How much should I charge for babysitting?!?!

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hey babysitting gurus welcome back to

base in a good channel today you're

gonna talk about what should you charge

as a babysitter per hour or even a day

rate so it might vary so let's get

started okay

such everyone I'm talking about exactly

what to charge while babysitting this

could either be a day rate this guy's

would be an hourly wait rate or this

could actually be a weekly rate so all

depends so we can dive in there even

more so it's kind of like a longer more

in-depth topic in which I'm glad to kind

of give you advice on um so let's start

off with my number one rule is to always

base your rate on the minimum wage

that's within the state that you live in

okay so the minimum wage kind of gives

you a standpoint and where and how much

you should charge when babysitting so

all varies depending on that so always

depends on the manual wage within that

state guys okay secondly it would be

references references are so extremely

important if you're a first timer please

do not go there and saying my you know

my rate per hour is the minimum wage in

the state that you live at no because

you're a first-time and you have no

references so this is the first time

you're doing it so you kind of need

backup you kind of need the reasoning

why should charge or certain break and

this is your first time you need to

provide some type of evidence to justify

that you should get paid an hour for

that minimum wage that they have in that

state so if you have no references and

this is your first time babysitting you

might want to decrease your hourly rate

and a dollar or two under okay so

references are extremely important when

I first baby sad I come from a very huge

African family so we're continuously

surrounded by a lot of people a lot of


cousins nieces and nephews who tend to

be young so I kind of had you know

references for my first time babysitting

references from families that also wrote

me like a reference letter in addition

to before I even started babysitting I

babysat my freshman year of college

that's my first babysat but if you guys

watched my very first video I did

mention that I was an intern at the

Children's Museum in my local

neighborhood so that's kind of where I

kind of got started in my exposure to

children that's when I was fifteen years

old so those are my references in

addition to family references before I

started babysitting for the first family

so references are the second thing that

I said you should look at before

determining your rate thirdly would be

exactly your experience your experience

your experience your experience having

hands-on Spanish with children believe

it or not whoever you're babysitting for

whether it's the parents the Guardian

it's kind of hard for them to put their

full trust into someone they don't know

like that to care for that one important

individual stem which is their children

their child so you're gonna have to

understand from their point of view

they're gonna ask for as many references

and experiences as possible because

they're trusting you in something that

they've cherished so so very much which

is your child

so having experience having answered by

hands-on experience for children I'm so

as I mentioned before I was interning at

the Children's in the American

neighborhood and then I was also working

at a daycare during my senior of high

school that's right before I started

freshman year and started babysitting so

firstly I would say the minimum wage

within this state secondly would be

references from people you've um

previously worked for and then thirdly

would be experience hands-on experience

every child is different so they'll

react to you very differently

okay so just be cautious about that I'll

hopefully would be whether or not you'll

you're commuting so how you can

there so you could be commuting there

whether through a car or through public

transportation so I Drive there um so I

Drive there so I also take that to

consideration in my rate how much I

spend the mileage and the gas and stuff

like that and especially if you're

driving the kids around um you'd also

take that into consideration because

when you're driving them around you have

to fill up your tank and you know kind

of you need money for that church has

ever around so also concerning if you're

gonna be driving and on your former

transportation to the home and back I

would say this it would have to be your

personality your personality has to live

well with the child

one thing I highly recommend is doing a

you know first time session with them

one-on-one roughly like two hours to see

how you interact with the child and

that's something that parents tend to do

so they could also base them right off

just those two hours that you have with

a child one-on-one okay so for example I

did this with the first time I started

babysitting for what happened was um I

came and I introduced myself and we

spent about an hour an hour and a half

with the child so they saw how I

interact with them how the child

interacted with me children tend to pick

up your vibe your personality your body

aura um so that's really important

they're they're very very very smart

very young age so if they don't vibe

with you correctly the parents will know

and so will they so they'll tend to not

gravitate towards you but if they do

like you and they do you know vibe with

you well on your personality pleases

them so they'll come to you slowly but

surely and then that's when the trust

and the bond starts to come into place

so please please please be on the

lookout for that as well so thank you

guys so much for joining me today it was

a pleasure to speak

with you guys stay tuned for an even

juicier topic but please please please

keep it in mind those are the important

things I'd suggest you base your rate on

anywhere from your experience okay your

references the minimum wage within that

state the transportation how would you

be getting there how would you be coming

back and if you'll be driving their

children around and also the one-on-one

session the first session that you have

with the child so they can also based on

that and also I've totally forgot to

mention to you guys if the time of the

date um I don't know if you guys know

this about just a based on um the time

of the day you all know if it's later in

the night and you know the parents are

going out or the guardians are going out

and they need you to stay over at night

that's definitely a time where you

charge even more okay it's staying

overnight it's more money okay so please

keep that in mind if it's during the

daytime you stay at the rate they does

agree upon however if it's later in the

night that substitutes for exactly you

charging more that's something that

should be made aware in the beginning

okay and when you make your rate if it

has to do with you both both parties

kind of discussing where to meet in the

middle that's something to discuss

privately and that you both agree on

okay so thank you guys so much for

joining me today it was a pleasure

speaking with you guys if you have any

questions or if I've missed out or

anything please comment below but I look

forward to you guys joining me next time

right next to juicy atopic thank you

guys so much thank you gurus love ya bye