Best First Date Questions To Ask A Guy | What To Say On A 1st Date

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hey it's mark here from making yours and

today me and my afro mark are here to

give you three more fantastic first date

questions as well as how to bring them

up naturally stay tuned



welcome to the video so today we are

doing part 2 of great first date

questions and with first date questions

what you really want to do is you want

to find out about a guy you want to find

out about his values you want to find

out about what he stands for you want to

find out about what drives him on a

deeper level the problem is a lot of the

great questions can seem very contrived

or premeditated which is kind of weird

when you're on a date so now I'm giving

you three more and showing you how to

bring them up in a contextual way in the

conversation so number one men love to

be able to flaunt their achievements and

men love to be able to show off to you

and do a bit of chest beating to you and

this is a great question to allow a man

to do that what are the three things

you're most proud of achieving in your

life so this is a great question that

allows a man to talk about what he's

proud of and what drives him it'll give

you some huge insights into Eze

character the problem is it can be a bit

random so you want to wait for the

opportune moment so how did you wind up

in sales when you were such a shy kid

yeah no it's it's a question I get asked

a bit and it's a pretty cool story I

spent the first 15 months being the

worst salesperson in the company and I

just persisted came along why in for the

last two years I've been top of the

charts yes really cool thank you so what

would you say that the top three things

you're most proud of achieving in your

lifetime is that one of them the next

one is a great question to bring out his

values and show you what really drives

him if you never had to work again

how would you spend your time this is a

great question but you can see how if it

came out of nowhere it would seem very

premeditated instead you want it to come

up naturally so you love your job I do I

love it so much and as cliche as it

sounds I just I come to life

stage I love it looks so good yeah what

about you yeah no I do enjoy it I do

enjoy it it's probably not something

I'll do forever but it's put me on a

good pitch financially for now so the

sales rolls good for now okay so it's

all about the money hey it's not all

about the money no it's just it's

certainly not something I do well if you

never had to work again money's not an

option it's not even in the equation how

do you spend your time okay so this

final question is a really cool one and

it was actually inspired by one of my

favorite TV shows if you've ever watched

scrubs you might remember from season

four there was a particularly beautiful

episode JD was teaching a class and in

that class one of his students puts his

hand up and asked JD and the storyline

flows out and long story short every

single character has their best moment

in medicine around this single father

and son who are in hospital it was a

beautiful episode and every single

character lit up during that episode

it's one of the only episodes I can

remember where that happened and I

adapted that question since and I found

out it was a question that lights people

on what has been your best moment in

your job what has been your best moment

in your job is a question that goes well

beyond dates you can use it at

networking events you can use it meeting

new friends you can use it in groups

that you spend time around you will see

people light up when you use this

question just make sure it's not too

random about three and a half years now

yeah it's a really cool job really good

job lots of different challenges as you

can imagine but loving it it would be so

good what's in your very best moment of

it okay well those are three questions

you can use on your first date that now

gives you six you can use just make sure

as I say you don't bring them up to

randomly they should come up in context

otherwise they're going to be contrived

or seem premeditated now in that first

video we do show you a way to bring them

up at random but in general you want

them to come up naturally thank you for

watching would you like another video on

this topic let me know would you like a

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as you always do I'll see you in the

next video very soon so you obviously

love your job like yeah loving it I

definitely imagine