6TH GRADE VS 8TH GRADE | Kalista Elaine

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this is Sarah today is Sarah's first day

Emirates don't work junior-high nervous

would be an understatement this place

can be a little overwhelming at first

but I mean can you blame her hi I'm

Maddie and I'm rumba school one of my

most requested video series ever which

is my video school series how long has

it been Calista how long let's ignore my

hands I clearly have been playing with a

bag of Cheetos or a spray tan gone wrong

either I want you a sixth grade versus

eighth grade video because y'all have

been requesting middle school videos and

I've been trying to think of something

that I haven't already done I thought

this would be fun because I definitely

changed a lot from the time that I was

in sixth grade to the time I was in

eighth grade I know some middle schools

start in fifth grade and some middle

school start in seventh grade but

basically like your first year of middle

school versus your last year middle

school you shot a twenty from Maddie for

helping me out with this video I will

leave the links to her channel in the

description but before we get started

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that being said let's just get started


and then it's my hair okay like does it

look good

and also also is my chopstick still on

because I put it on like 20 minutes ago

but like I don't want it to like wear

off they're like the first day of socks

you know so I thought this was the

perfect birthday school outfit because

it's from job defer stops and y'all know

I love justice and then secondly it's so

like fun and colorful and inviting and

it shows that I'm nice and friendly and

to talk to me so there's that pumps

gonna keep your head and we're gonna

our first day of school

I can do this 300 days until I'm in high

school I can do this I think she's in

sixth grade I thought this was this

isn't kindergarten one step forward in

another back I will never try to pull

you a one heartbeat away from going mad


closer closer i'ma get closer to you

yeah I got me baby


okay mom and dad brought me here eight

times eight times I went through this um

hey art is on that way no yes

mom Louise told me if something was

wrong to go to the guidance counselor's

Locker won't open

where's the teacher I wonder how many

sixth graders have been thrown in there


exterior with Johnny did you see this

Johnny how's Suzy to the 8th grade dance

you were supposed to ask me what am I

supposed to do he was supposed to be my

first kiss I had it all planned out who

was gonna kiss me now Montana

Mississippi Missouri how am I supposed

to remember this how am I gonna get into

advanced classes in high school how am I

gonna have a good GPA how am I gonna get

into college this is baby over here

still not gonna love this is perfect

right here I love to leave the best



it sounds great yeah yeah I'll call him

of course like I really want to go yeah

wow that looks so pretty I'm so

depressed I feel like I haven't posted

on Instagram the wild let's take a


what should I catch this I'll do a like

free tbh perfect waste of my Friday

night I look cute

time to take a selfie we're good for

this snapchat this angles so cute

oh wow y'all so those are the

differences from six to eighth grade for

fun remember y'all when I was in eighth

grade I like went shopping at Hollister

and bought everything there and I

thought it was gonna walk in on the

first day I mean like super stylist was

super trendy and then I showed up and

everybody was some like Victoria's

Secret in forever 21 and I I felt I felt

not on trend that's how I felt so that

was sixth grade versus eighth grade make

sure to leave a comment down below and

let me know what differences you've

noticed since you've been in sixth grade

to your eighth grade first year of

little school to your last year of

middle school so make sure to leave a

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school videos y'all would want to see

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