How To Get A Girlfriend In 5th Grade

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you guys you guys are probably wondering

why am I on the top like why am I on the

top of like it looked like I'm along the

top of my freakin house or like I'm all

on the roof okay I have a bunk bed and

I'm on the top okay and the reason why

I'm not on my desk is it because I'm

kind of decorating the room a little bit

and I'm just not ready to show it so

yeah so also I have snow outside it's

snowing or now because I guess it's you

know close to Christmas so yeah like

yeah so yeah it's the if you guys if you

guys can see the title of this video is

how like how to get a girlfriend it's

great now look you guys don't have to

hate just because my tricks or ideas are

bad now look if you guys know I did a

video way way way back then I was like

two years ago is me saying how to get a

girlfriend in third grade that was a

skit that wasn't meant to be for real

even though you guys can tell if you

guys watch a video I might be eisah

the last time I watched a view I was

kind of laughing I had a smile see


I'm smiling you can tells I'm just doing

a skit now it's not an every skit but I

just know in that video I was kind of

like smiling like yeah you guys it was a

skit okay it wasn't for real so yeah boy

oh yeah so

sorry you guys that's just kids playing

outside I don't know what they're doing

to my house but I'll look after this

video but yeah I'm not talking about

that so yeah that's just yeah but um so

we can just get started with this video

and yeah so yeah so yeah oh yeah sorry

guys I kind of fell asleep a little bit

yeah I don't date treatment but yeah I

feel like I'm there's something else I

gotta say yeah whatever enjoy this video

see ya so I'm gonna I'm when once I snap

my fingers this ill it'll go back when I

first started when I went out what I

started this video so please no any on

the like in the comment section that you

yo this boy doesn't have anything you

were like don't roast me like like I

guess you can if you want to but it

doesn't help anything I'm just gonna

tell you that that's what you guys did

and how to get a girlfriend in third

grade and obviously the people that are

hating she can't just obviously can't

take a joke now I will say it did I was

kind of in a real voice but I was if you

guys watched it go back and watch that

video and I would be smiling while I'm

saying this stuff so yeah so yeah so yes

so only constant I'll snap fingers in

the video will automatically start so

one two oh hey guys it's the start of

this view what's up everybody

yeah um yeah guys so

yeah yes so yeah I'm gonna teach you how

to get a girlfriend in fifth grade yeah

okay you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna

you know I'm gonna get off my bunk bed

okay I I just want to get off right now

so yeah so see you right after you guys

welcome back to another video and I'm

back down here sorry just still

decorating and stuff but um there's a

feel like a girl in fifth grade you can

you're gonna want to know you want a

nice for its impression okay and go up

to them and say okay now don't see you

love them okay that is bad why you might

you might think it's okay okay

you might think oh hey it depends how

the girl is some turns depends how much

humor they have because if you're about

to have a first impression you don't

know what they do you don't know how

they act like you don't know what do you

do at that you don't know anything about

them yeah you you probably won't even

know their name

yeah so have a nice first impression but

it doesn't end up good just don't do a

first impression okay if you don't want

to do for just don't do first impression

guys okay now the girl I like right now

I don't remember our first ever time

talking to each other but I I never

really had a first impression in fifth

grade right now but um I do I didn't

make her like smile at me one time yeah

we're not talking about her okay so yeah

so I you guys if you want to have a nice

first impression or something like that

you're gonna want to try and say a joke

while she's listen well like if you guys

sit next to each other or if you guys

are like right by charts try and say a

joke there's something then yeah don't

choke I use now I never really had a

first impression what's the girl I like

right now but I did make her laugh by

this one show called bra yeah basically

like when somehow but I'd be that breath

or suddenly that's something that's kind

of funny you know what I mean

but yeah so yeah so yeah if you started

making her laugh of whatever joke I made

her laugh cuz of bruh she is I'm saying

the girl I like she kind of loved

hanging out on me that's just what I


now before I continue this video if

anyone had school some kids at school

watch my youtube videos and you're in

use and you're saying and you're

thinking oh yeah the girl

Hayden likes doesn't feel all this and I

know my chorus she mind watching this so

just like I don't know if this is true

okay like you did I'm saying we used to

like she loved being in front I know

that I just know it I I just know it she

loved me in friends with me because I

was really funny now that's what she


that's why I had a beginning okay it was

really nice at the beginning but the

reason why I didn't go up to her and say

it say that I like you and would you

like to be my girlfriend

which mine you do that because she was

dating someone now that's kind of

horrible guys I know it feels horrible

you might see there might be like hey

there's some way that I might look at


at lunch or something like that you know

it I know and so I went through all this

I went through it okay so yeah um

another thing once you start getting

them to laugh and they start smiling at

you like you know I remember usually

when I switch to go to reading like

she's not in my class but usually when I

switch classes I see her and I switch

classes with her class isn't one we

switch she kind of gives me a smile but

every time I would pass by her she would

give me a smile should smile at me so

yeah so that starts happening guys if

you this is what you want to do okay

don't wake at her okay don't wait got

her or be like you know like blink at

her someone don't do that don't do that

I did it before to the girl I like and

she was like she had a horrible face she

was like she didn't give me that much I

don't know let's kind of like something

like that or something like that I don't

know if it's good or bad but yeah I

still like her nothing so if that

happens you guys you don't know when to

have to happen don't bleep get hurt

don't blink at or don't do anything to

her okay like if they she smiles at you

you can smile back I did it before and I

don't know it kind of worked it worked

before I smell and I heard before any

kind of words before so yeah another

thing that you wanted did

is maybe just keep on making her life

and if she's with somebody and and

they're not making her laugh you're in a

good place cuz then if you keep on

making her life she's gonna get coal

she'd want to get closer to you then

then once that happens

she's eventually gonna wanted to break

up with the boy the she's in love with

and she's gonna and she's also gonna say

she wants to be with you and once that

happens just say yes and don't make a

mistake okay and you guys can leave a

comment down below if you want to see

how to deal with getting rejected or how

to deal with a breakup because sometimes

you might make a little mistake turn

into a big mistake

and they just end up breaking up with

you so yeah so please don't have no hate

on this but yeah so I'm not gonna see

you mine my manager like oh my please

subscribe so that's gonna be another

video so I'm just I have it's snowing oh

sorry I know I have to do everything I

gotta do a lot of stuff right now I

don't have that much time

yeah so I'll see you guys in the next