Ask Steve - Don't Let A 15 Year Old Boy Out-Dress You!

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what's going on see you well what's also

pretty much I love the dress casually

jeans sneaker I'm getting a lot of slack

from women

Steve you tell me why is it such a big

issue that I want to wear jeans and

sneaker why do women have an issue with

it that's right because when a woman

goes out she likes to go out with an

adult now you want to dress all day like

you riding a bike that might not have

the appeal okay okay well hold on before

you finish that I do have a section in

my closet called the Oh Wyn section the

what it's an acronym

Oh WI n o wi n only wear if needed now

that depends on the woman if she's worth

me jumping into my slacks and shoes and

I'll do it but if not I'm ask you

question man you ain't I've been mad

before have I have not you don't have a

steady one woman in your life right now

do you I do not run no I know you don't

the book is this you know wait

ricky-ricky are no man you can't you

write me there's no way you can behave

this way and expect a woman to deal with

that come on man convenience is built

through inconvenience you have to do a

series of things that you are

uncomfortable with in order to be

successful that's the principle that's

what manhood is all about do you want

the woman of your dreams or you want to

keep laying to shoot a yo Dre

where's my son is he over there he came

to the show today my son came to the

show today he dresses himself that's my

son right there

he came to the show today he walked over

you and dresses like this you dressed to

impress you dress for women he doesn't

dress for his friends he dresses for


I don't care how you feel about what I

have on but if these women like what I

have on jackpot love you doing this huh

now you stop knitting a fifteen-year-old

outdress that's it Rick Elsa