How To Ask a Girl Out (In Middle School)

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Heya playas, if you're in middle school and want to know how to ask a girl out, I've got

the perfect solution for you and it's coming up right after this. This is The Josh Speaks.

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that one, that one's my favorite. Being in middle school is tough. You're entering the

age of puberty and you're starting to look at girls a whole lot differently. But if you're

not equipped with the right tools to talk to them, you're gonna be stuck watching other

guys do it. So how exactly do you get over those butterflies in your stomach? Well, like

this. Step 1, practice talking to other girls first. One of the main reasons why you're

probably scared to talk to your crush is because you aren't comfortable talking to other girls

in general. I would recommend talking to girls that you aren't intimidated by or aren't really

attracted to so you can focus on building a fun friendship with them. Once you get into

the habit of making female friends, you're then going to start to see that girl that

you like as no different from the other girls. They all talk the same, act the same, think

the same, they're all human. Step 2, take small steps, instead of one large leap. A

lot of the times guys want to go and confess their love to a girl before she even knows

who you are. I know you like her, but you gotta play it smart. Bombarding a girl will

only overwhelm her and make her feel like she has to decided how she feels about you.

Instead, build a relationship that's built on playful tension. Start anything with her

by simply saying hi. Then you can stop her every once in a while and talk to her about

simple things like music and movies. Once you get an idea for what she likes, tease

her for it. Make fun of the music, make fun of the movies, make fun of anything but do

it playfully. That way she'll see you're not a pushover who's going to agree with everything

that she says. She'll understand that you are your own person. Step 3, understand that

there will be gossip and move past it because kids in middle school like to talk about everything.

If you ask out the girl you like, chances are it's gonna make waves to all her friends.

And I'm not saying that to scare you, I'm saying it to empower you. Whether it works

out for you or not, Everyone is gonna see that you are man enough to go after the girl

that you like. You're not sitting on the side lines, you're making it happen. Give them

something to talk about. Let it be known that you like someone and you aren't afraid to

admit it. Step 4, if she says no, you gotta keep moving. Rejection stinks but what stinks

more is letting rejection ruin your life. Just because she said no doesn't mean you

can't be happier with someone else, it just means you have to go find someone else. You

are someone that has a lot to offer and just because she can't see it doesn't mean it's

not there. Step 5, if she says yes then understand what you really want in a relationship. Having

a girlfriend is fun and amazing but you gotta be realistic about it. Sometimes your parents

may not want you to go out on dates or stay over each others houses and it could get very

frustrating. You gotta understand though that they're doing it just to look out for you.

Plus, everyone moves at their own pace. So you may feel like you're ready to do something

when your partner isn't. So start your relationship by talking and maybe doing something after

school. Trust me, there's plenty of time to do all the other relationship stuff later

on down the line. What do you guys think though, what's the hardest part about asking a girl

out in middle school? Leave your comments below so we can talk about it. When I was

in middle school, I was so scared to talk to the girls that I liked because I was afraid

they were going to make fun of me for it. It made me really nervous but, I realized

that everyone in middle school is nervous. And that simply means that you should step

up as the leader and take charge. Because if the girl that you like is single then that

means no one else has done it yet. As always guys, love and peace. Hey thanks for watching.

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