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today I'm teaching you how to survive

sixth grade

okay so stake screen is obviously one of

the most intimidating years of your life

because you might be moving schools your

friend group might change and just you

learn a lot of things in sixth grade and

by things I mean confidence popularity

how to make good choices your friends

all that kind of stuff style and all

that fun yummy gummy goodness all right

so I'm gonna start with some of the


don't bring a lunch box but recycle the

plastic bag that you bring your lunch in

and keep your backpack as thin as


you find me around needs to be outgoing

smart funny you know all those fun

things keep deodorant on you at all

times at all times be yourself be

yourself and just have fun

alright so now I'm gonna get into detail

of some of those things that I just

talked about I have them all written

down on this thing so be is enjoy and

definitely keep on watching because the

bloopers in this thing are going to be

ridiculous I'm gonna start off with

makeup in sixth grade your parents might

not let you wear makeup they might they

might not whatever but I recommend

keeping your makeup very low all I did

in sixth grade was absolutely nothing

except for at the end of the year I

sneak some mascara so I don't know if

that's good or bad but but not caught me

usually so didn't work out that well but

if you like we're like let's say

concealer mascara or lip gloss or

something like that like all those

together are fine but sixth grade but I

definitely do not recommend eyeliner or

you know like lipstick or anything like

that okay so for your outfits and your

clothing in sixth grade um in my

elementary school we had uniform but in

middle school we didn't so that was like

one of the best things about middle

school like no uniform you know get away

what you want but we were not allowed to

wear a straw

tops like this spaghetti straps or short

shorts we could we could wear sandals if

we wanted flats and stuff like that but

I wore for the first year I wore

basically like all a burqa me and

Hollister because that was all I got

that was all I really got I guess so I

don't know but I I mean that's what a

lot of people were go ahead and think

that it's a good brand because it's very

durable but you know with a controversy

lately any of you take offense of me

shopping I ever come of your Hollister

I'm really sorry you feel that way but I

just like shopping at those stores but

what I usually wore was either jeans or

shorts on Bermuda shorts and just an

hour call me a top or sometimes I

would wear like a tank top with a

sweater and I still have the backpack

that I use twisting straight and I'm

still currently using it because it's

very durable I got the Kipling new

pocket backpack the small one and navy

blue so that's an awesome backpack I

definitely recommend him play and a lot

of people will be wearing JanSport

backpacks a lot of people would just be

like just buy a JanSport and I mean you

can do whatever you want I was thinking

about it but I just say that Kipling

looks like a Peter brand but if you like

Jen support all power to you okay next

I'm going to be talking about confidence

in sixth grade you will learn about

confidence when people tell you an

elementary school to be yourself or be

confident you'll be like like I am

myself obviously I need and you're

confident because you don't really get

insulted there's not very much a bully's

in elementary school so you know you're

gonna learn to be confident and being

yourself because what will happen in

sixth grade is you will find yourself

trying to fit in as hard as you possibly

can just you know be like one of the

normal people and you will lose yourself

and you need to stay like do what you

want where you want like do whatever you

want and your decisions and don't let

anybody influence you except for


Richard sistah next is bullies we all

have them in our mid

school years we've all been affected by

them and we've all felt down because of

bullies usually what you have to do with

bullies is just stay strong and really

don't let them influence you if they say

something mean to your if they say that

you're ugly like really you're gonna

believe that and not yourself like be

like shut up just don't let them

influence you and just stand up straight

you know popularity will happen in

middle school it might not happen in

elementary school for me popularity

started in sixth grade and that was sort

of like a like a whoa like all the

movies like the high school movies are

right like there is no Beauty you would

never think of it but you know just for

you coming just be yourself and people

will like you so that's all I can give

you to be honest that's the only way to

get people to like you is being yourself

and people will like you for you and you

know if you're not yourself nobody will

like you nobody will know the real you

so I'm talking about boys a sixth grade

if you have a good class um up a good

amount of crushes throughout the year

and if you like a certain boy then just

dress nice be nice to him flirt and play

with your hair a lot my tip for today is

definitely to get a small pencil case

because you don't want to be one of

those kids carrying around those huge

bulky pencil cases filled with

highlighters and calculators and pencils

and all that weird stuff that you don't

really need


hello back to school I hope you guys

enjoyed this video love you bunches bye




my pencils