How to get a girlfriend in 6th grade

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hey guys girls you guys I did a video

like this about four three years ago got

like 50,000 views and my students all

deleted okay how like 50,000 views on

and I deleted it because it looks stupid

but I'm going to like redo that video

today let's get started this is advice

for sixth grade boys on how to get a

girl this is how to get a girl in little

school please do not try to impress her

like way way way way too much

take cologne and be like oh I need to

smell good and I'll be a stall sure make

sure you always just nice dig your hair

up real nice

whenever you talk to her if you talk to

her speech chill don't be all cray-cray

don't lie to her like for example yeah I

got shot in the leg I got you right here

and it's like a mosquito bite I got shot

right here you see it uh-huh uh-huh

right there dude and you say I got shot

in there or like don't say stupid stuff

like yeah it gel come on man you gotta

be truthful with her because more girls

don't like that okay they really don't

you're like

shouldn't because we all know whenever a

guys lie I mean you know lie even if you

did yo still that's not even cool play

um this would be truthful like if you

want to get to know her I heard about

herself or if you want to date her ask

her out do not wait until she asks you

out you gotta do this man you gotta do

some I know I personally do not like to

ask you wait out I'm like no you gotta

ask do not be mean to her to flirt with

her you know do you like I like you and

if you do start dating her or something

it's more like around your friend then

you're like and you're giving to her

she's not not like you know gotta be

real with her at all times no matter if

you with your guy best friend or not

okay you gotta treat her like a princess

um if you're allowed to take it to the

movies don't be weird I heard call her

beautiful you know be like hey you have

really nice hair I'm not gonna those

guys something else you like

you're so beautiful like your eyes are

so pretty you smell good

they Fitz like Valentine's Day don't get

her something like a dollar story

dollars through plastic little plates we

mix no you better get her some like hurt


something kind of smells good get her

some like get some nice earrings like

they stock them up one more for like

five dollars and they're actually pretty

nice and I know because they've gotten

and got no shame in my game or um girls

like things like this I know I've

noticed because I do um if this is a

necklace by the way things like this

okay this is a pretty nice that's so

bright I'm sorry

so someone like this not the same exact

thing you just like they can have like a

little butterfly or like a little flower

butterfly that is so Elementary

I'll tiny cute little bow or something

this is the worst advice from ever gonna

hear but I tried okay I really tried so

thank you guys so much for watching you

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and I will see you guys next time adios