like looking better and

probably a little bit faster too bye

I think he looks pretty good with the

but I'm gonna say he looks better with

the bust head then with his curls

something about him with the bust it's

sexier I think he looks tougher the only

thing that I would have done if I was

him is to go down opposite direction on

that cowlick in the back that's the only

thing otherwise he gets solid 95 out of

100 I was really nervous about this

before once I started going got into the

Britney Spears zone I do think that I

could like tidy up the sides a little

like I might go a little shorter on the

sides and keep it longer on the tongue

like jarhead style but I feel pretty

happy with it so we did a tremendous job

buzzing her head she didn't follow all

the directions but it doesn't matter

it's a buzz cut it's not supposed to

look perfect kind of like Simon she

looks tougher she's sexier with it it

reveals every part of her face there's

nothing to hide behind

and she's got striking bone structure

you might as well see what your head

looks like because I literally didn't

even know before see I'm gonna go take a

shower get all this hair off of me

I feel gross but I feel handsome it's a

weird combination I I don't know what's